Timpanogas Research Group Announces Initiative to Deliver an Open Source NetWare™ Compatible Operating System to Novell Customers

Orem, Utah – August 17, 2000 –  Timpanogas Research Group, Inc. located in Orem, Utah is pleased to announce an Open Source Initiative to deliver an Open Source NetWare™ Compatible Operating System to Novell Customers 2H 2001. 

TRG's Open Source NetWare™ compatible Operating System,  dubbed MANOS (Metropolitan Area Network Operating System) is based on  a NetWare™-like SMP kernel written by the authors of Novell's NetWare SMP operating System and Wolf Mountain Operating System, Jeff Merkey and Darren Major.  MANOS contains a fully integrated kernel-level source level debugger and the ability to load and use Microsoft Windows 2000 Portable Executable and Dynamic Link Library (DLL) formats.  MANOS is not slated to support Novell's legacy NLMs, but is being enabled for full wire-compatibility with Novell's NCP client protocols and an Open Source NDS clone.

"TRG wanted to release our open source NDS last year, but we had to wait for the expiration of the RSA Public/Private Key patents on September 20, 2000, since Novell's NDS is heavily dependent on PKI for security and authentication.  With the expiration of these key patents, providing a fully wire-compatible NetWare™ NOS replacement can now become a reality.  We are currently taking the best of Linux and incorporating Linus Torvald's outstanding work into MANOS to create the world's first Open Source NetWare™-like NOS.  Our intent is to support existing Linux applications and drivers on an optimized NOS kernel that provides comparable performance metrics to today's NetWare product line", Stated Jeff Merkey, CEO of TRG. 

TRG has posted the kernel and source code for the MANOS kernel at www.timpanogas.com and ftp at  The current open source contains the base kernel and loader only.  TRG and a small group of Open Source developers are integrating  the Linux Network and Disk Drivers and Linux execution environment onto MANOS.    MANOS is a work in progress, and is slated for first release on 2H of 2001.  

".. To date we, have created an SMP implementation of the Native NetWare File System for Linux, NT, and MANOS, and are completing an Open Source NDS clone for Linux and MANOS.  Our first target shipment is geared to providing NetWare 4.11 NDS and Networking capability in an open source form to Novell's existing customers."  Added Merkey.

TRG invites any open source developers, Novell customers, or Novell resellers who want to contribute or participate in the development of MANOS or encouraged to email .  TRG is setting up a mailing list for MANOS developers and customers and will post the information on our website the first week in September of 2000.   The MANOS program is being released under the GNU public license.

About Timpanogas Research Group

TRG is a Utah corporation located in Orem, Utah.   TRG develops technology solutions for the networking, storage and clustering markets. For information on Timpanogas Research Group, its products and services, visit TRG's web site at www.timpanogas.com.

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