Linux Applications and Utilities Page

The Linux Applications and Utilities Page is a collection of commercial, shareware and freeware application and utility programs and servers for Linux with their own WWW home pages. All of the programs listed here either have a Linux native binary available, or have source code available which has been successfully compiled to run under Linux. These programs are all currently available for use, though some may still be beta, or even alpha, releases.

Last updated October 22, 1996 New listings are marked with a [NEW]".

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Having a listing here does not necessarily imply an endorsement of the program. It is up to the individual Linux user to determine whether a particular program does or doesn't meet his or her needs. The hope is that by linking to the home pages of these programs, information about a given program can be used to help make that determination.

System Administration Tools

bootpc boot protocol client used to grab ip number and set up DNS nameservers [NEW]"
Chklogs PERL script to help maintain system logs
CVS client/server configuration management system
DevAlloc emulates the device allocation mechanism that Sun provides in Solaris 2.x
FTP Daemon from Troll Tech
Generic NQS batch processing system
Hifs handy information for sysadmins, a tool for system monitoring
IPAcct program/kernel extension to do per user ip accounting [NEW]"
I-NET Ticker Tape client/server system which provides info to remote clients
InfoMagic Workgroup Server file and printing services to PC and Mac
ipfwadm utility to administer IP accounting and firewall services
IRQTUNE a Linux x86 IRQ priority optimizer
jaZip program for maintaing Zip and/or Jaz drive(s) and disks
Leafnode a USENET system for small sites
Linuxconf sophisticated system administration tool
Majordomo mailing list management package
Masqd a management utility for a Linux Firewall
Mazama Packet Filter internet firewall security system
Mfsm a Motif utility that monitors free space and user filesystem quotas
net-tools collections of programs to control Linux' networking.
NIST used to synchronize the system's time with a known timeserver
ProcMeter simple X Windows based performance meter, reading the info from /proc
SAMBA suite to allow clients to access Unix filespace and printers
SATAN Security Administrator's Tool for Analyzing Networks
Scotty Tcl extensions for network management applications
SecureNet PRO a full featured network administration and diagnostic tool
Sniffit a Linux packet sniffer
SuperScheduler UNIX job scheduling system
System Commander manage multiple operating systems on one PC
Tkined a network drawing editor running on top of the Tcl/Tk toolkit
traf a network traffic monitor program suitable for ethernets
XLoadTime /proc based load meter that also shows current time
XUser create, modify and delete user-info from an interactive X shell
Xwatch a log file monitor for sysadmins

 Device Drivers

3Com 3c59* Vortex Ethercards drivers for various kernel revs
AdvanSys Linux Driver Linux driver for AdvanSys SCSI adapters
Advantech Card Driver driver for Advantech laboratory measurement card PCL-812PG.
BubbleTools Printer Drivers set of printer drivers which make graphic files printable
BusLogic adapter drivers drivers for Mylex SCSI adapters [NEW]"
ftape program that controls tape drives that connect to a floppy controller
Hayes ESP enhanced mode drivers for the Hayes ESP card [NEW]"
Iomega Zip Driver Linux driver for parallel port Iomega Zip Drive
Iomega JazTool driver supports software ejection and hardware read/write protection
Linux/AWE32! driver for Soundblaster AWE32
Linux Driver Development Kit (LDDK) write character device drivers with minimal fuss
Linux Ultra Sound Project low level drivers for the Gravis Ultrasound card
Matrox Meteor FrameGrabber Driver v1.4 driver the the Matrox Meteor PCI frame grabber
MuTech MV-1000 Linux Devicedriver for the MuTech MV1000 frame-grabber
pcd Panasonic/Creative/Matsushita CR-56x driver for Linux
QuickCam Drivers third-party Linux drivers for the Connectix QuickCam
SyQuest EZ drives driver for the parallel SyQuest EZ135 and EZFlyer 230 drives
Tulip driver ethernet driver for cards using the DEC 21x4x chip family
UNIX Sound System/Lite sound card driver set that provides uniform API for major UNIX's
Western Digital/Future Domain FASST SCSI host adapter driver SCSI driver
xscan/pnmscan software for MUSTEK Paragon 600/1200 SCSI flatbed scanners [NEW]"

