AT&T Unveils New Computer and Data Networking Products

Parsippany, N.J. -- September 2, 1987 -- PRNewswire -- AT&T (NYSE: T) today announced the most versatile desktop computer on the market and a new midrange computer that offers near-mainframe performance.

The new computers were among more than 40 new and enhanced computer and data networking products the company unveiled today.

"We're in an exciting business, and we're in it for keeps," said Vittorio Cassoni, senior vice president for AT&T's data systems division. "With AT&T solutions, customers can break through the barriers of incompatible systems."

AT&T's powerful new desktop computer, the AT&T 6386 WorkGroup System, uses the Intel 80386 chip and includes a non-proprietary operating environment that lets it share software and data with the rest of AT&T's computer product line and with other computers that use standard operating systems.

"AT&T is the only company that offers this kind of compatibility across an entire product line, from desktop computers to superminicomputers," said Cassoni.

The 6386 WorkGroup System accommodates up to 32 users simultaneously, and runs advanced, 32-bit UNIX(R) System V applications concurrently with MS(Note A)-DOS applications. The 6386 also includes a unique feature called the DOS Supervisor that lets it run up to eight MS-DOS applications simultaneously at high speed.

The new WorkGroup System also will run XENIX(Note A) System V applications under UNIX System V by mid-1988 and OS/2(Note B) applications when they become available.

"In short, the 6386 WorkGroup System lets customers run any combination of standard operating systems and software," said Cassoni. "What's more, our operating environment is the only one that uses the full power of the Intel 80386 microprocessor to offer superior multiuser and multitasking capabilities."

"UNIX System V and the 80386 are a perfect technological match," said Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corporation, in remarks at AT&T's press conference here. AT&T and Microsoft are developing a new version of UNIX System V for the 80386 chip that will run XENIX System V as well as UNIX System V applications.

"UNIX System V software is meant for 32-bit machines, and soon will be widely accessible to users of desktop computers," Gates said.

Unlike other 80386-based computers, offered only in desktop configurations, the AT&T 6386 WorkGroup System is available for the desktop and in a floor-standing model that can serve a network of up to 32 users.

The desktop model includes 1 megabyte (MB) of random access memory (RAM) expandable to 48 MB RAM. The floor-standing model, called the 6386E (Extended), includes 2 MB RAM expandable to 64 MB RAM. Both models use either the popular 5.25-inch floppy disks or the new 3.5-inch minifloppies.

List prices for the AT&T 6386 WorkGroup System range from $4,899 to $10,395.

AT&T's new midrange computer, the AT&T 3B4000 Computer, has a modular, multiprocessor architecture that lets users increase its processing power and user capacity to near-mainframe levels. Users can begin with a midrange computer and, as data processing requirements grow, add up to 14 adjunct processors, without disrupting system use.

A fully configured 3B4000 processes more than 43 million instructions per second (MIPS) and accommodates up to 300 users simultaneously.

The 3B4000 is one of the first superminicomputers to run the latest release of UNIX System V. It also runs a wide selection of application software, including software introduced today that supports sophisticated data-management and transaction-processing systems.

The list price for a basic configuration of the AT&T 3B4000 Computer is $187,000.

AT&T also introduced the 3B2/500, a new minicomputer that can accommodate up to 40 users simultaneously. The 3B2/500 fills the price/performance niche between the AT&T 3B2/400 and 3B2/600 computers, and offers the same non-proprietary operating environment offered with the 6386 WorkGroup System.

Among other AT&T computer products and enhancements announced today were:

-- Enhancements to the AT&T 6500 Multifunction Communication System, including a full line of products that let users significantly increase their productivity in IBM 3270 environments and that are plug-compatible with 3270 products.

-- The AT&T 6312 WorkGroup System, a 50 percent faster model of the IBM PC AT (Note B)-compatible PC 6310 offered at the 6310's previous price. (AT&T announced reduced prices for the PC 6310 today.)

-- Enhancements to AT&T's Starlan Network that improve its flexibility and performance,

-- Enhancements to the AT&T 3B15 Computer that improve its networking and storage capabilities,

-- Two new computer terminals, one with a programmable, high-resolution graphics display,

-- Enhancements to AT&T's Information Systems Network (ISN) that simplify network management and administration,

-- The AT&T FAX Connection, a plug-in board for PCs that lets them act like facsimile machines able to exchange information with 98 percent of all facsimile machines on the market, and

-- Enhancements to AT&T Mail that make it even easier to use than before and that make it the first electronic mail system to offer international messaging service.

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(B) -- Trademark of IBM Corporation.

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