AT&T Renames Unix Software Unix System Laboratories

MORRISTOWN, N.J., June 25, 1990 -- PRNewswire -- AT&T's (NYSE: T) UNIX Software Operation today was renamed UNIX System Laboratories, Inc.

The change in name follows the recent reincorporation of AT&T International's European and Asian UNIX(R) System business subsidiaries as wholly owned subsidiaries of UNIX System Laboratories, Inc. Relevant AT&T and UNIX Software Operation assets were assigned to the new company in November 1989.

"Today's announcement reflects the changes that have taken place in the way AT&T develops, markets and manages UNIX System V," said Larry Dooling, president of UNIX System Laboratories (USL). "USL is a separate business, committed to powering the Open Systems revolution by creating and providing our customers with the best system software, tools and services. We are committed, in concert with UNIX International and in accord with UI's UNIX System V Roadmap, to keep UNIX System V and other USL products at the heart of the worldwide Open Systems movement."

Peter Cunningham, president of UNIX International, said, "In the last 18 months AT&T has made good on its commitment to treat UNIX System was the industry asset it is and to open the UNIX System V development process to the entire industry. We look forward to working with USL for years to come, managing the evolution of UNIX System V in the best interests of all vendors and customers who invest in Open Systems."

UNIX System Laboratories also announced an internal restructuring of the company into two business units: UNIX System V Software and Open Solutions Software.

The UNIX System V Software business unit, headed by Michael J. DeFazio, is responsible for the evolution of the UNIX System V base operating system. The Open Solutions Software business unit, headed by Joel A. Appelbaum, is responsible for system software that complements the base operating system. Such products include the C and C++ programming languages and network system software, such as the TUXEDO(TM) Transaction Processing System and the OSI Communications Platform.

UNIX System Laboratories Europe, Ltd., managed by Robert W. Mitze, is headquartered in London. UNIX System Laboratories Pacific, Ltd., managed by James L. Clark, is headquartered in Tokyo. Both operations were formerly subsidiaries of AT&T International.

The UNIX Software Operation was created as a separate business unit of AT&T in January 1989, in order to separate AT&T's UNIX System source code business from its computer systems business. UNIX System Laboratories, Inc., was incorporated as a separate subsidiary of AT&T in Delaware in November 1989.

UNIX International (UI) is a consortium of industry vendors and end users committed to UNIX System V as the base of the worldwide Open Systems movement. UI provides technical guidance to USL on the evolution of UNIX System V through the UNIX International UNIX System V Roadmap process.

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