Linux Scalability Project

Status report for July and August 1999

Center for Information Technology Integration
School of Information at the University of Michigan

The primary goal of this research is to improve the scalability and robustness of the Linux operating system to support greater network server workloads more reliably. We are specifically interested in single-system scalability, performance, and reliability of network server infrastructure products running on Linux, such as LDAP directory servers, IMAP electronic mail servers, and web servers, among others.


We focused on building our web server test harness during the last two months. We've been joined by new staff and new sponsors. We're continuing to reach out to potential sponsors. Work continues on long-term projects.



The Dangers of Growing Linux Market Share

Recently, published an "Open Letter to Red Hat and Robert Young," written by Robert W. Current. I think it raises some interesting points, so here it is [].

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