MacMillan Captures 52% of Linux Retail Sales for August '99

Complete Linux 6.0 Only Linux Title in Business Software Top 20

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana - October 27, 1999 - Macmillan USA continued to dominate the Linux retail software sales in August for the second consecutive month. According to figures from PC Data, ( ), Macmillan accounted for 52% of total Linux software units sold at retail, up from 51% in July. In addition, Macmillan's best selling package, Complete Linux 6.0, was the only Linux product to rank in PC Data's top 20 list of best selling business software (at #14).

While other individual Linux distributors experienced a slight drop in sales for August, Macmillan saw a 21% jump in total volume. "These results confirm that Linux is not just a niche product, but has become a viable alternative in the mainstream operating system marketplace," said Lyn Blake, Macmillan's vice president of sales. "As a publishing company, Macmillan's strength lies in our retail distribution channels-opening the markets and providing the information that consumers want in the formats they demand."

Linux is nothing new to Macmillan. The company has been selling Linux books for the past five years and software for almost three years. "Linux has long been a major focus for us," stated Lynn Zingraf, vice president of Macmillan Software. "We have targeted our Linux software line toward the end-users-those people who have heard about the open-source phenomenon and want to experiment with it for themselves."

Zingraf notes that not only is Macmillan pleased with its standing at retail, but they are particularly proud of the partnerships they are building within the Linux community. "Through our LPI sponsorship and by participating with endeavors such as the Internet Software Consortium and the Xfree86 Project, Macmillan is active in giving back to the Linux community to help support the open source movement," Zingraf said.

In June of 1999, launching its new Linux software line (based around the Mandrake distribution) which consisted of packages scaled to the entry-level user, Macmillan turned what was a small but popular distribution into a widespread competitive product. In late September, Macmillan released Complete Linux 6.5, and Deluxe Linux 6.5, based on the latest Mandrake distribution update, adding value with the award-winning applications Partition Magic and Boot Magic-plus 24-hour e-mail customer support from LinuxCare.

In addition to the operating system product-line, Macmillan Software offers a variety of additional Linux-based products, such as Oracl8i, BRU-Personal Edition, Linux Utilities, and Maximum Security Linux.

ABOUT MACMILLAN USA Macmillan USA is the world's largest computer book publisher and third largest publisher of operating systems. As one of the industry's leading innovators in both print and digital formats, Macmillan's book imprints include Que, Sams, Hayden, Lycos Press, Alpha, BradyGAMES Strategy Guides, Complete Idiot's Guides, and Waite Group Press. Macmillan's digital divisions include Macmillan Software and InformIT. Macmillan USA is an operating unit of Pearson Education, the world's leading education publisher.