SCO announces new version of the SCO UNIX Operating System

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January 24, 1992

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.-- The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. (SCO) Friday announced Version 4.0 of the SCO UNIX Operating System.

As the latest release of SCO's proven UNIX System for 386/486 computers, Version 4.0 offers greater ease of use, greater system capacity, and more network and device support than ever before available in a packaged UNIX System. In addition, Version 4.0 of the SCO UNIX Development System has been optimized to improve productivity for software developers.

As one of the leading open systems software platforms for business on standard 386/486 computers, including multiprocessor systems, the SCO UNIX System has gained the support of more OEMS, ISVs, and IHVs than any other packaged UNIX System, and runs more than 4,000 off-the-shelf applications.

Scott McGregor, vice president of SCO's Product Business Unit, said, ``Version 4.0 of the SCO UNIX System is the most mature and robust version of the UNIX System that SCO has ever offered. Its ease of use, simplified installation, power and flexibility reinforce SCO's position as the business choice for open systems software.''

Easier to Use

Several new features of Version 4.0 make it uniquely easy to use and install:

-- The SCO Shell menu-driven user interface makes it easy for typical users to use the UNIX System without learning UNIX commands

-- Available on optional CD-ROM media to allow installation of the entire system in 15 minutes

-- Simplified tape installation reduces installation times to 25 minutes

-- An enhanced system administration shell, ``sysadmsh'', now supports extensible menus and can be operated with a mouse

-- Support for boot-time loadable drivers enables system vendors and developers to add device support during the installation process without direct SCO involvement

-- A new intelligent update feature of Version 4.0 makes it easy for users to update from Version 2.0 without completely re-installing the system. A ``full update,'' requiring reinstallation, is also available for customers updating from earlier versions. Customers creating extended DOS partitions will also require the full update.

-- Four configurable levels of system security, including the U.S. government C2 level

More Power and Flexibility

Version 4.0 includes several new features that make it an ideal system for large configurations, including support for 512 Mbytes of RAM, unlimited SCSI host bus adapters, 7 disk drives per adapter, and disk drives larger than 1.2 Gbytes. Combined with the SCO MPX multiprocessor extension, Version 4.0 supports up to 30 processors on multiprocessor 386/486 computers from 17 different vendors.

Additional new features of Version 4.0 enhance operational flexibility and interoperability with other systems on data networks:

-- Support for symbolic links, long file names, MMDF mailer enhancements, and expanded UUCP protocols

-- Improved MS-DOS support, including support for applications that use PC-style keyboards, extended DOS partitions, and support for MS-DOS 4.0 and 5.0

-- Support for the three-button Logitech Mouseman hi-resolution 400dpi mouse; hi-speed modem dialers; and DAT Tape DDS

Enhanced Development System

Version 4.0 of the SCO UNIX Development System contains several new features to improve developer productivity, including improved tools, updated libraries, new documentation, greater ease of use, and enhanced standards compliance.

Version 4.0's certified compliance with the POSIX and XPG3 standards, along with compliance with Issue 2 of the Intel Binary Compatibility Specification (iBCS-2), enables developers to maintain application compatibility across major open systems platforms at both the binary and source levels. In addition, Version 4.0 provides a comprehensive range of tools for developing MS-DOS and OS/2 applications.

Improved Packaging

With Version 4.0, SCO customers can order a single ambiarchitectural package that supports all systems based on Industry-Standard Architecture (ISA), Extended Industry-Standard Architecture (EISA), and Micro Channel architecture (MCA). This simplifies the ordering and maintenance of the product for resellers and developers.

Ease of Migration

The intelligent update feature makes it easy for end users, OEMs, ISVs, and IHVs to migrate to Version 4.0 of the SCO UNIX System. It performs an intelligent, in-place update on Version 2.0 systems if extended DOS partitions are not required. It may also be used to perform a full re-installation of earlier versions of the SCO UNIX System.

Users may update their diskette-based systems to cartridge-tape distribution at no extra cost. For the 4,000 applications and devices that support the SCO UNIX System, no conversion is required. One hundred fifty vendors have already verified that their programs or devices run without changes on Version 4.0.

Pricing and Availability

Version 4.0 of the SCO UNIX Operating System will be available in thirty days on 5.25'' and 3.5'' diskettes, cartridge tape, and in CD-ROM media through SCO's North American and PAL (Pacific, Asia, and Latin America) distribution channels at a list price of U.S. $595 for a two-user license and $1,295 for an unlimited-user license.

Version 4.0 of the SCO UNIX Development System will be available in thirty days on 5.25'' and 3.5'' diskettes and on cartridge tape for a U.S. list price of $1,295.

The direct update package for users of previous versions of the SCO UNIX System will also be available at a U.S. list price of $395 for unsupported users, $295 for users receiving SCO SoftCare, and $240 for SCO SoftTech users.

Upgrade packages for users of SCO XENIX System V and non-SCO versions of UNIX System V are also available.

The Santa Cruz Operation Inc.

The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. (SCO) is a privately held company recognized internationally as the business choice for open systems software. SCO's wide range of UNIX System software solutions for 386/486 computers includes SCO Open Desktop, the SCO UNIX Operating System, and the SCO MPX multiprocessor extension, plus interoperability software, development tools, and comprehensive consulting, training and support services.

To date, SCO has shipped over 550,000 UNIX Systems -- more than any other vendor -- and fields one of the largest UNIX System technical teams in the world.

Founded in 1979, SCO maintains corporate business and development headquarters in Santa Cruz, London, and Toronto and major regional offices in Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Mexico City, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and throughout the United States.

Note: All references to the SCO UNIX Operating System refer to the SCO UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2 Operating System, and all references to the SCO UNIX Development System refer to the SCO UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2 Development System.

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