WordPerfect 5.0 For Sun SparcStations Hits the Market

NEW YORK, New York, October 31, 1990 -- WordPerfect Corporation this week released WordPerfect(R) 5.0 for UNIX(R) to run on Sun SPARC(R) workstations.

Version 5.0 has more than 40 new capabilities, including text-integrated graphics, styles, and enhanced laser printing. The program also contains a new Macro Editor, Soft Keyboard, and Master Document feature. Supporting both OpenWindows(TM) and SunView (TM), WordPerfect 5.0 for Sun SPARCstations features pull-down menus, a scroll bar, and mouse support, and is compatible with WordPerfect for the PC.

"We are pleased to add WordPerfect 5.0 to our growing list of SPARCware(TM) desktop productivity applications featuring the OPEN LOOK(R) graphical user interface," said Ed Zander, vice president of marketing at Sun. "WordPerfect is the most widely used word processing product on the market today, and we anticipate its availability on Sun workstations to open a variety of new sales opportunities for us."

Scott Worthington, director of UNIX Products Marketing at WordPerfect Corporation, commented, "The Sun SPARC platform is proving to be an excellent platform for business applications such as WordPerfect. The attractive price and excellent performance of SPARC systems contribute to making them interesting alternatives to PCs on the desktop."


WordPerfect 5.0 for UNIX allows graphic images to be scaled, rotated, and placed anywhere on a page, making it easy to skillfully produce newsletters, reports, and other professional documents. Graphics can be tied to a paragraph, inserted in a line, or included in a header or footer. Captions and borders may also be added to graphics. WordPerfect 5.0 retrieves most graphics formats including PIC, HPGL Plotter, and AutoCAD DXF graphics files, as well as CGM, PCX, and TIFF formats. Images may be scanned into version 5.0 documents or imported into the document as a graphics file.

The enhanced preview mode displays graphics in a bit-mapped composition, taking advantage of the highest resolution of the terminal. On terminals which do not support graphics, WordPerfect 5.0 downloads combinations of the soft character set supported by these terminals to create a mosaic of the graphic image. Graphics can be displayed in very low resolution on text terminals by approximating the graphic with single line-draw characters.


Using the Styles feature is an easy way to file a combination of often-used formatting codes, such as a newsletter heading. A Style attaches a collection of codes to large sections of text at once; the Style can then be edited for individual documents, and each section of text affected by the Style will reflect the changes.


Printing in WordPerfect 5.0 is more powerful than ever before. Version 5.0 lets you choose from more than 400 printer definitions, taking full advantage of laser printing capabilities and supporting dot matrix and daisy wheel printers. Fonts can be interchanged throughout a document without affecting margins, tabs, or column definitions.

Macro Editor

The enhanced Macro Editor includes programming commands and a comprehensive list of pre-defined macros. The Macro Editor now lets you include a macro description that will be displayed when the macro is edited, but ignored during the macro's execution.

Reveal Codes

Another new enhancement is the ability to edit while in Reveal Codes, allowing the user to see exactly what codes are being applied to a document. In the Reveal Codes screen, text and formatting codes may be both entered and edited.

Soft Keyboard

WordPerfect's new Soft Keyboard feature lets users customize their keyboard. Macros may be assigned to keys, or functions may be remapped to new keys (for instance, F1 could be reassigned as the Help key).

Master Document The Master Document feature combines files (such as chapters of a book) for generating tables of contents, lists, indexes, footnotes or endnotes, references, or page numbers. This feature also allows users to split a large document into several files for easier editing. After work is nearly finished on the document, it can then be expanded to include the individual parts with footnotes and references consistent throughout.


A single-user version of WordPerfect 5.0 for UNIX Systems is available for $495. Multi-user versions are available from $995. Customers who purchase retail copies of WordPerfect 4.2 for UNIX to run on Sun SPARC workstations from September 1 until October 31 are eligible to receive a free WordPerfect 5.0 upgrade. Free upgrade request must include dated proof of purchase and the WordPerfect customer registration number. Other customers may update to WordPerfect 5.0 by sending in their customer registration number and payment. WordPerfect 5.0 pricing is based on the number of users.

For more information about WordPerfect 5.0 for UNIX Systems, call WPCorp's UNIX Division at (801) 222-5300.

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