Notice:  There is no warranty with this product, either expressed
or implied.  Use at your own risk.  Softlanding is not liable or
responsible for damage or loss incurred or resulting from the use
or misuse of this product, and our responsibility is limited to 
providing copies of disks.  Softlanding charges only for the copy
service, not the content.  The content is made freely distributable
at no charge, subject to the following restrictions.

Restrictions:  Please read the file COPYING which outlines the GNU 
copying (Disk 3) restrictions.  The linux kernel is copyright Linus
B. Torvalds.  Various other copyrights apply, but the upshot is that 
you may do whatever you like with SLS, except restrict others in any
way from doing likewise, and you must leave all copyrights as well as
the README file intact, and  you must not misrepresent or take credit
for the work of others.  

Note also that the installation scripts (but very
little else) in SLS are copyright Softlanding Software.
Using them to roll your own distribution, tearing off the
SLS name, and putting in your own, is not permitted.  These
scripts "are" SLS, and any distribution built using them
must be called thus.   Doing otherwise constitutes taking
credit for the work of others.

Selling SLS:  Softlanding has no objections to SLS being resold (nor,
however does it warrant that you would be legally entitled to do so), 
but it does have a request: Softlanding asks that if you do resell SLS,
or redistribute it by any other than electronic means (such as BBS),
that you also offer customer support to your clients.  That is, Soft-
landing would ideally be the only source of the unsupported SLS dis-
tribution, or the clearing house for new versions, with other resellers
adding value in the way of support (and quite possibly price).  Soft-
landing, however, intends to make no effort to enforce or coerce this
policy.  It is only a request.