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Subject: COMMERCIAL: Linux-FT
Date: 16 Apr 1995 20:23:46 +0300
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Approved: (Lars Wirzenius)
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Keywords: commercial, Linux-FT, CD-ROM, distribution

           Linux-FT : Unix Is Now Closer Than You Thought

Linux-FT is unlike any other distribution you have used before.
Containing many new and revolutionary features not present on any other
product, with a full range of variations to suit almost every
conceivable application it is already making other distributions look

The full package comprises an excess of 5 (five) CD-ROM's and a complete
integrated Motif development system. 

What's so Special?
It's not just the ELF binary and development environment, nor the 1.2 kernel
and XFree86-3.1.1 (all ELF) that makes Linux-FT special :

What make Linux-FT so different 
The differences start the moment you begin installation. You can either 
install using a boot floppy or by using the install.exe program from a 
DOS system. Unlike distributions where the boot floppy tries to guess 
the hardware you are using, or others where you have attempt to make a 
floppy disk from a number of possibilities, Linux-FT presents you with 
a menu of the hardware present, and you select the hardware to boot from. 
This could be a floppy disk, local hard disk, CD-ROM or NFS- mounted. And 
unlike other distributions  who seem to be obsessed with disk-sets, 
Linux-FT uses unique copy-cache technology to copy files from the CD-ROM to 
the hard-disk as and when  you use them.

        -       No nonsense.
        -       No guesswork.
        -       Simplicity itself!

What's New :

     copy-cache : makes installation a truly hands-off affair.

     YP and NIS :  Linux-FT has a full implementation of YP and NIS

     Boot Management All new GUI style Boot Manager 

     xadmin tool: An extremely easy to use X based administration tool 

     ELF:  Full ELF distribution

     kernel:  1.2  

     applications: demo's of commercial applications

     Window Manager: ELF format OSF/Motif 2.0 mwm runtime license included

     WWW connected: Already configured for WWW and the Internet

     Multi-Lingual: Versions available in English, French, German, 
                    Italian, and Spanish. (not available with some
                    supplied applications)

     Motif:  Full version of Motif 2.0 available.

     html:  Extensive specific documentation in html format.
But can I use the older a.out format Binaries?
Linux-FT supports old a.out binary formats.

Is it expensive?
There are packages available for the cost-conscious and those wanting to
upgrade from other distributions.

                       Say Good-bye to Disk Sets!
Installation is even simpler. With revolutionary ``copy-cache``
technology, all you do is mount the CD-ROM and the system almost
installs itself. Every time you access a file on the CD-ROM it is
automatically copied to the hard disk as you are using the system.
Naturally, you can install complete packages as well if you want a
one-shot installation. copy-cache is fully configurable allowing you to
control the file systems copied across and how much free disk space you want
to leave free.

With copy-cache there are :

        o       No more disk sets.
        o       No more pressing the return endlessly as the files are
        o       No more package copying
        o       No more hassle

Linux-FT's copy-cache technology gives you no fuss installation - you'll be
using your system while the other are still trying to install theirs.

Configuration is easy too! With the sophisticated X Windows based
configuration scripts, you can configure your printers, networks and
disk sub-systems using a user-friendly console. So, say good-bye to the
endless manual file editing. 

International Language Support
Linux-FT is available in the following languages :

    o   English
    o   French
    o   German
    o   Spanish
    o   Japanese (in development)
    o   Korean (in development)
    o   Italian

Note that parts of the system (eg GNU) and manual pages may remain in English.

All the expected features are present, Andrew distribution, TCP/IP,
multimedia support, full C/C++ development environment, X11R6 runtime and
development packages with full documentation.

As you would expect, Linux-FT uses the 1.2 kernel which offers
compatibility with the latest hardware.  

SCO Binary Compatibility
Better still, Linux-FT allows you to run SCO binaries with the iBCS
library (due to time and other practical constraints, it has not been
possible to test this will all SCO binaries, but we do know that
Infomix, Word Perfect, Frame and most compilers work).

Linux-FT is a joint ELF and a.out binary distribution allowing you to
develop ELF binaries whilst still using the older a.out format binaries.

