New Version of Unix System

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November 22, 1982

New York -- AT&T last week introduced a new version of the Unix operating system, called Unix System V.

The new version, which succeeds the earlier Unix System III, was said to have performance, screen editing, text processing, file system maintenance and communications improvements compared with the earlier version.

AT&T said the new version will be available in the first quarter, at which time pricing, support levels and technical seminar information will be released.

The company said licensees of the operating system, which runs on DEC VAX 11/750, 11/780, and PDP-11/70 computers, will receive several levels of software support, including hotline service, consultation, techinical seminars, newsletters, electronic mail to report problems, and periodic releases to correct problems.

AT&T brought out Unix System III last year (EN, Nov. 30, 1981). System III is the most recent release of the software. There was no System IV.

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