Linux Mint 2.0 "Barbara"

November 13, 2006

This release is based on Ubuntu 6.10 and uses the Ubuntu installer. 

The desktop is Gnome 2.16.1 and the kernel is 2.6.17.


Barbara comes with the following plugins:
- Macromedia Flash 9 beta
- Sun Java 1.5 Update 9
- Realplayer 10

Support for MP3, Windows and various codecs, encrypted DVDs is installed by default.


Barbara comes with Amarok 1.4.4 instead of Rhythmbox.


The default artwork is a blue version of the "Human" theme. 

Linux Mint 2.1 "Bea"

December 20, 2006

Release Notes

Happy Christmas! Linux Mint 2.1 codename "Bea" is out and available for download :)

Many thanks to all the people who contributed to the project and to the users who posted their feedback and suggestions on the forums. Bea is a huge step forward and comes with a lot of changes compared to the last release.

New Software

Two new applications made their way into Linux Mint:

Better desktop

This is probably the biggest improvement in Bea: A brand new desktop. Linux Mint 2.1 comes with mintDesktop, which adds a lot of desktop improvements:

Better Wifi support

Bea comes with mintWifi, which purpose is to allow you to configure your wireless card without an Internet connection. mintWifi comes with the following: Better branding Better Web browsing

Web browsing was good in Barbara, but as some of you pointed out, it wasn't good enough: And a few surprises...

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