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Date: Wed, 01 Nov 95 19:00:20 GMT
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                              Linux-FT joins X/Open

	This is a *MAJOR* and long overdue step forward for Linux. 

The group developing Linux-FT have joined X/Open, the international open 
systems standards organization wich manages the Single UNIX Specification 
and licenses the UNIX trademark.

	"Independant Software Vendors are often nervous about porting their
	 products to Linux due to the perceived lack of standardisation and 
         concerns about support and stability. X/Open membership demonstrates a 
         commitment to Conformance, Standards and Stability which has been 
         unachievable in the past and is a significant step towards proving
	 that Linux is a viable and stable platform.

	 With Linux-FT's proven commitment to Commercial Quality, Standards 
	 and Conformance, X/Open membership is a logical step forward in 
	 this definitive products growth and provides the Commercial
	 and Free communities with a solid platform on which to base their

	says Lynda Nurden of Lasermoon Ltd.

	"Having a part of the Free Software community as an X/Open ISV 
	 Council member is an important step towards the worldwide acceptance 
	 of UNIX systems standards.

	 We welcome this development and wish this new Member every sucess."

	says Graham Bird of X/Open.

If you want further information about these developments and the Linux
products involved, please check the WWW pages or send us an email.

Contacts :



	Graham Bird, Director of Branding
	Email :        Tel : +44 (0)1734 508311 Xt 2251

        Jeff Hansen, VP Marketing 		USA (415) 323-7992 

	Linux-FT ;	

	Lasermoon Ltd, 
	The Forge, Fareham Road, 
	Wickham, Hants, 
	England. PO17 5DE

	Voice +44 (0) 1329 834944  
	Fax: +44 (0) 1329 834955

	Just Computers!            
	P.O. Box 751414          
	Petaluma, CA 94975-1414 

	Voice: 707-586-5600        
	FAX: 707-586-5606        


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Info Desk -        WWW and FTP :
Lasermoon Ltd, The Forge, Fareham Road, Wickham, Hants, England. PO17 5DE
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