 System Servers

About Discussion Server groupware product that works over the World-Wide Web
Apache HTTP Server a public domain HTTP server for UNIX and Linux
Chat Server continuous stream, real-time, mm-capable, comm server from Magma
DHCP Server Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server from ISC
NcFTPd File Transfer Protocol server designed for high-traffic sites. [NEW]"
NCSA httpd Server web server from the developers of Mosaic
Real-Time Linux a Linux kernel with hard real-time tasks [NEW]"
Spinner a modularised, object oriented World Wide Web server
Streamworks Xing's live and on-demand Audio/Video server
Stronghold commercial version of Apache web-server which uses SSL [NEW]"
TEAMate Web/BBS Servers software to set up and run a complete on-line service
Time Server (xntp) NetworkTime Protocol and related clock synchronization products
WebFilter patch to Cern httpd which allows httpd to act as filtering proxy [NEW]"
WN Server http server designed for security and flexibility
W3C (CERN) httpd web server from the World Wide Web Consortium (CERN)
XS-HTTPD 2.3 very small and fast UNIX WWW server
The Zeus Server full-featured commercial grade http server

 X Servers and Window Systems

Accelerated-X a commercial X server from X Inside
Metro-X Metro Link's commercial X servers
MGR Window System Manager graphical window system, an X alternative
W96 a simple, socket based, two-color window system as opposed to X
XFree86 the freely available X Window server for PC based UNIX's

 Shell and System Utilities

Bru Backup and Restore Utility
Diald daemon that does demand dialing for PPP and SLIP
Dotfile Generator tool to help the end user configure programs like fvwm
E2fsprogs ext2 filesystem utilities [NEW]"
Flpr Perl script automates `dvips', `up', `psselect', `a2ps', etc. [NEW]"
HFS for Linux Apple Macintosh Hierarchical File System
HFS Utilities for UNIX manipulate Mac HFS volumes from UNIX systems
HylaFAX send and receive faxes under UNIX and Linux
Info-ZIP free multiplatform unzip compatible with PKWare's zip products
KBACKUP backup UNIX systems to tape, floppy or file
Latch by Craftworks. a secure remote access program
Lc functions like ls, but lists files according to their type [NEW]"
Loadable Modules module support utilities and docs
Lone-Tar tape backup software from Lone Star [NEW]"
lsh a small DOS-like shell for UNIX
Netatalk for Linux let your Unix box look like an Appletalk server on a LAN
NTFS for Linux MS Windows-NT file system for Linux
ppr a print spooler for PostScript printers [NEW]"
rexec command calls the rexec(3) subroutine to act as remote execution client [NEW]"
RPM package management tool from Red Hat Software [NEW]"
SigEd a shell script written in zsh allows appending sig file, PGP and more
ssh (Secure Shell) remote shell with strong authentification
SVGATextMode an SVGA textmode manipulation/enhancement tool
Tcsh Cornell 6.05.00 reference for the tcsh shell
TimeTracker an X-windows timekeeper
type1inst a perl program for installing Type1 fonts for GS or X
UUdeview uuencoder and decoder for MIME, Base64 and xxencode
VFAT for Linux a Linux filesystem compatible with Win 95 and NT long filenames
widtools widget tools for shell scripts
XBanner draw text with graphics onto the X root-window before XDM
Xmcpustate version of xcpustate tool that has a Motif interface added to it [NEW]"
xmotd a message-of-the-day browser for X and dumb terminals
xtoolwait utility notably decreases the startup time of your X sessions
YACC (Thinkage YAY) Yet Another YACC, software to parse text input
Z Shell the ultimate Bourne-type shell

 Desktop & Window Managers and Add-Ons

AfterStep continuation of the Bowman window manager
amiwm an X window manager that looks and feels like an Amiga Workbench
Bowman NEXTStep-like window manager based on fvwm
Caldera Network Desktop 1.0 desktop, network and application suite
CDE for Linux X-Inside's Common Desktop Environment for Linux [NEW]"
eXode an enhanced X Open desktop for Linux [NEW]"
Freedom Desktop for Motif GUI desktop manager with Linux version
funmenu & funexec Motif-based menu and taskbar utilities
FVWM Homepage the official homepage of fvwm
FVWM HomePage the standard Linux X Window manager
Fvwm Configuration Options have fvwm your way
FVWM-95 a Windows95-like variation on fvwm2
GWM the X11 Generic Window Manager
OffiX tools that communicate using drag and drop (filemanager, editor, trash, print)
tkgoodstuff an X program and resource manager written in Tcl/tk
wm2 a window manager for X with limited configurability for the minimalist [NEW]"
Xmtoolbar a button bar utility for X Window managers

