HP Organizes Open-source Community Effort to Port Linux to PA-RISC

The Puffin Group Takes on PA-RISC and Linux Development Project

San Jose, Calif., March 1, 1999

In the true spirit of the open-source movement, Hewlett-Packard Company today announced its commitment to porting Linux to HP's PA-RISC(1) architecture by enlisting the support of the open-source developer community.

The Puffin Group, a software-development and consulting firm consisting of individual developers, will coordinate the PA-RISC and Linux porting project.

"The Puffin Group is undertaking this project for the challenge it presents and for the porting experience it will provide," said Christopher Beard of the Puffin Group Inc. "There is no doubt in our minds that The Puffin Group is the best choice for this endeavor, as our area of strength is in managing open-source projects. We look forward to working with HP to make our common vision a reality."

The Puffin Group consists of industry professionals who volunteer their time to contribute to the advancement of Linux open-source software.

A True Open-source Project

The Puffin Group will contribute the core porting activity and, in turn, HP will contribute marketing and technical resources to the effort. The Puffin Group also will have access to HP technology, tools and solutions offered through HP's new Open Source Solutions Operation (OSSO). See today's related announcement.

"HP is committed to porting Linux to PA-RISC, and we are enthusiastic about supporting this true open-source effort," said Nigel Ball, OSSO sponsor and general manager with HP's Internet and Application System Division. "We have an opportunity to build a relationship with leaders in the open-source community by entering into an alliance that is reflective of the spirit and enthusiasm of the open-source movement."

The PA-RISC and Linux project was introduced here at Linux World Expo as part of a series of scheduled announcements underscoring HP's long-term commitment to open-source solutions.

HP is a member of Linux International, a non-profit organization consisting of industry influencers dedicated to the continuous open-source development of Linux.

About HP

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  1. PA-RISC stands for Precision Architecture-reduced-instruction-set computing.

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