SUSE Offers Full Support for IBM eServers

Nuremberg, Germany — 10/10/2000 — Today, SUSE LINUX AG, the international technology leader and solutions provider in Open Source operating system (OS) software, announced their full support for IBM eServers. SUSE LINUX supports more IBM server platforms than any other commercially available Linux distribution.

As a result of the close partnership between both companies, SUSE LINUX will support all existing and upcoming IBM server platforms with its architecture agnostic distribution, from Intel based systems (IA 32; IA64), 32 bit and 64 bit PowerPC systems to the traditional 31 bit S/390 and new 64 bit Mainframes.

In preparation for the new 64 bit environment, SUSE LINUX S/390 has been available on the web since early July and has recorded more than 500 downloads. In addition to the Linux operating system environment, SUSE LINUX S/390 includes more than 400 popular software applications such as Apache, Samba, Sendmail, Bind, various development tools and other applications.

The availability of SUSE LINUX S/390 facilitates and unifies platform interoperability and system administration tasks in the heterogeneous IT environment. Furthermore, it minimizes the expenditure for development, education and acquisition of new products. SUSE LINUX S/390 enables the largest enterprises to realize major benefits by using their IBM S/390 systems as the base for rapid application development and deployment. SUSE LINUX for S/390 is available in late October.

"Running SUSE LINUX on IBM products, from ThinkPad to S/390, offers enterprise solutions to a new breed of IT professionals", explained Dirk Hohndel, CTO of SUSE LINUX AG in Germany. "The stability of SUSE LINUX, deployed on robust and high performance platforms like IBM�s eServers, is the ideal basis for applications in the professional environment."