Package List
ElectricFence-2.0.5 ImageMagick-3.5 NetKit-A-0.07
SysVinit-2.50.1 WorkMan-1.2.2a XCept-2.0l XVhelp-1.00 XWarp-1.00
Xaw3d-1.0 aXe-6.1.2 acm-4.0 afio-2.3.6 agrep-2.04 amd920824upl67 arc-5.21e
archie-1.4.1-FIX at-2.6b autoconf-1.7 bash-1.14.2 bash-1.14.3 bc-1.02
bind-4.9.3 binutils- bison-1.22 bm2font bootp-2.4.1 bsd-games-1.3
bwbasic-2.10 bwnfsd byacc-1.9 c2tex-1.0 calc-2.02b chimera-1.63 cnews-20feb93
cpio-2.3 cramdisk-1.0 cron-3.0.11 cvs-1.3 dc-0.2 defrag-0.6 dejagnu-1.2
dialog-0.21 dialog-0.5 diffutils-2.7 dip-3.3.7-uri dosemu-0.53pl44 dosfsck-1
doshell-1.0 dspmsg-0.1 dvidvi-1.0 dvips-5.55 e2fsprogs-0.5a e2fsprogs-0.5b
ecc-1.2.1 ed-0.1 efax-0.6a elisp-manual-19-2.3 elm-2.4.pl23 elvis-1.7
emacs-19.28 f2c-aug-94 file-1.25 fileutils-3.12 find-3.8 findutils-4.1
findutils-4.1pl1 finger-5.22 fingerd-5.6 flex-2.4.7 fontutils-0.6
freeWAIS-0.2-sf-beta-05 freeze-2.4.1 fstype-1.1 ftp-5.38 ftpd-5.60 fvwm-1.23b
fvwm-1.24r gated-3.5Alpha5.gz gawk-2.15.5 gcc-2.6.3 getty_ps-2.0.7
ghostscript- ghostview-1.5 glibc-1.06.tar.z gnat-2.00 gnats-3.2
gnuchess-4.0.pl64 gnugo-1.1 gnuplot-3.5 gnushogi-1.1 gplot-4.3b1 grep-2.0
groff-1.09 gzip-1.2.4 hdf-3.2r4 hdparm-2.1 hostid hp2xx-3.1.2 hpcdtoppm.0.5
hpgl2ps-v2 httpd_1.3 indent-1.8 ingres-8.9 inn-1.4 ipcdelta isode-8.0 ispell-3.1
jacal1a0 joe-1.0.8 jpeg-5a kbd-0.89 khg-0.5 latex-a4 latex-dinbrief.doc.gz
latex-supertabular.doc.gz less-205 lha-1.00
libc-4.6.27 libc_s-940330 libf2c-1.0-aug-94 libg++-2.6.1 libsec linux.exe-1.0 linuxdoc-sgml-1.1 locale-4.5.26 lockfile lpd-5.9 lrzsz-0.11
lwf-2.2 lynx-2.3 m4-1.4 mail-1.2 make-3.71 makeindex-2.9 man-1.4a mc-0.14
mctex-3.10dec91 mgetty+sendfax-0.20 minicom-1.60 mkdosfs-0.2 mm-2.7 mocka9304
modules-1.1.87 morphine-1.0 mpeg2codec_v1.1a mpeg_lib-1.0 mpeg_play-2.0 mt-st-0.1
mtools-2.0.7m ncompress-4.2.4 ncurses-1.8.7 nenscript-1.13++ net-010
net-adm-guide-1.0 nethack-3.1 netpbm-7dec1993 netstat-0.67-uri nntp-1.5.11
oleo-1.6 p2c-1.20.1 pan3.0 patch-2.1 pcnfsd-1.4 pcomm-2.0.1 pcsnd-kit-0.8a
perl-5.000 pidentd-2.2 pine3.91 ping-5.9 pl-1.8.6 postgres-4.0.1a povray-2.1
ppp-2.1.2a procps-0.95 procps-0.97 pstricks psutils ptx-0.4 rarpd rcp-5.32
rcs-5.6 readline-2.0 recode-3.4 rlogin-5.33+ rlogind-5.53 robot-DEC-fonts.gz
routed-5.23 rpc-1.0 rplay-3.1.1 rsh-5.24 rshd-5.38 rsynth-1.0 rtf2LaTeX-1.5
rtf2html rtf2html.txt.gz ruptime-5.7 rwho-5.5 rwhod-5.19 rxvt-2.10
samba-1.8.05 saytime scm4c0 screen-3.5.2 scsiinfo-1.4 sed-2.05 sendmail-8.6.8
setserial-2.02 seyon-2.12 sh-utils-1.12 shadow-3.2.2 sharutils-4.1 slip
slurp-1.08 smail- smalltalk-1.1.1 snd-util-2.0 socks-cstc.4.2beta
speak-1.0 spider-pl2 strace-3.0 superopt-2.2 t3d talk-5.5a talkd-5.8 tar-1.11.2
tcl-7.3 tclX-7.4a tcpd-1.4 tcpdump-3.0 tcsh-6.05 telnet-5.52 term-2.2.3
tetris.3.1.0 tex texi2html texi2roff texinfo-3.1 textutils-1.11 tftp-5.1
tftpd-5.13 tiff-3.3beta021 time-1.4 time timed-5.1 tk-3.6p1 tkWWW-0.12 tkwww
tools-2.16 tput-1.0 traceroute transfig-2.1.8 tt udprelay-0.2 umsdos_progs-0.3
umsdos_progs-0.7 unzip-5.1 ups-2.45.2 urt-3.1b user-guide-a2 util-linux-1.9
uucp-1.05 vgaset vogl vogle w3-2.1.82 wdiff-0.5 web2c-5.851d wt-0.04
x11perf x3270-1.3b xarchie-2.0.9 xbarcode-2.11 xboard-3.1.pl1 xc_clock-1.0
xcdplayer-NEC xcdplayer-scsi2 xcoloredit xcolors xcoral-2.1 xdvi+selfile.pl16
xfig-2.1.8 xfilemanager xflick xfm-1.3 xfsm-1.73 xhextris xiafspgm-0.8.1
xinfo-1.01.01 xkeycaps-1.29 xlander-pl2 xless-1.4.1 xli-1.16 xmahjongg-2
xmailbox xmartin-2.2 xmore-0.1 xmountains-1.1 xntp-3.3w xpaint-2.1.1
xpat-1.2 xpm-3.4c xpmbrowser-1.0 xrn-6.17 xrwho-1.1 xshogi-1.1 xsnow-1.31
xsokoban-3.1 xspread-2.1 xsysinfo-1.2 xteddy-1.0 xtetris-2.5.2 xv-3.10a
xwpe-1.1.2 xxgdb-1.08.1 yp-client ypserv-0.10 zip-1.9p1 zoo-2.10

