New NetVista Thin Clients include Linux features

August 15, 2000

IBM has announced new Linux-based NetVista Thin Clients, including a model preloaded with Linux, as well as tools for customized Linux environments and new armor plating features for Netfinity servers running Linux. The new hardware and software technologies complete a portfolio of end-to-end Linux solutions that include contributions from across IBM.

The new Linux-based NetVista Thin Clients reduce the time customers spend installing and configuring Linux, and they offer the ability to customize the end-user environment. The NetVista Thin Clients join previously announced ThinkPad A & T series models now available preloaded with Linux.

In addition, IBM has added Linux support for Netfinity X-architecture technologies, bringing mainframe levels of availability and performance to the open standards platform. Through X-Architecture, Netfinity brings high-end IBM server technologies to the Linux marketplace, enabling customers to accelerate the adoption of Linux for enterprise business applications.

IBM also has announced it is shipping new ThinkPad notebooks pre-configured with Caldera OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4, including worldwide service and support and a choice of KDE and HelixCode GNOME desktop environments.

Optimized for Caldera OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4, the pre-configured systems dramatically reduce the time to set-up and tune the system by providing modem, video and audio drivers installed, making these systems ideal for software developers and IT professionals. This Linux preload is immediately available on select models of the recently announced ThinkPad A and T Series. The models range from a ThinkPad A20m, an affordable desktop alternative, to a thin and light ThinkPad T20 with the ideal balance of performance and portability.

By preloading Linux on ThinkPad A20m and T20 models, IBM is responding to customers who are demanding a choice of operating systems to meet their e-business needs.


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