Caldera's New Server Products Scale Linux Applications From Low-end to High-end

OREM, Utah--June 26, 2001-- Caldera International Inc. (Nasdaq: CALD), the global leader "Unifying UNIX with Linux for Business™," Tuesday announced the launch of its new server products, Caldera OpenLinux Server and Caldera Open UNIX 8, which enable the deployment of Linux applications on both the Linux and UNIX platforms.

Using the Linux application environment as a common interface, Caldera's new server products provide dependable platforms for business needs ranging from the low-end server to the high-end data center.

"Caldera's release of these products demonstrates our desire to lift the strengths of Linux and incorporate them with the many well-known strengths of UNIX," said Ransom Love, chief executive officer of Caldera.

"With Open UNIX 8 and OpenLinux Server, Caldera provides the best in UNIX and Linux deployment. The result is cost savings, stability and an extremely scalable application environment."

Open UNIX 8 is the most advanced deployment platform for industry standard Intel® processor systems. Open UNIX 8 is the trusted foundation for solutions where proven scalability, reliability and affordability are critical.

Whether powering a data center or running a small to medium business, Open UNIX 8 delivers the complete flexibility of Linux, with the same scalability and reliability that is synonymous with UNIX systems.

Open UNIX 8 is a significant milestone for Caldera to deliver on the commitment to unify UNIX with Linux for business. Open UNIX 8 incorporates the Linux Kernel Personality (LKP) technology, which enables customers to run Linux applications and UNIX applications simultaneously.

Open UNIX 8 is an evolution of and maintains compatibility with the SCO® UnixWare® operating system acquired by Caldera. Open UNIX 8 includes enhancements and refinements to the UNIX platform, representing significant added value for existing UnixWare 7 customers who can easily upgrade to this new release.

"With Caldera's support, we have already achieved important customer wins via delivery of the SilverStream Application Server for Linux on Open UNIX 8," said Bill Critch, director of alliances for SilverStream.

"We are excited about working together with Caldera to deliver SilverStream's Linux-based products for J2EE, XML and Web services on Open UNIX 8 -- Caldera's Linux deployment platform for business critical systems."

OpenLinux Server is an ideal product for building Internet-enabled business solutions. Based on the Linux 2.4 kernel, the product is unique in that it is a fully integrated and stable Linux operating system. OpenLinux Server comes with default configurations for secure Web, file and print and network infrastructure servers.

"We are pre-loading OpenLinux Server on Compaq Proliant servers because Caldera delivers commercial quality business solutions," said Rick Becker, director of business development, Compaq Industry Standard Server group.

"We are excited about the stability of this product after rigorously testing it on our Compaq® Proliant® Servers. With OpenLinux Server, Caldera is moving away from providing a Linux distribution to providing a strong server product for small- and medium-sized businesses."

OpenLinux Server saves users significant time and money in the installation, configuration, deployment, and management of business solutions by providing default working configurations.

Each configuration is out-of-the-box secure, easily deployed and manageable using browser-based remote management and configuration utilities bundled in each system. OpenLinux Server is targeted to small and medium businesses, Fortune 1000 companies with remote connected sites and SCO OpenServer customers migrating to Linux.

OpenLinux Server is easy to manage and maintain using any of the management tools that are bundled with the product.

The tools include: Webmin™, a secure browser-based management capability; a Caldera® Volution™ agent which allows easy configuration and management of Linux systems; and Volution Online, a browser-based decision tool and update service used to assess the impact of and enable the easy deployment of software updates.

"The new Caldera is a compelling alternative for the reseller channel," said Ron Herman, president of Blue Chip Computer Systems. "I can now turn to Caldera to meet all the backend needs of my clients -- OpenLinux Server for the low-end and Open UNIX for the high-end."

"Caldera's focal point is to solidify Linux as the alternative business platform," said Bill Claybrook, research director for Linux and Open Source at Aberdeen Group. "With the release of their server products, Caldera assumes the role of a single company that the enterprise can come to for all their back-end solutions."

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Availability and Support

Open UNIX 8 and OpenLinux Server are immediately available. Localized versions of Open UNIX 8 in French, Spanish and German will be available by the end of the month. Localized OpenLinux Server versions will be available over the next few months.

Support services are available through Caldera partners, or direct from Caldera. Caldera offers a broad portfolio of technical support services tailored to the needs of partners, corporate accounts and end users.

Support centers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific are staffed by Caldera's highly skilled support engineers and offer worldwide 24x7 enterprise and local language support. For more information on the extensive Caldera support service offerings, visit

Open UNIX 8 and OpenLinux Server are available for purchase through Caldera's channel partners. To contact a distributor or reseller in your area, visit or You may also contact Caldera by dialing 888/GoLinux or by e-mail at

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