Intel Releases Computer Vision Software For Linux

Intel and Computer Vision Researchers Deliver Technology to Boost Use of Video to Interact with Computers on Linux-Based Systems

BRISTOL, England, Sept. 13, 2000 - Intel Corporation today announced that it has released the first Linux* version of its Open Source Computer Vision Library. The Open Source Computer Vision Library provides a wide range of functions, including gesture recognition, object-tracking, face recognition and camera calibration, that will help researchers develop ways to use "computer vision" as a method for people to interact with computers. The announcement took place at the opening of the industry day events at the eleventh British Machine Vision Conference. Earlier this year, Intel released a computer vision library and its source code for Microsoft® Windows*.

Since the Open Source Computer Vision Library was first announced at the IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in June of this year, over 500 researchers worldwide have joined Web-based computer vision user groups.

Intel will facilitate the growth and maintenance of this library by accepting and maintaining submissions of source code content reviewed by a panel of experts from the computer vision community. Reviewers include representatives from major vision laboratories. This open source software release includes C source code for all of the library's functions and a royalty-free redistribution license. The library may be downloaded from, and researchers may join the user group by sending email to

Intel's Microprocessor Research Laboratories are the leading developer of microprocessor technology. Its international research facilities are working on various areas, including microprocessors (circuits, architecture, compilers, etc.), platform architecture (buses, caches, memory, interconnect, etc.) and core human interface (speech, natural language processing, video, vision, graphics, new devices, etc.).


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