970905   VA Research Ships First Dual 300MHz Pentium II Linux Systems

990204   Dell throws (Red) Hat into Linux Ring
990302   Compaq Offers Linux-ready ProLiant Servers, AlphaServers and Workstations
990406   Red Hat and Dell Expand Partnership to Accelerate Linux Success
990426   Dell Announces Factory-Installation of Red Hat Linux 6.0
990526   Dell Broadens Linux Offering
990608   Compaq and Red Hat Unveil Linux-Ready Desktop PCs and Workstations
990907   Gateway Joins Red Hat Reseller Program
990928   VA Linux Systems Launches Professional Services Group
991018   Red Hat and Compaq Partner to Provide Worldwide Enterprise Support
991206   Red Hat and Dell Extend Strategic Alliance
991209   VA Linux Systems Announces Initial Public Offering  More

000403   Red Hat Linux 6.2 Available for Compaq Customers
000405   Red Hat Linux Powers New Dell PowerApp.Web Appliance Servers
000620   Dell and Red Hat Form 'One Source Alliance' for Linux Systems and Services
000814   Compaq Delivers Expanded Linux Server and Desktop Solutions for Demanding Apps
001121   Compaq Offers ProLiant Servers Pre-installed with Red Hat 7.0
001127   Red Hat Linux 7 Available for Compaq Alpha
001214   Turbolinux Signs Global OEM Distribution Contract with Compaq

010131   Compaq Broadens Linux Solutions
010419   Compaq to Offer Linux Advanced Developer's Kit for AlphaServer GS Series Systems
010618   Compaq Announces Linux Initiatives and Extends Commitment to Open Source
010621   Red Hat Linux 7.1 With 2.4 Kernel Available for Compaq Alpha Server Systems

020108   Red Hat Announces Port of Red Hat Linux 7.2 to Compaq's Alpha Processors
020605   Dell, Oracle and Red Hat Deliver Business-Critical Linux Solutions for the Enterprise