IBM Announces DB2 Universal Developer's Edition Version 5.2 for Linux Beta

Beta to be freely available for download from the Web

Somers, New York -- December 7, 1998 -- IBM today announced DB2 Universal Developer's Edition Version 5.2 for Linux beta will be immediately available for download. IBM also announced that Net.Data Version 2 for Linux beta code is also available download from the same site.

The Linux operating system is widely known for its performance capabilities, reliability and value for customers. With an estimated 7 million users worldwide, Linux has become an increasingly popular choice as an platform for e-business.

DB2 Universal Database is the world most trusted relational database for applications ranging from business intelligence to e-business. The availability of DB2 Universal Database on Linux enables developers to combine the power of Linux with the performance and robustness of DB2.

Today's announcement highlights IBM's commitment to deliver leading-edge technology for customers moving to e-business. Key features supported in DB2 for Linux include:

Extensible and Scalable
As on other platforms, DB2 for Linux's support for object relational technology allows developers to harness the power of user-defined types and functions as well as Binary Large Objects.

DB2 Universal Database for Linux can exploit multiple processors of a symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) machine to speed up the execution of a single SQL Query. DB2 for Linux exploits both I/O and CPU parallelism for creating indexes and performing backup, restore and load functions.

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