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Subject: Linux-Mandrake 6.0 (Venus) available
Date: Tue,  1 Jun 1999 20:53:40 GMT
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           L I N U X   M A N D R A K E

      "The User-Friendly Linux Distribution"

		A N N O U N C E S:

	Linux-Mandrake 6.0 (Venus) released.

		  May, 27 1999


 We are very pleased to announce that Linux-Mandrake 6.0 (Venus) is
released.  This is the latest release of our user-friendly and
flexible desktop Linux-based operating system. It is currently
available for download via FTP, in both traditional and iso9660 image
formats.  The latter can be burned directly onto a CDROM.

o Introduction

Thanks to our growing team and the recent merge with BeroLinux, this
new release of Mandrake is an important step in our way to make Linux
distributions better, faster and easier-to-use. 

Here are the new features...

o Mandrake 6.0 features

Core system
- -----------

 - Linux-Kernel: 2.2.9
 - XFree86:
 - Glibc: 2.1.1
 - RPM: 3.0.1
 - Bash: 2.03	
 - KDE: 1.1.1 [with Mandrake customization]
 - Gnome: built from 1.0.4->1.0.9 versions
 - Windowmaker: 0.52
 - AfterStep: 1.7.90
 - all packages have been recompiled with CPU optimizations for
pentium-class (intel, amd, cyrix, winship...) and higher processors:
makes your system 5-30% faster!
 - Ultra-DMA IDE hard-drives speed optimization	

Improvements and add-ons
- ------------------------

 - installation procedure in many languages (several boot images, 21
 - creation of a non-privileged user when installing
 - X test while installation, permitting to boot directly into X when
it's finished	
 - improved hardware support (ISDN, CD-Writers, PC-Speaker driver,
Windows(tm) keys)
 - CD-ROM and Floppy-disks can be mounted by non privileged users,
just by typing "mount /mnt/cdrom" or clicking on the CD-ROM icon
 - multiple graphical interfaces choice: KDE, Gnome, AfterStep,
WindowMaker, IceWM with session choice in KDM/GDM 
 - scalable fonts support in all X applications and for printing (with
ready-to-use True Type(tm) fonts provided)
 - KDE and Gnome languages follows installation language
 - many KDE themes available
 - Mandrake KDE customization, with preconfigured desktop
 - easy printing under KDE by dragging and dropping documents onto the
printer icon
 - Power-saving management control under KDE
 - laptop control under KDE
 - better accents (and special characters management under X and
 - better locale man-pages management and displaying, following the
$LANG environment variable
 - easy automatic distribution update system from the graphical
 - saving diskspace (bzip2'ed man pages, ext2compr support in
 - SVGALib support for all VESA 2.0 compliant VGA cards
 - many bug/security fixes

- ------------

 - many supplementary KDE apps and Gnome apps like ktop, kvirc,
knetmon, kpackage, , klyx, gaddr, gtkzip...
 - Office extensions (Killustrator, Gnumeric, Maxwell, Check Book
Balancer, sane-1.0.1...)	
 - BeroFTPD (with easy configuration from kBeroFTPD), BeroList
 - Netscape 4.6 with optimized keyboards-shortcuts and flash(tm)
 - Gimp 1.0.4
 - Apache 1.3.6 with PHP integrated
 - Wine 990518
 - XEmacs 20.4
 - Postfix [sendmail installed by default]

 o Compatibility

 Linux-Mandrake is 99% compatible with Red Hat(tm) Linux 6.0. This
means that you can install any RPM package made for Red Hat 6.0 in

- -------------------------------------------------------------

- -------------------------------------------------------------

What is Linux-Mandrake exactly?
- ------------------------------

 Linux-Mandrake is inspired by Red Hat Linux, with many improvements
and pre-configured applications which make it easier to use for the

Main goals of this new distribution:
- -----------------------------------

 - we wish to provide a working and easy-to-install Linux distribution
for people who do not want to spend too much time on installation and
configuration of their Linux system, while still being configurable
for experts. Just install Mandrake and USE IT!

 - we wish to provide a very attractive, easy-to-use, Linux System for
both newbies to computers and people who are already experts.

- - we wish to provide a rock-stable and fast Linux server system with
many features for Internet servers

 - we wish to provide a very attractive distribution in a well-known
linux environment (Red Hat Linux)
Previous versions:
- -----------------

- - Mandrake 5.1 (Venice) 
- - Mandrake 5.2 (Leeloo)
- - Mandrake 5.3 (Festen) 

Current version:
- ---------------

- - Mandrake 6.0 (Venus)

- --------------------------------------------------

- --------------

`PC-Expert' (french ZD-Net publication): Mandrake: "currently the
best distribution"!! 

`PC-Magazin' (Germany - issue April99): "Mandrake earns a big point
for their intelligent configuration of KDE." 

- --------------------------------------------------

- ----------------END-------------------------------

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