HP Ultrium Tape Drives Certified to be Linux Compatible

PHOENIX, Nov. 21, 2000

Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. (EST) and Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HWP) today announced that HP's Ultrium tape drives are certified to run under Linux. EST is the sponsor and administrator of the Linux Tape Device Certification Program.

Tape drive certification through the program entails the use of a static, open set of test procedures that is Linux distribution- and application-independent. This process ensures that the testing is not biased and that all devices are appraised on a level playing field.

"EST is providing a valuable service to the Linux community by creating the tape certification program," said Jon Hall, Executive Director of Linux International. "Their position as Linux backup experts gives them great insight in answering the question: What tape drives work with Linux? This is the program's benefit to Linux users."

"For optimum backup performance, tape drives need to work on all legacy, current and future platforms and configurations," said Jack Trautman, general manager of HP's Data Protection Organization. "HP's industry leading, intensive testing provides out-of-the-box compatibility for Ultrium with one of the broadest arrays of backup software available."

Tape drive manufacturers are awarded the use of the Linux compatible logo for each tape drive that is certified. The logo can be used on manufacturer's marketing materials and serves as a testament to their support of Linux.

"The acceptance of Linux is fostering a growing number of tape drive options to choose from," said Ted Cook, president of EST. "The certification program is designed to provide information to support tape drive purchase decisions and to highlight those drive manufacturers committed to the Linux movement."

"As part of the certification program, EST maintains a site at: http://www.linuxtapecert.org where the test results of the company tape drives will be posted. The test scripts are also available for download by end-users to allow testing of their existing tape drives for Linux compatibility.


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Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc., is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a subsidiary of Atipa Corporation based in Kansas City, Missouri. As the leading provider of Linux backup solutions, EST is fast becoming a major force in the backup software industry and is known for both product excellence and outstanding customer support. EST is the developer of BRU(TM) Backup & Restore Utility, the #1 award winning backup solution for Linux systems. EST has been continuously developing BRU for the Unix market since 1985 and for Linux systems since 1994.

EST is a corporate sponsor of Linux International (LI), the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), and is the sponsor of the Linux Tape Device Certification Program (http://www.linuxtapecert.org/). EST also produces QuickStart Data Rescue(TM), the PC crash recovery utility that supports most x86 PC operating systems. Contact EST at PH: (800) 998.8649 or (602) 470.1115, FAX: (602) 470.1116, E-mail: info@estinc.com, or on the Web at: http://www.estinc.com/.

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