1994-07-21   S.u.S.E. Linux 1.0.9

1997-05-04   S.u.S.E. Linux 4.4.1 Now Available in Full English Version
1997-07-31   S.u.S.E. Linux 5.0  More

1999-04-05   SuSE Linux 6.0

2000-02-07   Sybase SQL Server will not boot on SUSE 6.3
2000-07-31   SuSE Version 7.0

2001-06-15   SUSE ships SUSE LINUX 7.2 for Intel/AMD Systems  More

2001-10-30   SuSE Linux Announces Distribution Agreement For IBM Software on Linux  More

2002-03-13   SuSE Linux 8.0
2002-10-29   SUSE Linux Develops Linux Desktops for Enterprises

2003-03-12   SUSE Linux Introduces New Linux Version for Home Users
2003-06-09   SUSE Linux announces First Linux Desktop for Enterprises
2003-07-15   Microtel to bundle SUSE Linus for Walmart.com
2003-09-30   SUSE Linux 9.0
2003-11-04   Novell Announces Agreement to Acquire SUSE

2004-01-13   Novell Completes Acquisition of SUSE
2004-03-18   Novell Releases First Commercial Linux Featuring 2.6 Kernel
2004-10-06   SUSE Linux Professional 9.2

2005-02-15   IBM, Novell Complete Higher Level of Security Certification Evaluation for SUSE LINUX
2005-08-09   Novell Expands Worldwide Availability of Linux with the Launch of the openSUSE Project
2005-09-07   SUSE Linux 10.0

2006-07-17   SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
2006-08-10   Novell Renames Community Linux Distribution 'openSUSE'
2006-10-18   Novell Delivers Integrated Stack for SUSE Linux Enterprise Built with Systems from IBM