Intel Launches New Compilers For Linux

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 23, 2001 - Intel Corporation today announced version 5.0 of the IntelŪ C++ Compiler for Linux* and the IntelŪ Fortran Compiler for Linux. The compilers are specifically designed to help developers fully utilize the architectural innovations in the IntelŪ Itanium™ and PentiumŪ 4 processors, allowing for easy access to all of the performance features of Intel's latest processors.

"Intel's unique architecture and processor design knowledge allows us to offer powerful tools for developing high performance applications on Intel-based platforms," said Jon Khazam, director of performance tools operation for Intel's Solutions Enabling Group. "With support for the Itanium and Pentium 4 processors, Intel compilers for Linux include advanced optimization features, compatibility with existing development environments and come bundled with technical support."

Compilers take source code written by programmers and turn it into machine code understood by a processor. The Intel C++ and Fortran Compilers for Linux provide developers with several performance-enhancing optimization features first introduced with the Intel compilers for Windows*, including interprocedural optimization, auto-vectorization, and profile-guided optimization. The new compilers also include OpenMP* support. Developers can use high-level OpenMP directives to simplify development of applications for multiprocessor computers.

"The High Performance Computing Cluster group at Dell has been using early releases of the Intel compilers for Linux, and we are pleased with their optimization schemes," said Peter Morowski, vice president of software development at Dell. "When using the Intel compilers for Linux, we observed improved performance in benchmarks compared to similar products in this space."

Shipping with the Intel C++ and Fortran compilers for Linux is Intel's Linux-based debugger. Intel is also working with Caldera* International on enhancements to gdb, the industry standard debugger on Linux, to support improved Fortran debugging and support for the new C++ application binary interface.

Available in September on the Intel Web site and software resellers, the Intel C++ and Intel Fortran Compilers for Linux each list for $399 through the Intel Web site or $499 for a CDROM kit. Intel offers additional software development products including the IntelŪ VTune™ Performance Analyzer, IntelŪ compilers for Windows* and IntelŪ Performance Libraries, as well as online training and a premier support program. Visit the Intel Web site at for more information.

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