 File and Disk Utilities

DISAM96 multi-key B+TREE indexed file manager, conforms to the C-ISAM standard
FileRunner file manager for Unix/X11 created for simplicity, speed and elegance
Glimpse indexing and query system for searches across entire file systems
GNU Interactive Tools file system browser, ascii/hex file viewer, and more
LLNL XDir X-based network file manager with FTP
Midnight Commander a Linux Norton Commander with tar and ftp file manipulation
Midnight Commander User's Guide put MC through its paces
Moxfm a Motif based graphical file and app manager
NetZIP Server look in ZIP file across network by Software Builders
TkDesk graphical file manager for Unix and the X Window System
UNIX Cockpit Unix/X-Windows file manager
X-Files a graphical file management program written in Tcl/Tk (alternate site) [NEW]"

 Emulators and Simulators

BSVC a microprocessor simulation framework (Motorola 68000 & HECTOR 1600)
DOSEMU the Linux DOS emulator
Euphoric an Oric emulator/simulator for Linux
Executor a commercial Macintosh emulator by ARDI
HP48 emulation of the HP-48 calculator
NTRIGUE display MS-Windows apps on an X-Window screen
Stella 96 an Atari 2600 emulator
STonX an Atari ST emulator for X11
U.A.E. a UNIX Amiga emulator
Virtual 2600 an Atari 2600 (!) emulator
Virtual Gameboy Emulator Linux emulator of Nintendo game machine [NEW]"
WINE an alpha level Windows emulator
xz80 a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator


macroCALC a Lotus 1-2-3 compatible character based spreadsheet [NEW]"
NExS Network Extensible Spreadsheet for UNIX and Linux
Teapot spreadsheet with functional addressing and 3D tables
Wingz Spreadsheet a Linux port of the NEXT and Mac spreadsheet
Xess a powerful, full-featured X based spreadsheet
XQuad spreadsheet with all features required for scientific and financial calcs

 Database Managers

C/BASE 4GL application development suite and database engine
CQL++ SQL Database Management System an ANSI and ODBC compliant dbms
DBIX multi-user SQL database server
Empress for Linux Personal Edition single-user Data Management software
Essentia Data Base Engine database server with Reduced Instruction Set Engine [NEW]"
FlagShip a superset of Clipper 5.x and Dbase III for Unix
JustLogic/SQL Database Manager database manager with client/server
LEAP a relational database management system
mSQL (Mini SQL) light weight database engine that supports a subset of the ANSI SQL spec
Open Client/C a LINUX port of Sybase's Client-Library with System 10 interface
POSTGRES95 object-relational next-generation database management system
QDDB database suite that allows you to create relations and manipulate tuples [NEW]"
/rdb a relational database toolkit for Unix and Linux from Revolutionary Software
Recital a multi-user database system based on the PC Xbase language
SHORE Project a hybrid object-oriented database system
Solid Server a relational client/server DBMS from Solid Tech.
SQLkit allows FlagShip compiler programs to communicate with a JustLogic SQL db [NEW]"
SS-File Database Manager a flat-file database manager program for Linux
xmbase-grok a simple X/Motif database manager and user interface builder
YARD a SQL database server implemented according to ANSI X3.135 of 1989/1992

 Word Processors and Document Preparation

Adobe Acrobat Reader viewer for pdf documents [NEW]"
Cicero WYSIWYG word processor based on Motif libraries
Genscript replacement for enscript converts ASCII files to PostScript
Ghostview / Ghostscript postscript interpreter and viewer
Information Retrieval and Corpus Linguistics programs and scripts for text-files
LaTeX a portable typesetting and document preparation system
Linuxdoc-SGML text-formatting package based on SGML
LyX a WYSIWYG word-processor front-end for LaTeX
MiniHelp Help Editor integrated environment for creating hyperlinked help text
NTeX a TeX distribution for Linux
Par 1.50 a paragraph reformatter, vaguely similar to fmt, but better
Qist an integrated SGML document engineering utility for the X Window system
SciTeXt wordprocessor for UNIX using type 1 fonts and wysiwyg
teTeX System a TeX distribution for UNIX systems
Thot structured document editor, with a WYSIWYG interface under X-Window
Virtual Paper online-document viewing system for PS and scanned "legacy" docs. [NEW]"
Xclamation wysiwyg document publishing application
xpdf an X viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF or Acrobat) files
xtem_TeXMenu graphical user interface for Tex/LaTeX
Xword word processor with multi-format compatability