NIS package 1.0
Linux-FT NIS is a distributed network information database fully compatible 
with SUN NIS. 

Linux-FT NIS is a replacement for the standard Linux C-library implementation. 
Many of the database lookup routines have been modified to consult
the NIS services and unlike other NIS packages available for Linux,
Linux-FT NIS provides the full set of NIS daemons and client programs.
While maintaining binary compatibility, it provides many advanced
features and bug fixes:

 - NIS daemons ypbind, ypserv, yppasswd, ypupdated
 - Support for multiple concurrent domain bindings
 - Dynamic binding/rebinding of clients
 - Support for slave servers
 - Secure RPC with DES encrypted session keys (secure RPC is subject to 
     local laws and may not be available in some geographical areas)
 - Securenets facilities to restrict server access
 - Various performance enhancements
 - Automatic updating of remote databases
 - Consistent handling of netgroups
 - NIS support for sendmail and automounter

Brief Package Lineup
All the expected Linux features are present including ;

   X11R5                XFree86-2.1  (based on X11R5) is present shared 
			libraries in a.out format only.

   X11R6                XFree86-3.1.1 (based on X11R6) is present in ELF

   shells               bash, tcsh, zsh

   editors              EMACS, elvis (vi), joe, edit, axe, xcoral, xwpe

   Text Formatting      TeX, LaTeX, groff, ghostscript

   Programming dev' &
   Support              C, C++, F77 (f2c), Pascal (p2c), Tcl/Tk, Basic,
                        Prolog, Scheme, perl, ADA (gnat)

   Networking           TCP/IP, NFS with applications (such as telnet,
                        ftp etc) slip, ppp, uucp, pcomm, minicom, 

   MultiMedia           Image viewers (JPEG, MPEG, GIF, TIFF and more),
                        Andrew System.

   Internet             All the features you require to access the
                        Internet including mail readers (elm etc), News
                        readers and servers, pop3, ftp, telnet, sendmail
                        etc etc.

   Extra Packages       Linux-FT is the only distribution that comes
                        with the option of the OSF/Motif 2.0 mwm window
                        manager. Other varients include a complete
                        OSF/Motif development system (compeditive
                        upgrades available for those with non-ELF
                        licences or other vendors products).

You also get demonstrations of :

    BRU         The commercial Backup and retrieval system found on most
                UNIX systems

    Flagship    The database manager

    Xad         Commercial Motif GUI development tools

    dBMAN       Commercial DBase compiler
    And more!

