SuSE Delivers Enterprise Linux for IBM RS/6000

IBM Brings Linux Up on Next Generation "POWER 4" processor

NUREMBERG, Germany & SOMERS, New York - 12 Jun 2000: -- SuSE Linux, an international technology leader and solution provider in open source operating system software, and IBM today announced that SuSE will release an enterprise-class version of Linux this month for IBM RS/6000 servers. IBM also announced that it has the Linux operating system up-and-running on its next generation POWER4 microprocessor due out in late 2001.

SuSE Linux for RS/6000 systems has been tested and certified by SuSE on RS/6000 B50 rack mountable servers for service providers, the 43P Model 150 entry server/workstation and F50 deskside servers for departments and small organizations. Support for other RS/6000 products by SuSE is planned for later this year.1 SuSE Linux runs a wide range of applications for the business, service provider, and scientific and technical markets including Web and application serving and a wide array of network services.

"SuSE Linux for RS/6000 systems gives customers a powerful platform alternative. IBM is committed to delivering Linux across all our platforms, including the world s best performing UNIX-class servers with IBM's breakthrough copper microprocessor technology," said Rod Adkins, General Manager, IBM Web Servers. "The SuSE distribution broadens the scope of RS/6000 applications to include innovative work being initiated in the Linux community."

"IBM RS/6000 servers offer leading performance, availability, and manageability across the spectrum from entry systems to super computers. Our RS/6000 distribution is an important step in SuSE's plan to provide businesses with a version of SuSE Linux for the industry's most popular computing platforms," said Volker Wiegand, CEO of SuSE Inc.

SuSE Linux for RS/6000 systems will be available in June 2000 via all SuSE retail channels or direct via (inside the US) or (outside the US). Including a handbook and 60 days installation support, the package has a recommended retail price of $49.95 (EUR 46).

As part of IBM's commitment to support Linux across all its server platforms, IBM 's Enterprise Systems Group in Austin, Texas, with the assistance of Linuxcare, has booted a version of the Linux operating system on an early sample of the next generation POWER4 microprocessor.

The acclaimed POWER4 microprocessor's innovative design includes two 1GHz microprocessors on a single chip. The bandwidth capacity of the POWER4 processor will be in excess of 100 gigabytes per second from the on chip second level cache to the processors, which is the equivalent of moving 20 full-length DVD movies in one second.

A copy of the Linux on Power 4 "boot log" is available at

About SuSE Linux
Founded in 1992, SuSE Linux is the international technology leader and solution provider in open source operating system (OS) software, setting new standards for quality and ease of use. Its award-winning SuSE Linux 6.3 and the newly released 6.4 include thousands of third party Linux applications supported by extensive professional consulting and support services, excellent documentation, comprehensive hardware support, and an encyclopedic set of Linux tools. Designed for Web and enterprise server environments and efficient as a home and office platform, SuSE's distribution, surrounding features, effective configuration and intelligent design result in the most complete Linux solution available today. SuSE Linux AG, headquartered in Germany, and SuSE Inc., based in Oakland, CA, are privately held companies focused entirely on supporting the Linux community, Open Source development and the GNU General Public License. With a workforce of over 380 people worldwide, SuSE has offices in Germany, all over Europe, Venezuela and in the US. More than 50,000 business customers use SuSE Linux worldwide due to its stability and high quality.

SuSE received the "Show Favorites" award at LinuxWorld Expo 2000 in New York in February 2000 and March 1999. Further awards: Reader's Choice Awards: Linux Journal, 1/99; PC Professional 4/99; Computer Bild 6/99; PC Intern 4/99; PC Magazine 4/99, PC Answers 8/99. SuSE contributes considerably to Linux development projects such as the Linux kernel, glibc, XFree86TM, KDE, ISDN4Linux, ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) and USB (Universal Serial Bus).

Additional information about SuSE can be found at or

About IBM RS/6000
More than one million IBM RS/6000 systems have been shipped to over 150,000 commercial and technical customers around the world. The RS/6000 family of computers feature IBM RISC-based microprocessors and run AIX, IBM's UNIX(c) operating system. RS/6000 products range in size and capacity from workstations, workgroup and enterprise servers, to the RS/6000 SP supercomputer. From businesses deploying advanced technologies to become more efficient and profitable, to governments and universities seeking to solve the grand challenge problems of our time, RS/6000 computers support a wide range of applications and provide the reliability, availability and price/performance that today's information technology managers demand. For more information about RS/6000 systems and the AIX operating system, see the RS/6000 home page at

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1. The following link is the boot log of Linux on an IBM RS/6000 Model 260. This represents early work to bring Linux on more IBM PowerPC RS/6000 hardware, especially IBM's current line of Power3 64 bit processors.

Additional information will be posted at as work progresses.