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Subject: COMMERCIAL: Caldera OpenLinux 2.2 Available
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 19:57:26 GMT
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                Linux Mall Announcement:
          Caldera OpenLinux 2.2 Now Available    Date: 5/12/99

Caldera has gone gonzo with GUI in the latest version of OpenLinux. Version
2.2 unleashes the Lizard (LInux wiZARD) enhanced installation utility.
Caldera's Lizard is an entirely graphical setup program that autoprobes your
system to detect your hardware, making this Linux distribution a snap to

What if you already have Windows on your machine? No problem. OpenLinux 2.2
comes with a special edition of Partition Magic that helps you get your hard
drive ready for Linux while you're in Windows. It doesn't get much easier
than this! BootMagic is also included to make dual-booting painless.

Of course, installation isn't everything. OpenLinux 2.2 comes with
WordPerfect 8 Download Edition, StarOffice 5.0 Personal Edition, Netscape
Communicator 4.51, the KDE desktop manager, and a slew of other productivity
software. Not to mention all the normal networking, development and apps
that you'd expect with a Linux distribution.

True to its name, OpenLinux 2.2 is based on the 2.2.x version of the Linux
Kernel. This release supports larger hard drives, enhanced RAID support, a
wider variety of sound cards, up to 16 processors and more. You also get
power management for laptops, ability to read NTFS and FAT32, glibc support
with libc5 for backward compatibility and higher transfer rates for modems
than ever before. There are too many new features to list here - check out
the full list at

                     Learn more about Caldera OpenLinux:

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