    Heaps of X and Motif Freeware Taken from the archive at and others.

Hardware Support
You will need at least an IBM Compatible PC with :

    -   CPU     80386, 80486, Pentium

    -   RAM     At least 8MB RAM (recommended, it will work with less
                but you will not be able to run XWindows or Motif).

    -   BUS     ISA, VL, EISA, PCI bus

PCI Support
    -   ASUS-486-PCI-SP3G (saturn chipset version 4 recommended)
    -   CMD Technology PCI IDE/CSA-6400C
    -   Gateway-2000, etc

Linux-FT is not available on floppy disks as the resulting distribution
would be too unwieldy. You will require one of the following CD-ROM's :

    -   Any SCSI CD supported by the SCSI adapters covered in another

    -   IDE-CD (Mitsumi FX300, FX400, NEC CDR-260)

    -   Mitsumi FX001D, FX001, LU005

    -   Soundblaster-CD CR5xx (Matsushita, Panasonic, Kotobuki, etc)

    -   Aztech CD268

    -   Phillips CM205 (205MS, 206 in development), Phillips CD205, 225,

    -   Sony CDU31a, 33a, 531, 535

The following CD interfaces are supported (and the interfaces that come
with the above drives) :

AT Soundcards                                |  Standalone
Soundblaster Pro                             |  Panasonic CI-101P
Soundblaster/16 (including SCSI version)     |  LaserMate
Galaxy                                       |  Aztech (only if
                                             |  Matsushita compatible)
SoundFX                                      |  WDC-7001C
Spea Media FX soundcard (Sequoia S1000)      |

The following SCSI adapters are compatible with Linux-FT :

    -   Adaptec 1510, 152x, 154x, 174x
    -   Adaptec 2742, 2842, 2942
    -   Buslogic BT-4/5/6/7
    -   EATA (DPT, NEC, AT&T) Smartcache III, PM2011, PM2012, PM2122,

    -   Future Domain TMC-16x0 and TMC-8x0/950
    -   NCR 5380, 53C810
    -   PAS 16
    -   Seagatye ST02
    -   Trantor T128F, T228, T130B
    -   UltraStor 14F/34F
    -   Western Digital 7000-FASST

Graphics Cards

Non-Accelerated :

    -   Advance Logic AL2101, 2228/2301
    -   ATI 1800, 18800-1, 28800-2, 28800-4, 28800-5, 28800-6, 28800-a,
        68800-3, 68800-6, 68800AX, 68800LX, 88800
    -   ATI vgawonder
    -   Compaq AGVA
    -   Genoa GVGA
    -   MX 8600, MX68010SYMBOL 183
    -   NCR 77C22, 77C22E, 77C22E+
    -   OAK OTI067, OTI-077, OTI-087
    -   Trident TVGA8800CS, TVGA8900B, TVGA8900C, TVGA8900CL, TVGA9000,
        TVGA9000i, TVGA9100B, TVGA920000CX, TVGA9420
    -   TSENG LABS ET3000, ET4000AX
    -   WD/PARADISE PVGA1, WD90C24

Accelerated Chipsets

    -   8514/A
    -   ATI MACH8/32 (some 16 bit color depth), ATIMach64 and
    -   Chips & Technologies 655xx
    -   Cirrus GLGD5420, 5422, 5424, 5426, 5428, 5429, 5430, 5434, 6205,
        6215, 6225, 6235, 6420, 6440 (some 16-32 bit color depth).
    -   Some Diamond cards are supported by XFree86-3.1.1, please call
        for more details
    -   IIT CAGX-014, AGX-015, AGX-016
    -   Weitek P9000
    -   S3 (Trio32 and Trio64, 8064), 86C801, 86C805, 86C911, 86C924,
        86C928, 86C964, Chrontel 8391 (eg: ATI Graphics Ultra Pro, Elsa,
        Winner 1000Pro, 2000Pro, Genoa Phantom 8900PCI, number-Nine,
        GXE64, GXE64Pro, Micro Cryst SV, PIC-ATI-GUP Mach-32, Spea-V7
        Mercury Lite, Spea Mercury P64, Spea V7 Mirage (some 16-32 bit
        color depth))
    -   Western Digital WD90C00, 90C10, 90C11, 90C30, 90C31, 90C33
    -   Tseng ET4000/W32, ET4000/W32i, ET4000/W32p
    -   The monochrome 800x600 works with every generic VGA-graphics
        card as well as with Hercules.

