Linux-Mandrake 6.1 (Helios) is released.

                  Sep, 17 1999


 We are very pleased to announce the new version of the Linux
distribution that won the "Product of the year" award at LinuxWorld
Expo'99. Linux-Mandrake 6.1 (Helios), the first Linux distribution
to include the new XFree 3.3.5 and KDE1.1.2, is available.
This is the latest release of our user-friendly and flexible desktop
Linux-based operating system. It is currently available for download
via FTP, in both traditional and iso-image formats.

o Introduction

Thanks to our dedicated staff and the Linux community, this new
release of Linux-Mandrake takes an important step on our way to make Linux
distributions better, faster and easier-to-use.

o Linux-Mandrake 6.1 features

Core system

 - Linux-Kernel: 2.2.13 (pre4)
 - XFree86: 3.3.5
 - Glibc: 2.1.1
 - RPM: 3.0.3
 - Bash: 2.03  
 - KDE: 1.1.2 [with Linux-Mandrake customization]
 - Gnome: built from 1.0.4->1.0.14 versions [with Mandrake
 - Enlightenment 0.16-dev5, Windowmaker 0.60, AfterStep 1.7.111, XFCE
   3.0.2, IceWM 0.9.48
 - Apache 1.3.9 with useful modules (PHP3, Perl, Midgard, MySQL,
   PGSQL...), pluggable with cryptographic extensions available from
   several unrestricted FTP servers.

All packages have been compiled with CPU optimizations for
pentium-class (intel, amd, cyrix, winchip...) and higher processors
resulting in speed improvements up to 30%.

Improvements and add-ons

 - Most packages are updated to their latest stable versions. 
 - Many supplementary KDE apps and Gnome apps like kdevelop, klilo,
 - Linux-Mandrake customized Apache 1.3.9
 - MySQL 3.20 (GPL) + 3.22 (not to be resold).
 - Enlightenment 0.16 development version 5. many new features such
   as, Window grouping, Full pager support, Preliminary KDE compliance.
 - XFCE 3.0.2 is now part of the distribution.
 - Linux-Mandrake customized XFree 3.3.5 with support for new encodings
   (Armenian, Ukrainian, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, Georgian...)
 - Linux-Mandrake optimized X-TT/FreeType server.
 - More complete and generally improved internationalization (Japanese
   TT fonts, more man-pages, more ispell dictionaries...).
 - Easier access to Dos/Windows(tm) partitions.
 - Enhanced documentation.
 - All current bug/security fixes.

Mandrake still features:

 - Creation of an user account during installation
 - Graphics tests while installation, permitting to boot directly in
   graphical mode.
 - Improved hardware support (ISDN, CD-Writers, Windows(tm) keys).
 - CD-ROM and Floppy-disks can be mounted by non privileged users,
   just by typing "mount /mnt/cdrom" or clicking on the CD-ROM icon.
 - Multiple graphical desktops choice: KDE, Gnome, AfterStep,
   WindowMaker, XFCE and IceWM (with session choice in KDM/GDM).
 - Scalable fonts support in all X applications and for printing (with
   ready-to-use True Type(tm) fonts provided).
 - Linux-Mandrake KDE and Gnome customization, with preconfigured desktop.
 - Many KDE themes available.
 - Better accents (and special characters management under X and
 - Better locale man-pages management and displaying, following the
   $LANG environment variable.
 - Easy automatic distribution update system from the graphical
 - Applications such as Wine, Postfix...

 o Compatibility

 Linux-Mandrake is compatible with Red Hat(tm) Linux. This means that
you can install any RPM package made for Red Hat in Linux-Mandrake.



 Linux-Mandrake 6.0 has won two LinuxWorld Editors' Choice Awards and a
 runner up at LinuxWorld Expo, San Jose, CA in August 1999:
  * Best Linux Product of the Year.
  * Best Distribution/Server.
  * finalist for Best Distribution/Client.

What is Linux-Mandrake?

 Linux-Mandrake is inspired by Red Hat(tm) Linux, with many
 improvements and pre-configured applications which make it easier to
 use for the beginners, and faster for everyone.

Main goals of this new distribution:

 - We want to provide a working and easy-to-install Linux distribution
 for people who do not want to spend too much time on installation and
 configuration of their Linux system, while still being configurable
 for experts. Just install Linux-Mandrake and USE IT!

 - We want to provide a very attractive, easy-to-use, Linux System for
 both, novices and experts alike.

 - We want to provide a rock-stable and fast Linux server system with
 many features for Internet servers.

 - We want to provide a very attractive distribution in a well-known
 linux environment (Red Hat Linux).
Previous versions:

 - Linux-Mandrake 5.1 (Venice)
 - Linux-Mandrake 5.2 (Leeloo)
 - Linux-Mandrake 5.3 (Festen)
 - Linux-Mandrake 6.0 (Venus)

Current version:

 - Linux-Mandrake 6.1 (Helios)



`PC-Expert' (french ZD-Net publication): Mandrake: "currently the best

`PC-Magazin' (Germany - issue April99): "Mandrake earns a big point
for their intelligent configuration of KDE."

"The best Distribution of Linux  available" -- Reviews' R' Us.

"I really like Mandrake" -- Nicholas Petreley

"For ease of getting started, I recommend Mandrake" -- Christian
Computing Magazine

"You can't go wrong buying Mandrake; it is an excellent Linux
distribution, and I suspect I will keep using it as a desktop OS" --
CPU Review