 Groupware, Office Suites and Personal Productivity Apps

Addressbook manage your addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses
Andrew applications suite and messaging system
Applixware for Red Hat Applix word processor, spreadsheet, graphics and mail
BB Stock Pro stock charting, technical analysis, portfolio management [NEW]"
Caldera Internet Office Suite Word perfect, NeXS, Z-mail and motif libraries
Check Book Balancer (CBB) a checkbook balancing program written in Perl/TclX/Tk
Cliq office suite w/text proc, spreadsheet, personal database and scheduler
Ical an X based calendar and appointment book
Independent Insurance Agency software Compuwork vertical market software [NEW]"
Goldmedal UNIX Office, Groupware & E-Mail
NetCharge BCSI Electronic Credit Card Processing system
plan a calendar and schedule planner based on X/Motif
Star Office word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, more
Synchronize a real-time calendaring and scheduling application
TeamRooms integrated groupware solution for Macintosh, Windows, and Unix
TimeClock time and attendance software from Quality Software Solutions, Inc. [NEW]"
Xfinans a financial management program

 Scientific and Mathematical Applications

Astronomical Software on Linux applications for astronomers
Astronomy (Linux for Astronomy) CD-ROM full of astronomical applications
ChemApp a programmable thermodynamic calculation interface
daVinci a user interface for high-quality visualizations of directed graphs
GRASS Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
Gnuplot scientific plotting utility
IDL Research Systems software for data analysis, visualization, development
Khoros system for image and signal processing and data exploration
Maple V interactive software for doing symbolic and numeric calculations
MARC Designer a linear finite element analysis program
Mathematica for LINUX mathematical analysis and equation solver
MathSpad editing tool for writing mathematically oriented documents
MATCOM Matlab to C++ translator and a matrix class library
MATLAB technical environment for numeric computation and visualization
MuPAD a general purpose computer algebra system
nn/xnn neural network development/simulation tool [NEW]"
Octave a high-level language for numerical computations
ProPHLEX a finite element based toolkit for engineering simulation
R a LISP-like high-end statistical language [NEW]"
RLab high level matrix math language similar to matlab
SatTrack real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction software
Scientific Software Under Linux freeware for scientists and engineers
Scilab high level science and math computation tool
Shazam a comprehensive program for users of statistical techniques
Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator a software simulator for neural networks
VARKON-3D a high level development tool for Engineering and CAD apps
Vis5D system for interactive visualization of large 5-D gridded data sets
XLISP-Stat high-end statistics package for X based on LISP [NEW]"
Xmgr X-based app for manipulating and graphing external data sets
Xtoys a set of cellular automata simulators written for Xwindows

 Web Browsers and Plug-In's

Amaya Web client that acts both as a browser and as an authoring tool
Arena an HTML 3.0 test-bed browser, not the most user-friendly
Candle-Web a browser that extends HTML with interactive animations
Chimera one of the earliest browsers, starting to show its age
Emacs World Wide Web Browser a browser written entirely in Emacs lisp
Grail a python and Tk based browser from CNRI
Lynx Enhanced text-based web browser
Lynx Users Guide v2.3 text-based, but fast, browser
MMM WWW browser written in Caml Special Light, using Tcl/Tk
NCSA Mosaic for X ver. 2.8 a complete rewrite of the classic browser
Netscape Navigator Version 3.0 for Linux the leading web browser at present
PhonyNet Commuter browser that doubles as an httpd server over the phone
Tcl Plugin allows delivery of ricx structured graphics and UIs in web pages. [NEW]"
tkWWW a web browser written in the Tcl/tk language
Vosaic Netscape Navigator plugin supports real time video over the Internet
VRweb VRML browser for Linux
WebRouser browser with MEAPI support allows Web pages to be interactive
Woven Goods for LINUX a collection of apps for viewing Linux info via WWW