Mice and Pointing Devices
    -   Mouse Systems mode compatible serialSYMBOL 183
    -   PS/2
    -   Logitech (some very old Microsoft mice)
    -   MicroSoft mode compatible serial bus mice
    -   Microsoft (eg Logitech Pilot)
    -   Inport (ATI, not ATI-XL, old Microsoft mice)
    -   ATI-XLSYMBOL 183 \f "Symbol" \s 10 \h
    -   Dinos

Note that some bice mice may present interrupt conflicts with other
cards (such as Ethernet adapters - check to see if you can move your
bus-mouse interrupt!)

Network Adapters
The following Ethernet cards are supported :

    -   3COM 3c509, 3c503/16, 3c509, 3c579
    -   4-Dimension FD0490 EtherBoard16
    -   AT-LAN-TEC 8013
    -   Accton Ne2000
    -   Telesis AT1500. 1700
    -   Alta Combo NE2000 clone
    -   Ansel AC3200 EISA
    -   LANtastic AE-201/2003
    -   Cabletron products E10** E10**-x E20**, E20**-x
    -   Cnet UTP 10baseT (NE2000 emulation)
    -   D-Link DE100, 200, 220-T, 600, 650
    -   D-Link Ethernet II
    -   DFI DFINET-300, DFINET-400
    -   DEC 100, 200, 210, 202, DEPCA revE Etherworks III
    -   HP 27245A, 27247A, 2724705A
    -   Intel Ether Express
    -   LANNET LEC45
    -   LTC E-NET/16
    -   Network Solutions HE-203
    -   Novell NE1000, 1500, 2000, 2100
    -   PE-8013
    -   PureData PDU 8028 PDI8023
    -   SIIG Inc E-Lan/200
    -   SVEC 4 DBOL 183
    -   Western Digital/SMC WD8003, 8013, SMC Elite, SMC elite-Plus, SMC

Printers and Hardcopy
The following devices, and their true clones are supported (if yours is
not on the list, please call, it is probably supported) :

    -   Apple dot matrix
    -   C Itoh M8510
    -   Canon Bj10-e, BJ200, LBP-8II Laser
    -   DEC LA50, LA75, LJ250, LN03
    -   Epson 9-pin, 24-pin, ESC/p-2 Stylus-800
    -   Fujitsu 3400/2400/1200 color
    -   HP Deskjet 500, 500c, 520, 550, 550c
    -   HP Laser Plus
    -   Tektronix 4693d color, 4695/4696 inkjet
    -   HP Paintjet XL, XL color, XL300 and XL300 Color
    -   IBM 9-pin ProPrinter, jetPrinter, Ink-Jet color
    -   NEC P6, P6+, P60
    -   Okidata MicroLine 182 9-pin
    -   Postscript printer
    -   Ricoh 4081 Laser
    -   Cprinter
    -   Sony NWP533
    -   Star LC10, LC24-10, LC24-200
    -   Stylus 800, color

    -   Roland MPU-401 MIDI interface
    -   Advanced Gravis Ultrasound (GUS)
    -   GUS MAX (drivers 2, 9 and newer)
    -   Microsoft Sound System (driver 2.9)
    -   Personal Sound System  (driver 2.9 and newer, default turned off)
    -   ProAudio Spectrum 16 (and the compatible Logitech SoundMan 16)
    -   SoundGalaxy NX Pro (as soundblaster compatible)
    -   SoundBlaster/Pro (versions 1 and 2) and compatible as well as
        ThunderBoard and ATI Stero F/X
    -   AdLib
    -   Soundblaster 16

and of course, the PC speaker!

Tape Streamers
    -   Archive 5580i, XL9250i
    -   Colorado DJ-10, 20 (Jumbo 120, 250)
    -   Colorado FC-10 High Speed Controller
    -   Connor C250MQ
    -   Escom / Archive (Hornet) 31250Q
    -   Insight 80MB
    -   Iomega 250
    -   Mountain FS8000
    -   QIC C40, 80, 117
    -   SCSI-streamers (eg DAT)
    -   Summit SE 150, 250
    -   Wantek 3080F

Hard Disks
AT-bus (IDE also with more than 540MB)
    -   Enhanced IDE
    -   Supported SCSI
    -   BIOS emulated IDE

Serial Cards and Adapters
    -   Standard Serial (16550A UART recommended)
    -   AST 4 Port cards (and compatibles)
    -   Accent Async
    -   Bell Technologies HUB6
    -   Boca 16 port (BB-2016)
    -   Boca 8 port (BB-1008)
    -   Boca 4 port (BB-1004)
    -   STB-4COM
    -   UseNet serial board II
    -   Specialix SI series (available soon)
    -   Cyclades 4 port + cards
    -   Chase Reseach, Cyclades, Specialix (and similar) ethernet based
        terminal servers.

