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Linux Mint's purpose is to produce an elegant, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution.

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Linux Mint is one of the surprise packages of the past year. Originally launched as a variant of Ubuntu with integrated media codecs, it has now developed into one of the most user-friendly distributions on the market - complete with a custom desktop and menus, several unique configuration tools, a web-based package installation interface, and a number of different editions. Perhaps most importantly, this is one project where the developers and users are in constant interaction, resulting in dramatic, user-driven improvements with every new release. DistroWatch has spoken to the founder and lead developer of Linux Mint, Clement Lefebvre, about the history of the distribution.

Some of the reasons for the success of Linux Mint are:

Meet the Team

{clem} Clement Lefebvre


I started using Linux in 1996. It was Slackware and I was quite happy with it. I learnt a lot about the internals of the system thanks to that distribution. A few years later more and more distributions became available and at the same time people started to get fast Internet at home with faster and faster download speeds. So I started distro-hopping... a lot :) I enjoyed many different distributions and for different reasons.

As I became more experienced with Linux I started asking myself how I could contribute back. I spent a lot of time helping out on different IRC channels and writing tutorials and reviews on the web. Eventually I even got paid for it and started writing for (you can still read some of my contributions here). I specialized more and more on distribution reviews and after a while I became expert (or so I thought anyway :)) at seeing pros and cons in each one of them.

Looking at all the other distributions, I got a very precise idea of how I would make the perfect desktop if I was to do it myself. And because everything is easy when you're having fun, it wasn't long until I was producing my first ISO files.



KDE Community Edition Maintainer

He is an Unix/Linux Administrator.


XFCE Community Edition Maintainer

He is interested in Science & Technology.


mintMenu Lead Developer


mintServe Lead Developer

{Facade47} Shamus S.

.mint file Maintainer

I'm a 19 year old college student in the U.S. studying Computer Science.

Website and Design

{carlos} Carlos Porto

Web Designer and Artist

I'm a Web Designer by trade and designer by hobby (well at least nowadays). I got my start with linux when randomly finding the Linux Action Show [ ] Podcast. I was one of their early listeners (episode 2, to be exact), they were funny and quite witty. I figured I would learn something from them just by osmosis. Someone on the Linux Action Show forum recommended Mint as friendly distro that was great for linux beginners. Well a couple of weeks later I got an franken dell (a dell laptop hobbled together with spare parts from different laptop models). I installed mint and was really impressed. It looked nice had all the applications that I needed and it was fast. Later on I was able to install beryl and had desktop candy nirvana

I was so impressed with Mint, I wanted to contribute the only way I knew how, by designing something. I made a couple of wallpapers that I submitted in the forum. I received alot of great feedback and support for more, so I created a couple of others that where included in the Bianca release.

Shortly after that I felt that Linux Mint needed to step up and come out. The logo at the time while very nice, was a spin off of Ubuntu's logo. Mint was growing and changing so much that it needed to differentiate itself. After a long month of research and experimentation, I created a new logo and website design. Alot of the forum members liked it, but initially Clem wasn't completely sold. After some time the Logo War (a shoot out of various logos) was started and the community eventually chose the logo you see now, I am forever grateful to the community for having chosen it (also, I think it grew on Clem and of course, he loves it now). With a new logo in hand, the official symbol for Linux Mint was created.

Now I've been spending time improving the Linux Mint website. Every so often I hope to contribute more artwork and help the talented artist's of Linux Mint. I plan on being here for the long haul, so I can help make the future of Mint look bright and green.

{d00p} Michael Kaufmann

Server Admin, Host

I'm a software-developer.

Running my own hosting-corporation: and

{verdegal37} Agustin J. Verdegal T


{Ede} Endre Hoel

Webcat and mintMag Chief Editor

Endre, while young and dreamy, is still down and jiggy with it. Even though he's young in age, he loves retro-stuff, especially 80's music. He likes cats and is severely addicted to classic Coca Cola. When he's not at a russian bar dancing to chiptunes, or practicing at the shooting-range, he's probably in front of his computer, doing computerly things.


{husse} Mats Geier


You know me as forum moderator. My story with computers begun in the mid seventies. I took a one year universitiy course in "computer science" so I have programmed and run the programs from punch cards on an IBM 360 or 370 I eventually graduated with political economy as the other main subject. Some of the programming I learnt is still useful (matrix). I never followed the route of computer then.

