Caldera OpenLinux Standard

Caldera OpenLinux™ Standard 1.1 is shipping May 5, 1997. OpenLinux™ Standard 1.1 is a complete Internet/Intranet client and server solution with tools like Netscape FastTrack commercial Web server with a full NetWare NDS client to connect and extend all your existing systems to the world.

OpenLinux Standard 1.1 provides unparalleled interconnectivity solutions for small, medium and enterprise companies who need to protect their investment in existing systems while extending these systems to connect to the Internet, each other and/or the home. OpenLinux provides a complete Internet infrastructure combined with client and server functionality for Windows for Workgroups, and UNIX environments with full client conectivity to NetWare 3.x, 4.x and IntranetWare environments. OpenLinux Standard includes:


Caldera OpenLinux Standard 1.1 will begin shipping on May 5th. Localized versions will follow. OpenLinux Standard will be sold through Caldera's existing reseller channel.


The following prices and promotions are for the U.S. and Canada. Prices may vary in other countries and territories. OpenLinux Standard 1.1 will be sold for $399.00 US. Beginning on May 5th, OpenLinux Standard will be available to registered Caldera Network Desktop customers for $59.00 U.S. until June 15, 1997. For registered OpenLinux Base customers, the upgrade price will be $99.00 U.S. until June 15, 1997. A promotional price of $299.00 U.S. will also be available for all new customers until June 15, 1997. After June 15, 1997, the upgrade price from registered Caldera Network Desktop and OpenLinux Base customers will be $299.00 U.S in the U.S. and Canada.