File Systems
    -   Minix
    -   Linux Native (EXT2)
    -   XIAFS
    -   MSDOS
    -   /proc
    -   NFS
    -   ISO9660
    -   OS/2 HPFS (Read-only)
    -   UMSDOS
    -   System V
Boot Management
Linux-FT will co-exist on the same hard disk as other operating systems
such as DOS, NT, Windows, OS/2 and other Linux's !! Linux-FT comes with
two Boot Managers :

        Providing compatibility with other, older technology
        distributions. We strongly recommend that you use the Linux-FT
        Boot Manager included :

        Linux-FT Boot Manager
        Configuration and control of bootable partitions on your system
        no longer requires often cryptic system-file editing and the
        manual execution of scripts. The Linux-FT Boot manager presents
        you with a fully configurable list of  bootable partitions in an
        easy to use GUI format. Once tried, you will never go back to
        LILO again!! 

Graphical User Interfaces
SWiM (OSF/Motif) versions 1.2.4-R6 or 2.0-R6 are recommended for
Linux-FT. The Xad OSF/Motif GUI builder is also recommended, the demo
version is supplied on the CD. SWiM has been running with Linux-FT in
ELF form since the start of the 1995 with none of the usual a.out 
binary format problems.

System Configuration
Is easily done with the unique xadmin tool.  This user-friendly GUI
interface enables you to configure networks, printers disks and much
more. Available in both X and termcap modes.

Future Developments and Update Cycle
Linux-FT is developing fast, future weeks will see :

    -   Full POSIX conformance
    -   DCE conformance and development tools
    -   Linux-FT Lite
    -   ISDN server (part of the Linux-FT Server product)

Linux-FT is updated approximately every 6 weeks - contact us or your 
reseller for upgrade prices.

                           Linux-FT Variants
With flexibility in mind, Linux-FT comes in the following packages. 
note that prices may vary from region to region and may be subject to 
postal charges and local taxes.

        Linux-FT (Runtime, 2 CD's)				$30.00
The base FT media set comprising the FT runtime and source CD's (two CD's)
Installation guide on CD-ROM.

        Linux-FT (4 CD's + mwm + Installation Guide)		$99.00
In addition to the two runtime media CD's you also get the sunsite and TSX11
archives on 2 CD's and the Linux-FT installation guide in printed form
(around 200 pages). Unlike some other distributions, this guide has been 
specially written to accompany Linux-FT

The following bundles are also available, 

        Linux-FT + Dr Linux					
Dr Linux  is a 1200 page book weighing around 1.85kg covering essential
Linux installation topics.

        Linux-FT + Motif				
A full ELF based Motif runtime and development environment on CD
complete with the OSF Motif Users guide in hardcopy and extensive OSF
documentation in printable form.

Contact your reseller for more information.

                           Adding Motif Later
The ELF version of SWiM Motif (ELF) version is recommended for
Linux-FT and can be purchased separately. This ELF version has been
running since the beginning of 1995. Competitive Upgrades are available.

We appreciate that you may wish to upgrade from a previous non-ELF, non
copy-cache distribution to Linux-FT and there are competitive upgrades on
offer - ask your reseller for more details. This includes OSF and some
database products. Proof of purchase may be required.

                       Support and Internet Home
Linux-FT comes with a 30 day support contract which may be extended.  Check
with your supplier for more support options.

Linux-FT is available via FTP for free(!!!), although it is a rather
long ftp session!  You can browse the file-system on

after the 20 April 1995

WWW:  Point your URL to   

You will also find the source to the manual, errata, support 
questions/FAQ's etc. in same directory.


Linux-FT is available from good Freeware resellers, a more complete list may 
be found on WWW  

In no particular order we have :

 USA                                 Asia & Europe 
 ---                                 -------------
 ACC Corp                            Lasermoon Ltd,     
 136 Riverside Ave,                  The Forge,
 Westport CR 06880                   Fareham Road, Wickham, Hants, 
 USA                                 PO17 5DE ENGLAND
 Tel : (800) 546-7274                Phone  +44 (0) 329 834944
         (203) 454-5500              Fax    +44 (0) 329 834955
 Fax:  (203) 454-2582

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			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

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