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Subject: COMMERCIAL: Caldera Internet Office Suite 1.0 ships
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INTERNET WORLD, SAN JOSE, Calif.   Apr. 29, 1996   Caldera, Inc., today
began shipping the Caldera Internet Office Suite, a set of mainstream
business applications with added Internet-aware functionality. The suite's
native Linux applications include Corel's WordPerfect 6.0 for UNIX, NCD
Software's Z-mail e-mail package, XESS Software's NExS Spreadsheet, and
Metrolink's Executive Motif Libraries, each ported natively to Caldera's
Linux operating system.

"Caldera is introducing proven, commercial technologies ported to the
Linux operating system that create a low-cost, secure information
environment that takes advantage of the richness of UNIX, the full
communication sharing protocols and services of competitive Internet
and Intranet technologies, and the simplicity of mainstream business
applications," said Bryan Sparks, President of Caldera.

Caldera is providing Linux-based products for commercial usage and
establishing the missing Linux VAR channel and essential business
alliances between the industry's major software vendors. Caldera's
Channel Partners and Independent Vendor Partners are now leveraging
Linux technologies that have been developed and tested for years by the
Internet community.

"During the next two months, dozens of mainstream software vendors will
be releasing newly ported versions of their products based on Caldera's
Linux," said Ransom Love, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for
Caldera. "These companies' products will ship along with Caldera's
products on the Caldera Solutions CD, scheduled to ship in less than
8 weeks."

Products ship on the Caldera Solutions CD as encrypted code that
can be unlocked and installed with encoded "keys" purchased through
Caldera. Customers and Channel Partners can begin with the Caldera Network
Desktop, which includes a comprehensive graphical interface, a complete
Linux operating system with source code, Intranet and network management
tools, and a native Linux version of Netscape Navigator  2.0, the widely
popular client software for enterprise networks and the Internet, with
Java and news reader capabilities. Customers and Channel Partners can
then purchase and unlock from the Caldera Solutions CD those applications
needed for their unique information system. Products on the Caldera
Solutions CD include secure web servers, firewall software, databases,
spreadsheets, word processors, IP/IPX gateways for NetWare networks
(See related joint news release from Caldera, Inc. and JSB Corp. to be
distributed 4/30/96), and many other software solutions.

By placing their products on the Caldera Solutions CD, Caldera's partners
can offer products on the industry's first commodity-priced, UNIX-based
platform. The Caldera Solutions CD will ship inside every box of the
Caldera Network Desktop sold worldwide.

The Caldera Internet Office Suite, the only UNIX business application
suite on the market, will sell for $329, considerably less than
the combined standalone costs of competitive UNIX-based business
applications. Caldera is also shipping WordPerfect and Motif Executive
Libraries as a bundle separate from the Internet Office Suite. The price
for the WordPerfect/Motif bundle is $250.

Technical Support

The Caldera Internet Office Suite products will be technically supported
for a fee via both email and telephone inquiries. Questions submitted via
email will be billed at $10.00 per incident, or as part of a pre-paid
contract. For information about customized service contract, customers
should call (800) 847-7472.  Customers should use the following e-mail
addresses for each individual product:
   NExS Spreadsheet:

Technical support via telephone is available through per-minute,
per-incident and pre-paid options.  Per-minute support is available at
(900) 737-3328 for $1.95/minute. Per-incident support is available at
(800) 847-7472 or (801) 225-3388 for $20.00/incident. For information
about customized pre-paid monthly and annual contracts, customers should
call (800) 847-7472.

Caldera's products ship with online technical support documentation and
help files that can be easily accessed through Netscape's HTML browser,
included in the product. Technical information is also available via
the WWW at http://www/ Customers will receive technical
support for third-party products directly from the vendor who placed
the product on the Caldera Solutions CD.

Internet-Enabled Features of the Caldera Internet Office Suite

The Caldera versions of WordPerfect and NExS assist users in authoring
HTML documents that  can be published directly to the Internet from the
Caldera Network Desktop, sold separately. By using an integrated menu
within WordPerfect, users can easily create HTML documents with embedded
URL hypertext links, allowing users to author complete Web pages that
can be immediately published from the Caldera Network Desktop to the
Internet or private Intranets.

In addition to a full-featured GUI, the NExS Spreadsheet allows users
to update cells remotely from another workstation in a workgroup or
from any workstation around the world via the Internet. Users can also
import and export Lotus 1-2-3 files. The ability to update information
on-the-fly allows organizations to have instantaneous access to data. NExS
also enables users to export tables in HTML so they can be immediately
accessed via the Internet or within a private Intranet.

Z-mail provides full SMTP and MIME type support for Internet and Intranet
distributed e-mail, allowing users to easily interact with the Internet
as if it were simply an extension of a local network.

All of the applications in the Caldera Internet Office Suite are
dynamically linked to the included Motif libraries, resulting in improved
performance and usability. Caldera suggests that customers run the
Caldera Internet Office Suite using 16 MB of RAM. The full suite uses
90 MB of hard disk space.

The Caldera Linux Operating System

Caldera's mission includes creating the products, alliances, VAR
channel, ISV channel, technical support programs and corporate
accountability necessary for an emerging technology to obtain
widespread implementation in the business environment. Using Linux,
Caldera has a solid start. Mirai, a Chicago-based consulting company,
polled Webmasters worldwide in 1995 and found that nine percent of
World Wide Web servers were running on the Linux operating system
( This places Linux second only to Sun
technologies as a UNIX Web server platform.

Caldera has created a solid foundation on which third party developers
can successfully design, develop, distribute or employ services that meet
the needs of the expanding market with low product costs for consumers.

Caldera, Inc., a privately held company established in 1994, empowers
the Internet community, developers, OEMs, channel partners, ISVs,
industry partners, consultants and end-users to collaborate, innovate,
build and deliver meaningful computing alternatives based on Linux to
the business community.  Caldera is at or (801)
229-1675. For orders and information call (800) 850-7779.


Caldera is a registered trademark; and Network Desktop, Caldera Internet
Office Suite, and Caldera Solutions CD are trademarks of Caldera,
Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark of X/Open. Windows and Windows NT
are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Netscape Communications,
the Netscape Communications logo, Netscape, and Netscape Navigator are
trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation.

Caldera Press Contact:

Lyle Ball, Senior Manager, Public Relations, tel: (801) 229-1675 x305

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