From: Star Division GmbH - Matthias Panczyk
Subject: StarOffice 4.0 (Final) for OpenLinux (Linux) available
Date: 1998/02/03
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Organization: Star Division GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Dear Linux Users,

The Final Version (unlimited use) of StarOffice 4.0 for OpenLinux
(Linux) is now available for download on our FTP server. We would like

to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in the
Beta testing.

This Final Version is offered at no charge for personal use. If you
intend to use StarOffice 4.0 for OpenLinux (Linux) commercially,
please note the corresponding announcements that will be posted soon.

In addition, we suggest contacting our partner Caldera for more

It is not permitted to copy StarOffice 4.0 for OpenLinux(Linux) to CD

or other medium for distribution purposes without express written
authorization from Star Division or Caldera. At present, it is
unfortunately not possible to offer the version via other FTP servers.

However, we are attempting to make the version available on various
Star Division FTP servers.

StarOffice 4.0 for OpenLinux (Linux) will be included in our newsgroup

support system.

We hope all Linux users enjoy positive results with this version. As

in the past, we are naturally interested in hearing the opinion of our

customers. Please take advantage of our Internet newsgroups to post
your comments and suggestions.

Kind Regards,

Matthias Panczyk
Star Division GmbH