Best distro for the desktop PC

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

March 4th, 2007

OK, I'm getting ready to try Linux on one of my desktop PCs and rather than choose a distro myself I thought I'd let you choose it for me.

The question is simple - which distro should I choose for a desktop system?

Which distro should I choose for a desktop system?

I think I've entered into the poll all the most popular options from the previous post!

BTW, I want to give you some insight into how I plan of embarking on this experience. First off, will be Linux in a virtual PC, then on some of the hardware systems I have here. Then I'll move on to (hopefully - maybe I'll get a loaner system) looking at some pre-built systems and then build a Linux system. I'm also going to try a number of distros - this poll is just for the first one.

My focus for this experience is going to be two-fold. Looking at how hardware behaves under Linux (here I'm going to be honest about the ups and downs I encounter) plus how I feel about Linux. The feelings part is going to be based on personal experience and again honest - but I don't expect everyone to agree with me here ;-).

Should be fun!

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