 Java/WWW Tools and HTML Editors

AppGEN high level 4GL and application generator for producing WWW based apps
ASHE (xhtml) a simple HTML editor written in C and using Motif
ASWedit / asWedit HTML and text editor for X Window System and Motif
Bulldozer a WYSIWYG HTML editor for the X Windows system
Cmm CGI tool for developing CGI applications
Empress DataWEB build Web-based apps that utilize features of Empress RDBMS
Java Development Kit version 1.0.2 for Linux
Kaffe a JIT virtual machine to run Java(tm) code
LaTeX2HTML convert LaTeX documents to HTML
Mapedit graphical editor for World Wide Web image maps
Nutmeg portable list management library for Java from Thought
tkHTML a tcl/tk HTML editor
VirtuFlex WWW application builder integrates databases, email, fax, telephony [NEW]"
VWbot Web-traversing robot now available as shareware written in Perl4
webthreads set of CGI scripts that enhances reporting accuracy of WWW servers

 Mail Programs

Elm ELectronic Mail for Linux and UNIX
Exmh X based e-mail program
Ishmail a commercial X based mail program
MH Message Handler UNIX mail handling agent, foundation of exmh
ML a mail program for X and IMAP
Pandora a Web interface for Majordomo for managers of mailing lists
Pine Information Center - Linux and UNIX mail program (featuring PICO)
Procmail automatically process mail as received or from a folder
qmail a secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent [NEW]"
Read-Index a plug-in extension to Majordomo
Sendmail primary UNIX email agent
SOMA Mailreader mailreader for Linux under X11 based on the XView library
TkMail v2.0 an X Window Mail Reader using Tcl/tk
Ultimate Mail Tool e-mail reader developed in Topaz-Inform
XF-Mail another X based mail program

 Internet Apps

BitchX ircII Client an extended version of ircII 2.8
eIrc thE IRC motif-based client for Linux
Ethernet Phone real time voice communication over the Internet
go-ppp calls multiple numbers until connection made and establishes ppp link [NEW]"
Gnus 5 a newsreader that lives inside Emacs
HyperNews web-based news reader and poster
InvisibleWeb automate the downloading of documents from a WWW site
Knews threaded x-based news reader
Modemu use your favorite comm program over TELNET connection
pnews simple system uses suck to pull news from a remote NNTP server
Qnews X news reader optimized for use over a slip connection
Ratatosk (TkRat) a mail user agent for X built with Tcl/Tk
Sirc a programmable IRC client for UNIX written in PERL
Skim a graphical offline newsreader for Linux
SLiRP TCP/IP emulator allows dial-ups to act like SLIP/PPP
SLRN a threaded, colorized NNTP based newsreader for Unix
The Internet Adapter (TIA) use TCP/IP software with any regular UNIX shell accoun
TkNet for Linux an X front end to a dial-up SLIP/PPP Internet connection
Usepkt import usenet news to local fido packets
xIRC Xforms based IRC client
xppp graphical interface to IP connection, written with the Motif library [NEW]"
Zircon an X11 based IRC client
Ztalk TCP/IP voice communication, and XZtalk, the X front end

 Communications Apps

Callback programs to setup a callback-system, where a modem-connect is requested
Emulus IBM 3270 vector graphics terminal emulation under X Window
EZ Clone software for programming handheld and mobile amateur radios
GroupKit free groupware toolkit for developing real-time conferencing apps
Kermit comm software for file transfer, terminal emulation, script programming
Linux Mobile-IP supports transparent host mobility across TCP/IP networks
Lore Linux Omen Reader
Silent Messenger multiuser client/server paging gateway from MessageNet Systems [NEW]"
Spatch alphanumeric paging software for UNIX
TNOS TCP/IP for use in an RF environment, primarily Amateur Packet Radio
WorldVU BBS publically available BBS system, in both ELF and AOUT binaries

