Pacific HiTech, Inc. Announces TurboLinux 1.0

September 1997

TurboLinux 1.0, Pacific HiTech's new Linux distribution, is now available for i386 systems.  Linux is an efficient operating system which takes full advantage of current computer hardware platforms.  This distribution is designed to benefit both the advanced and novice users by providing easy installation and powerful configuration tools.  A Japanese i386 version will be available in November, 1997.  PowerPC versions (both English and Japanese) are coming soon.

Please visit the TurboLinux web site for more information, or to submit comments [ ].

TurboLinux Features:

Other Features:

System Requirements for i386:

Software Distribution Note:

Due to copyright restrictions and international law, the following packages will NOT appear on the CD-ROM version of TurboLinux:

However, these packages can be downloaded and installed through the TurboLinux Automatic Package Update system.

Contact Information

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Technical Support: (801) 261-1024
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Pacific HiTech, Inc. Japan
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