Dell Announces Factory-Installation of Red Hat Linux 6.0 on Server, Workstation and Business Desktop Systems

Dell First With Multiprocessing Certification From Red Hat

Round Rock, Texas, April 26, 1999

Dell Computer Corporation (Nasdaq: DELL), the world's leading direct computer systems company, today announced it plans to factory-install the new Red Hat Linux 6.0 operating system on select, "Red Hat Ready" certified configurations of its PowerEdge� servers, Dell Precision� WorkStations, and OptiPlex� business desktop computers.

Dell is also the first company to receive multiprocessor certification from Red Hat for its four-processor PowerEdge 6300 enterprise server and its dual-processor Dell Precision WorkStations. Dell will offer the new Red Hat software factory-installed on configurations of its PowerEdge 1300, 2300, 4300, 4350, 6300 and 6350 servers; Dell Precision 410 and 610 WorkStations; and OptiPlex GX1 and GX1p desktop PCs.

Red Hat Linux 6.0, which was announced by Red Hat today, adds symmetric multiprocessing support for up to four processors and other new features to deliver improved performance and reliability in enterprise and Internet applications that run the day-to-day business of companies worldwide.

"We're pleased that Dell has moved so quickly to adopt Red Hat Linux 6.0 and to become the first solution provider certified to deliver Red Hat Linux configurations for its popular multiprocessing servers and workstations," said Paul McNamara, Red Hat Software, Inc. "Companies worldwide rely on Dell systems for some of the most powerful, business-critical applications. Red Hat Linux 6.0's performance gains and SMP support, when combined with Dell's system reliability, provides a powerful platform for enterprise applications." Availability of Red Hat Linux 6.0 with Dell systems is planned for May in the United States. Dell also plans to offer Red Hat Linux 6.0 with select system configurations in Europe. Earlier this month, Dell announced that systems could be configured directly from with Red Hat Linux 5.2 or ordered through DellPlus, a custom installation service offered by Dell.

"Our intent is to make it simple for customers to have Red Hat Linux 6.0 installed, configured and tested on a Dell system," said Michael Lambert, senior vice president of Dell's Enterprise Systems Group. "With increased interest from large businesses, Internet service providers, government agencies and universities, Dell has been quick to offer its systems with Red Hat Linux to ensure customers can get the configurations they want, direct from Dell."

Additional information on Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell Precision WorkStations and OptiPlex desktops can be found on Dell's Web site. Additional information about Dell and Linux can be found on Dell's Web site.

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