 Games and Amusements

3-Dimensional Chess 3-D X chess supports two players on one or two displays
Abuse at Crack dot Com, X based shoot-em-up game
Across Lite a program for solving crossword puzzles online
battalion "Monsters, explosions, senseless destruction." What more need be said?
CGoban an X-based go playable across a network
Crossfire multiplayer graphical arcade and adventure game for X
DOOM for Linux Frequently Asked Questions
Firepower X based tank game playable over the net
iMaze a multi player, real time, 3D, labyrinth, run & shoot game
Inform a free compiler for adventure games, outputs Infocom Z-code
Ishido a strategy game reminiscent of dominoes
KDrill program to help people learn kanji and kana
KOULES multi-player shoot-em-up type game
Maelstrom pilot your ship through the dreaded "Maelstrom" asteroid belt
Mr. Is a version of the Mr. Do game for X [NEW]"
NetBots control robots over a network in an X-based game
NetHack single player dungeon sim, and Qt NetHack NetHack with a Qt interface
Netrek network based StarTrek type space game for X
Oonsoo a solitare card game
OpenCiv a net-aware, X-based clone of Microprose's Civilization
Pente a five-in-a-row strategy board game
Phaserchess a Lesstif version of Compute!'s Laserchess
Smartass a fortune cookie program
SpaceBoom a Linux shoot-em up
Thrust graphical spaceship and cargo game
TREMINGO a java-based word game playable over the net
Virtual Combat a multi-player 3d combat game played over the net
XBattle an two-player X-based wargame played over a network
XBlockOut an interesting, 3-D twist on tetris for X
XBoing a version of Breakout for X
XBomb version of the minesweeper game for X Windows
Xconq an Empire-type strategy game for X
Xearth X window background program
XGalaga Galaxian comes to Linux/X
XONIX a QIX-like game for X
XPilot the X11 based multiplayer space combat game
XSokoban that busy little janitor goes X
Xsnow X app that lets it snow on the root, in between and on windows
XTartan an X-window program to draw Scottish tartans

 Graphics and Image Processing

AC3D a 3D object/scene modeller that can output DIVE
AERO-Animation Editor for Realistic Object movements sim based on rigid body systems
Anthony's Icon Library xpm's and xbm's for Linux and X
BMRT Rendering Tools Blue Moon graphics rendering tools
bomb an interactive graphics program that uses cellular automata and fractals
Dive Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment, net-based multi-user VR system
Giftool add/remove comments, interlace GIF images, batch convert sets of images
GIMP graphics image manipulation program
ICAO Map X-based map generation program utilizing "world files"
ImageMagick an X11 image processing and display package
Megahedron Multifaceted Rendering, Animation, Simulation, and Virtual Reality Software
Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer (POV) ray-traced graphics construction
Pixcon & Anitroll a 3D animation and rendering package
Sceda Scene Editor/Animator X-based 3-D modeller
Tgif an Xlib based interactive 2-D drawing tool for X11
xacte an interactive X window colortable editor
XaoS a real-time interactive fractal zoomer for X or SVGAlib
xfpovray graphical interface to the ray tracing program POV-Ray
XPaint96 a drawing program for X windows
Xtacy displays bouncing shapes, rotating palettes, fractals and more
XV ubiquitous graphics util by John Bradley, and the XV Manual
XVScan Image Aquisition for Linux

 Multimedia Apps

HPAS Hyper Media Presentation and Authoring System for HPA and HTML documents
Internet-Based MPEG A/V Player distributed real-time MPEG video audio player
MetaCard multimedia authoring tool and GUI development environment for Unix/X11
MovieScreamer Digigami streaming QuickTime(tm) Conversion Tool for web and MM [NEW]"
VideoteXt a videotext decoder for Linux
XAnim multi-format animation player
Xmplay X-based MPEG-player and directory browser [NEW]"

 Music and Audio Apps and CD Players

ALMP AWE32 Linux Module Player
aumix an audio mixing program for use from the Linux console, command line or scripts
CaXmix X based mixer that uses the Xforms libraries and widget sets
Ceres Soundstudio 1.0 a multi-track recorder, mixer and effect module
Cthugha an oscilloscope "on acid" program for PC sound cards
ears free code for speech recognition in object-oriented modules [NEW]"
Emacspeak a speech output subsystem for emacs
JAZZ midi sequencer for Linux/X
MikMod For Linux a cross-platform mod player for Linux
MiXViews X based digital sound editor and processor
MMaudio X based audio player supporting .au, .wav, .mpeg and more
NSPmod plays MOD, MTM and S3M music files without DSP
OggSquish general purpose audio compression utility
QAudio provides for simple but useful sound in the Qt GUI Toolkit [NEW]"
RealAudio 2.0 listen to audio over the net in real time
SCCW 1.0 the first CW (Morse Code) program for Linux which uses a soundcard
SoundStudio enables recording, playback and cut & paste editing of sound files
Sox a sound file format converter for Unix [NEW]"
TiMidity a MIDI to WAVE converter that uses GUS-compatible patches
X-CD-Roast cd writer X-frontend to programs like "cdwrite" and "mkisofs"
Xfmix xforms based audio mixer for Linux/X11R6
Xgmod module player with an X interface, requires GUS card and USS/Lite drivers
XMCD CD Player for the X window system using Motif
Xmmix an audio mixer utility for the X window system using the Motif GUI
Xtuner windows front end for the Radio Reveal card
xwave sound editor for X

