Development Release: Linux Mint 1.0 "Ada" BETA 007

By root

August 30, 2006

Linux Mint 1.0 "Ada" BETA 007 has been released and is available for download here:

It includes KDE 3.5.4, Koffice 1.5.2, AmaroK 1.4.1 and Firefox and it uses a kernel, Xorg 7.0 and gcc 4.0.3.

The installer doesn't provide much functionality and some manual post-install configuration might be necessary due to the way the installer sets up Grub (in other words, if you're not installing into hda1, you're more likely to have to fix your boot yourself.). This will be addressed and solved in the next development release.

The Live CD works fine and features improved artwork, a nice and up to date selection of packages and multimedia support for most restricted formats.

Linux Mint Releases

By root

August 29, 2006

Version Branch Codename Release Date Based on Download Locations
1.0-BETA007 development Ada 27/08/2006 Kubuntu 6.06 (dapper)

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