The Santa Cruz Operation announces Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems Version 5.1

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March 5, 1991

WASHINGTON -- The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. Tuesday announced the availability of Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems Version 5.1.

Like Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems Version 5.0, Version 5.1 is based on Version 5.0 of the popular Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, with the addition of enhanced workgroup productivity tools that take full advantage of the multiuser power of UNIX Systems and the graphical user interfaces of SCO's Open Desktop and SCO Xsight.

When running Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems Version 5.1 with SCO's Open Desktop, or with SCO Xsight running on SCO UNIX System V/386 or SCO XENIX 386, users can view their document before printing, using the new Print Preview feature. In these environments, users can see character attributes such as boldface, italic and color on the screen. Version 5.1 also supports the use of mouse devices at the console and at serial terminals.

Version 5.1 includes enhancements, such as hardware scrolling, that improve performance, while using less memory than Version 5.0.

Users can take documents they create with Version 5.1 and link them to files created with spreadsheets such as SCO Professional, Microsoft Multiplan, Microsoft Excel for Windows, and Lotus 1-2-3 - including files located on networked MS-DOS, OS/2 or UNIX Systems. Users can also have Word notify them whenever changes have been made to these linked files.

Version 5.1 also includes a utility for translating SCO Lyrix, DCA and RTF files into Word files, and a written tutorial to help new users increase their productivity with Word's powerful workgroup tools.

``Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems Version 5.0 was a great success,'' said James Bahn, SCO's marketing manager for word processing products. ``We expect Version 5.1, with its new features and enhancements, to do even better. It's ideal for workgroups because you can install a single copy on an office PC and then have 16, 32, or more users share it from inexpensive terminals connected to the PC.''

Anthony Laudico, Microsoft's product manager for UNIX Systems, said ``Microsoft is pleased to see the enhancements SCO has made to Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems. The ease with which users can transfer documents among other Microsoft Word platforms, and the advantages that Word for UNIX Systems takes of the UNIX System's multiuser capabilities, make it a solid performer in the Microsoft family of word processors.''

Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems Version 5.1 will be available in April 1991 for SCO UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2, SCO XENIX 386 Release 2.3, and Open Desktop, and for AT&T 6386 systems running the AT&T UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2 Operating System. Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems Version 5.1 will be available in dual-media packaging from all SCO sales channels in the United States and Canada for a list price of $995 for an unlimited number of users and $495 for the single-user version, and will also be available from distributors in the Pacific Rim, Asia and Latin America. Upgrades from Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems Version 5.0 to Version 5.1 will be available from SCO sales. Call 800/SCO-UNIX (726-8649).

CONTACT: The Santa Cruz Operation Inc., Santa Cruz Zee Zaballos, 408/425-7222


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