 Text Editors

CRiSP a very Brief-like text editor
Edith Professional powerful and user-friendly desktop text editing system from ZFC
Elvis an enhanced clone of vi/ex, the standard Unix editor [NEW]"
fe (Folding Editor) small, light on resources outline editor
JED Programmer's Editor freely available text editor for Unix,
MEdit text editor compiled with MGUI for Linux X11. [NEW]"
NEdit a GUI style plain-text editor for X/Motif systems
Scriptum platform-independent GUI programmers editor
SEDIT a Linux port of the SEDIT editor
SlickEdit configurable programmers editor from MicroEdge
VIM the "vi improved" editor
Wily editor which provides much of the feel of Acme in the Unix/X environment
Xcoral an advanced text editor for X-window
XEmacs -- Emacs for X it's not an editor, it's a lifestyle

 Programming Languages

AS31 Assembler cross assembler for the MCS-51(tm) family
awk a special-purpose programming language for data reformatting
BASIC a unix implementation of basic
BETA System o-o language for procedural and functional programming by Mjolner
CMU-Lisp for Linux fully featured lisp, with a very good compiler [NEW]"
Eiffel an advanced object-oriented programming language
Fortran 90 ISO and ANSI standard Fortran 90 compiler and libraries by NAG
FPK-PASCAL free 32-bit Pascal compiler mostly compatible with TP7
g++ the GNU c++ compiler
gcc the GNU C compiler
GCC 2.7.1 with Bounds Checking full fine-grained bounds checking using GCC
GNAT The GNU NYU Ada 9X Translator
GOMscript an interpreter for an object-oriented, C++-like, language
Jacob-Oberon-2 Just A Compiler for OBeron for Linux
Marx a quasi-C interpreter with special extensions to write GUI in X windows
Modula-2 Gardens Point Modula Users Guide and Linux release notes
Modula-3 for Linux very portable implementation of Modula-3
Network BASIC Visual Basic like clone for use over the net
Oberon Gardens Point Oberon Users Guide and Linux release notes
PERL the Practical Extraction and Reporting language
Python an object-oriented scripting language
Sather an oo language designed to be simple, efficient, safe, flexible and open
scotty tcl interpreter supporting TCP, UDP, SNMP, MIB, ICMP and RPC
Sisal a high performance functional language
Smalltalk/X for Linux
S/REXX a port of IBM's REXX language to Linux
Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler develop and maintain 370/390 Assembler programs
Tcl/tk a scripting language and graphical user interface toolkit
XBasic 32-bit BASIC compiler and program development environment
Xi interactive C-like language with vector extensions

