Linux-Mandrake Corporate Server 1.0 Immediately Available for Download

Pasadena, September 4, 2000 - Beginning today, the Linux-Mandrake Corporate Server 1.0 for Intel, SPARCTM and UltraSPARCTM / Sun processors is available via different Internet servers [ ].

"Our Linux-Mandrake Corporate Server 1.0 version provides the ideal operating system for the majority of needs of the enterprise. With the innovations in the fields of configuration, administration, ergonomics and utilization, Linux-Mandrake has every chance to become the standard for the Linux system in the enterprise", says Henri Poole, Chief Executive Officer of MandrakeSoft.

Summary of the specifics of Corporate Server 1.0:

Based on Linux-Mandrake 7.1, the Corporate Server 1.0 version, delivered with the source code, possesses the same qualities that have made previous MandrakeSoft versions so successful: power, stability, ease of installation and ease of use. In addition, it brings new capabilities for configuring a server.

This professional version is designed to manage the extensive functions of enterprise-level computing systems including the correct placement of the operating system, the proper installation and configuration of a Web server, a message server and a print file server as well as an ensemble of other services and tools for network administration. 

Server management is optimized by:

The primary innovations are: About MandrakeSoft

MandrakeSoft publishes the Linux-Mandrake operating system based on open-source development (which provides free access to source code published in accordance with a General Public License, or GPL). Several hundred developers throughout the world contribute to the continuous improvement of the distribution product directly over the Internet. This international developer community has given Linux-Mandrake a product that is available in over 40 languages.

Linux-Mandrake is a complete system with a choice of several powerful, pre-configured graphic interfaces (notably the leaders KDE and Gnome), as well as more than 1,700 applications including Netscape Communicator, StarOffice suite, and the Apache Web server.

In a testament to its success, MandrakeSoft received the awards for "Best Product of the Year" and "Best Linux-Distribution/Server" at LinuxWorld Expo 99, and the PC Answers Platinum Award in April 2000. The company has signed a strategic partnership with the American publisher Macmillan, and a distribution agreement with Kasper in Europe.

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