UNIX System Labs launches UNIX System Release 4.2 (SVR4.2)

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – JUNE 16, 1992 -- UNIX System Laboratories, Inc., today announced a new streamlined and vastly simplified version of the UNIX* operating system that puts all the power of advanced 32-bit business and personal computing under graphical "point and click" control.

"This is an easy-to-use UNIX system, ideally suited for commercial users running distributed, mission-critical applications," said Roel Pieper, president and CEO of UNIX System Laboratories, Inc.

"It's extremely flexible, reliable and secure and lets users run the same applications across machines ranging from laptops to servers to mainframes.

"This is serious power for everyone, whether they're downsizing from mainframes or upsizing from performance-limited DOS or Windows systems."

The product, UNIX System V Release 4.2 (SVR4.2), is expected to be widely used as a PC LAN server and as a low-end database and application server, areas where the UNIX system already excels because of its proven multitasking, multiuser and networking power, the company said.

The new system's ease of use, icon-based administration, security, high performance and small memory and hard disk requirements also make this UNIX system unmatched as a client and as a single-user desktop system in a business environment.

In a minimum configuration, the new UNIX system requires only 4 megabytes of memory and a 60 megabyte hard disk to run on a 16 MHz Intel 386SX portable or desktop computer.

As a typical client running several applications, SVR4.2 requires 6 megabytes of RAM and an 80-to-120 megabyte hard disk. These requirements make UNIX SVR4.2 a very hardware efficient and cost-effective desktop and low-end server solution.

SVR4.2 runs the more than 6,000 documented UNIX system applications that already have been ported to SVR4, as well as applications previously written for UNIX System V, SunOS, SCO UNIX System V, and the Berkeley Software Distribution derivative.

SVR4.2 will also comply with the Application Environment Specification issued by the Open Software Foundation. With the addition of emulation utilities available from several UNIX software vendors, the new UNIX system will also run DOS and Windows applications.

UNIX SVR4.2 supports client/server and peer-to-peer architectures simultaneously, making it a very strong foundation for distributed database applications.

"We are delighted to see this technology come to market," said Peter Cunningham, president and CEO of UNIX International. "SVR4.2 will bring the power of the UNIX system to people's desktops. Now users can gain access through their desktop platforms to the networked resources of their enterprise."

UNIX System V Release 4.2 will be licensed in source code form by USL to computer industry hardware and software vendors worldwide. Those vendors will provide commercial "binary" versions for their customers.

First implementations will be for Intel386/Intel486, SPARC and MIPS-based platforms. Others are expected for the RS6000, DEC Alpha and Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture platforms in 1993.

"By using UNIX SVR4.2 as the foundation of our UnixWare* family of products, Univel will be bringing the most powerful UNIX operating system available today to the end user," said Joel Appelbaum, Univel president and CEO.

"Our plan to market UnixWare through Novell's high-volume distribution channel ensures that our customers will benefit from the SVR4.2 technology."

SVR4.2 source code can be licensed now by industry vendors from USL offices worldwide. Source code for Intel386/Intel486 processors will ship in July. Source code for SPARC and MIPS ports of UNIX SVR4.2 will be available to vendors by the end of the year.

UNIX System Laboratories, Inc., headquartered in Summit, N.J., is the source of UNIX System V and other Open Systems software technology, including the TUXEDO* Enterprise Transaction Processing System, Open Networking Platform OSI software, and the C++ Language System.

USL's customers include virtually all of the computer vendors in the worldwide Open Systems marketplace.










* UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and elsewhere, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Ltd. TUXEDO and UnixWare are registered trademarks and Open Networking Platform is a trademark of Novell, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. SunOS is a trademark of Sun Microsystems. SCO is a registered trademark of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.

UNIX(R) System V release 4.2 includes Adobe Type Manager Software

San Francisco -- June 16, 1992 -- (Business Wire) -- UNIX System Laboratories, Inc., Tuesday announced that it has embedded Adobe Type Manager(TM) (ATM(TM)) software and selected Type 1 fonts into its new UNIX(R) System V Release 4.2, giving customers immediate use of state-of-the-art, scalable fonts and the ability to buy and use floppy disks containing thousands of Type 1 fonts that are already on the DOS Windows(TM) Market.

Incorporation of Adobe scalable font technology helps the new UNIXoperating system support desktop publishing, presentation graphics, and other WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") applications requiring smooth, flexible type display. Software vendors can rely on this capability on all SVR4.2 systems. Since SVR4.2 lets customers access DOS data disks, customers can buy Type 1 font disks already on the market for DOS Windows and use them to enhance X Window System(TM) applications. In addition, inclusion of ATM software at the operating system level makes it much easier for software developers to move Windows, Macintosh(R) and OS/2(R) applications to SVR4.2 and sell into the Intel, SPARC, MIPS and Motorola workstation and server markets.

ATM software is system software that quickly generates type for displays and printers from outline fonts in Adobe's Type 1 format. ATM software works transparently to display smooth, high-quality text in all sizes. The International Standards Organization (ISO) recently specified the Type 1 format as the standard for outline fonts in the worldwide computer marketplace.

Roel Pieper, president and CEO of USL, said, ``This is a real win for desktop publishers and workstation users accustomed to fast, high-quality type displays. By embedding ATM software into SVR4.2, we are making the world's leading scalable font technology and a wide selection of Type 1 fonts available off-the-shelf to all UNIX system users and software developers.''

Charles Geschke, Adobe's president and CEO, said, ``This partnership expands opportunities for Adobe and its technology in the UNIX system marketplace and signals our mutual intent to integrate industry-standard, scalable type with innovative new UNIX operating system products.''

Adobe Type Manager software is now available for Windows, Macintosh, OS/2 and UNIX system-based computers. ATM software is bundled with more than 50 software applications and integrated into operating system software and printer software. The Adobe Type Library is the largest source of on-line type, containing more than 1,500 typefaces. More than 13,000 Type 1 fonts are available from over 30 vendors and more than 70 million individual Adobe-based typefaces have been sold over the past five years.

Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. Adobe develops, markets and supports computer software products and technologies that enable users to create, display, print and communicate electronic documents. The company licenses its technology to major computer and publishing suppliers, and markets a line of type and application software products.

UNIX System Laboratories, Inc., headquartered in Summit, N.J., develops and markets the UNIX System V operating system and other Open Systems software, including the TUXEDO(R) Enterprise Transaction Processing System, Open Networking Platform(TM) OSI technology and the C++ Language System, to the worldwide computing industry.

Adobe, Adobe Type Manager and ATM are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. UNIX and TUXEDO are registered trademarks and Open Networking Platform is a trademark of UNIX System Laboratories, Inc. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. OS/2 is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. X Window System is a trademark of MIT.

CONTACT: UNIX System Laboratories Inc., Summit, N.J. Larry Lytle, Director, Corporate Communications, 908/522-5186 or Ry Schwark, Press and Analyst Relations, 908/522-6264 17:08 ET JUN 16, 1992


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