 Development Tools

Amulet a portable user interface development environment for C++
ANGOSS Smartware PLUS cross-platform application development suite
Binstats a utility for tracking binary types and dynamic library dependencies
CH a language environment designed to be a superset of C
CodeWizard a comprehensive tool for Code Analysis in C/C++ programs
Ctags (Exuberant) generates an index file of C objects in C source and headers
Cxref produces docs (in LaTeX or HTML) including xref from C source code
Data Display Debugger (DDD) graphical user interface to GDB and DBX
DIOSS X/Motif app development without X/Motif
DOC++ system for generating HTML and LaTeX documentation for C++ programs
Dynace object oriented extension to C from Algorithms Corporation
FELICS licence server for software developers
Fresco object-oriented UI development system, and Linux specific issues
GenX X-based application development system
IDEAFIX set of integrated program development tools and utilities [NEW]"
Insure++ comprehensive tool for error detection in C/C++ programs
LCLint a lint-like tool for ANSI C
Libero a programmer's tool and code generator
Lint (Thinkage) examines C source code and reports on questionable constructs
LXB an X/Motif interactive graphical user interface builder
MrEd GUI development environment using wxWindows within a Scheme implementation
ObjectManual tool to automate generation of HTML documentation from C++ programs
OpenGL 2D and 3D graphics apps development environment from MetroLink
OpenGL for Linux from Evans and Sutherland
Plumber tool used during development to identify memory leaks
PRCS Project Revision Control System
PyXForms a marriage between python and Xforms for GUI app building
Schemacode Schema based knowledge editor for program implementation
Snapix interface and application generator which uses X11 and Motif
SNiFF+ an ide for C, C++, Java, Fortran, CORBA IDL by TakeFive Software
SNiFF+ for EIFFEL a compiler independent Eiffel programming environment
STk R4RS Scheme interpreter which can access the Tk graphical package
TowerEIFFEL oo software development system
Willows Toolkitfor UNIX develop and/or deploy Windows API apps cross platform
Ubiqx Trees binary, AVL height balanced and splay trees
V a freeware portable C++ GUI framework for Windows and X
VBIX run Visual Basic(tm) programs on Unix with Motif look
VCG Visualization of Compiler Graphs reads specification and visualizes graph
Visualization Toolkit (vtk) software system for 3D Computer graphics and visualization
WINTERP 2.0 a rapid prototyping environment for GUI-based apps
wxPython write portable Python programs with a GUI, good for rapid prototyping
wxWindows toolkit for developing multi-platform, graphical applications
XForms a GUI toolkit based on Xlib for X Window Systems
xTech Development System (XDS) portable,featuring Modula-2 and Oberon-2
Xterminal OO UI with client-server architecture for building text-based apps [NEW]"
xwb (X Window Workbench) edit source files of any languages or text processors
xwpe X-based windowed programming environment [NEW]"


Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) o-o network programming toolkit in C++
Bzip a lossless statistical data compressor, uses Burrows-Wheeler
Charting and Table Widgets INT's table and charting tools, EditTable and ChartObject
DLD a library package of C functions that performs "dynamic link editing"
EZWGL Motif-like widgets and OpenGL-like graphics library for X window system [NEW]"
GLE Tubing and Extrusion Library OpenGL based graphics API library [NEW]"
hfloat library package for calcs with fp numbers of extreme precision [NEW]"
Karma a general purpose programmers toolkit library
LAPACK and BLAS for Linux (ELF, g77) FORTRAN library that does linear algebra operations
LessTif Hungry Programmers' version of OSF/Motif
Lib3d high performance 3d library for X windows
LInteger C++ library performs arithmetic on objects representing integers
LinuxThreads Library an implementation of the Posix 1003.1c thread package for Linux
LZO data compression library suitable for data de-/compression in real-time
Mesa 3-D Graphics Library 3-D graphics library with an API very similar to OpenGL
MGUI cross-platform GUI library with a designing tool [NEW]"
MoTeeth 2.0EH (Elf Enhanced) an ELF port of Motif for Linux
Motif 2.0.0 for Linux commercial Motif libraries from MetroLink
ncurses freeware emulation of System V Release 4.0 curses [NEW]"
neXtaw a N*XTSTEP look replacement library for Xaw (the Athena widget set) [NEW]"
Object Access re-usable library routines
POSIX and DCE Threads multithreading libraries based on POSIX.1c
Qplot C graphics library for drawing color plots, displays the window in X
Qt high-performance C++ class library provides GUI API across Win95, NT, UNIX/X
Red Hat Motif 2.0 full 0SF/Motif 2.0 development system from Red Hat
SpriteField Class Set library for moving graphics with Qt (C++, X11)
SPUNK a cross-platform C++ class library for writing textmode applications
Standard Template Library HP's version of the C++ STL for use with g++
SWiM OSF/Motif 2.0 from GUI Corporation
Tix a set of widget extensions for Tcl/Tk [NEW]"
WM_MOTIF Lite MS Windows API user interface functions on Motif
Xaw95 Widgets widget library to give a MS-Win95 like interface
Xaw-Xpm an improved version of Xaw(3d), the standard Athena Widget set. [NEW]"
XPM Format and Library C library and ASCII image format for X Pixmaps
XRT Widgets family of widgets for Motif developers
YACL Yet Another (C++) Class Library
Ygl emulates SGI's GL routines under X11

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Created February 24, 1996