In the mid eighties I took some courses to become a social worker, but that was not my cup of tea. In the late eighties I had a small catering firm but that only lasted for a couple of years.

I got a computer as a gift for my fiftieth birthday and I was hooked on computers. Shortly after I started a small mail order company to sell computers and computer parts together with my stepson who gave me the computer. It lasted between February 1998 and Oktober 2005. Then over night sales completely vanished - a site that lots of visitors came through changed it's ways and we lost almost all sales that way.

I learned lots about hardware, but also software as I had to sort out software failure from hardware failure, so I became quite good at Windows.

Now and then I checked in on Linux but found it to geeky even for a geek. When Vista arrived and I realized that XP would not be maintained for ever I checked out Linux again. I found Ubuntu and Mint and saw that it was not some geeky command line only story any more. And now I'm here

{maty1206} Marvin Ortega Chacón

Moderator and E17 Community Edition Maintainer
Costa Rica

Desde el 2007 comencé mi travesía por GNU/Linux. Antes de conocer Linux solía usar Windows como sistema operativo en mi pc. Siempre tuve dificultades para comprar las licencias de programas ( por motivos económicos) que me permitieran realizar mis labores de estudio (tareas, trabajos de investigación, hojas de cálculo, presentaciones de diapositivas), así como aplicaciones para multimedia que me permitieran administrar mi colección de música y vídeos.

Desde entonces me pasé a GNU/Linux, en donde la primer distro que utilicé fue OpenSuse 10.2, luego conocí a Ubuntu 7.04 , para que al final me llegara a enamorar de Linux Mint 3.0

Gracias a Mint logré configurar mi hardware de manera sencilla, el soporte multimedia es 100% compatible, y las herramientas únicas de Linux Mint me hacen la vida más sencilla y simple.

En verdad he aprendido mucho de este nuevo mundo gracias a esta distro amigable - con -el - usuario

Actualmente, soy el moderador de la comunidad en español de Mint, la cual es un subforo dedicado a solucionar problemas, dudas, sugerencias, comentarios, de los usuarios hispanos, así como cualquier otro hablante de la legua castellana. Además, todas las novedades y actualizaciones de Mint están disponibles en esta comunidad.

La comunidad en español es la segunda comunidad más activa de Mint (la primera es la de habla inglesa), por lo que podrás encontrar amigos y compañeros dispuestos a ayudarte en todo lo que sea necesario las veces que se sean necesarias.

Los invito a unirse a nuestra comunidad:

Finalmente, estoy terminando de estudiar la estructura del ambiente E17 para darle auge a una nueva edición de Mint.

Pronto tendremos grandes novedades...

Bienvenidos al mundo mentolado, lleno de frescura y elegancia.


{Az Van} Wes

I'm a systems engineer living in Phoenix Arizona. In the last year I've become what I suppose you would call a Linux distribution enthusiast. However, after reading many reviews and analyzing many Linux desktop environments, I found Linux Mint, and made it my primary operating system.

I've made the commitment to support the Linux Mint distribution, because I believe its desktop environment is the best all around application that I've had the pleasure to use. And that is without making a distinction regarding the operating system. You can spend a great deal of money on an OS with a desktop environment that in my humble opinion isn't as good as the one offered for free by Linux Mint. Supporting Linux Mint through donations and spreading the word about this easy to use desktop environment, is my chance to give back.

I like the Linux Mint slogan: from freedom came elegance. The word elegance is naturally tied to the word freedom. The Linux Mint community understands that a restrictive environment can impede creativity. The slogan therefore adheres to the free collaborative environment that I witness as a member of the Linux Mint community. The results are in fact elegant.

I truly hope that you will try Linux Mint.

{AlsaPhil} Philippe Lotz

{Adler} John Macey

I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Just typing that sounds Cool! Then, raised in New Jersey, but grew up in Europe. Then went to Asia, and ended up in Arizona. Let me explain.

I then went to a University in Philadelphia, Saint Joseph's. I graduated with a degree in Biology.Had my counselor told me to take another course -- Physical Chemistry -- I could have graduated in both Biology and Chemistry. Dual Degrees! Cool! As it stands -- I am a Bio-Chemist. I've a few degrees in nothing really useful, so I took my show on the road. LOL!

First stop Germany, then Holland back to Germany, then a short while in Sweden. All of this was to make my degree useful. So far so good. Meanwhile, my travels have taken me to over 80+ counties around the Globe, and I did grow up Internationally.

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