IBM propels Linux for real e-business

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, New York, Jan. 31, 2001-- IBM announced a range of new Linux services, as well as plans to invest more than $300 million in additional Linux services over the next three years.

The services are designed to help customers install and implement commercial e-business solutions using Linux.

The company also announced hardware and software technologies for Linux, including plans for the IBM x430, designed as the first 64-way server that will run the new Linux Application Environment (LAE). This new software provides today's Linux applications with additional scalability to better handle business growth.

"In my experience, service and support are among the key drivers that will help make customers comfortable with running Linux in commercial business environments," said Dan Kusnetzky, IDC's vice president of system software research. "By providing superior services and support, IBM is clearly helping Linux move into the mainstream from its current position as the platform for technical, academic and service provider applications."

Other announcements at Linux World Conference and Expo include:

"In the year since IBM embraced Linux as key to the evolution of e-business, our customers have rapidly adopted Linux in real e-business solutions. Linux is now ready for real e-business," said Irving Wladawsky-Berger, IBM vice president of technology and strategy, Server Group.

"Now, in addition to providing top to bottom Linux support for our hardware and software, we're investing in Linux services so that IBM can assure our customers that the level of support they have come to expect for their enterprise computing environments will be available for Linux."

Extending Services

IBM will strengthen its services commitment to Linux by investing more than $300 million in building new Linux services during the next three years. Some of these services include: Linux e-business enablement and migration services to help customers rapidly deploy and optimize Linux-based e-business environments on a wide variety of IBM and non-IBM platforms; Open Source Consulting for the Linux environment to help educate customers interested in Linux about Open Source Computing and the Open Source Community; and Web and High Availability Cluster Services to help customers design, implement and support Linux clusters for Internet and enterprise wide, mission-critical applications.

IBM also will broaden its services relationships through an international technical support agreement with SuSE, building on existing agreements with Red Hat and Linuxcare. As part of that agreement, SuSE will help IBM Global Services address customers' Linux and open source concerns such as code issues for SuSE Linux.

Unveiling A New Linux Server

IBM unveiled plans for the IBM x430, a powerful 64-way server designed to bridge the gap between smaller Intel-based platforms and the mainframe. The x430 will be the first enterprise server designed to take full advantage of the new Linux Application Environment (LAE), which provides additional scalability to today's Linux applications. Utilizing the x430 and LAE, customers will be able to scale from an Intel Uni-processor server all the way to the mainframe and maintain the reliability and interoperability of proven technology. To further support the LAE, IBM has opened a U.S.-based Linux Competency Center in Beaverton, Oregon, to enable ISV's to test applications running on the LAE.

Supporting Linux Solutions