# This file tracks changes to the SLS distribution file 
# Perms.fix no longer exists.  To do upgrades, read this 
# file and obtain all the packages that have been listed
# as changed.  Most important among these are the z?fix.taz
# packages, which aren't really packages as much as they are
# collections of patches and fixes.  To apply, just download
# onto your linux disk and use:
# 	sysinstall -install zafix.taz
# 	sysinstall -install zbfix.taz
# 	...
# And all should be well.  If you are getting SLS for the
# first time, this will all be done for you automatically.
# Hopefully, this will greatly reduce the amount of internet
# traffic in order to apply simple permission type fixes, or
# single executable replacement amoung large collections.
# It also allows people to just fix those series that they
# have installed, so if they don't have X, no problems.
# PS: Note that the [mv] and [rm] in updates indicate that a
#     package has be moved or deleted respectively.
# Peter
# pmacdona@sanjuan.uvic.ca

920901:	Initial release (.96p4).  Didn't use jump tables though.

921007:	Release .98p0.  Jump tables used.

921011: menus.taz: new sysinstall and sysbuild.
	a1: New .98p1 image with new sysinstall
	a2: New rootdisk
       	image.taz: 0.98p1 kernel, Fixed top.
	devs.taz:  modified /dev directory
	image.taz: Linux .98p1 image, ps, etc.
	lx96p1.taz: Linux source for .98p1 (replaces lx98.taz).
	tcpip.taz: Telnet and fpt 2.2.2 binaries.
       	c4/: Added new disk, clisp to compiler series.
	x*: Reorganized and fixed double compressed fonts.

921017: Permission problems fixed, mainly by the files a4/zafiz.taz,
	x7/zafix.taz.  Or just get Perms.fix.   Serial ports were
	renamed to be 0's based (ttys0, ttys1, ...).  Added link
	of linux source include to /usr/include.  If missing .h files
	like < linux/types.h>, look in /usr/src/linux/include.  Note
	C++ must be linked "cc -nojump" for now.  TCP is there but
	kernel must be recompiled (no whining please).  Also telnet/
	ftp are linked 2.2.2.  Couldn't find source.  Fix dev/kmem
	permission to fix ps/top, etc.

921023: b5/*: New disk added to provide Man pages that got omitted.
	Remove b4/install.end.  Added a new series 't' containing TeX.

921101: a4/zafix.taz:Fixed bad emacs soft link, do mkdir usr/tmp,
	updated versions of mount, mkefs, and efsck.  Provide shell
	script frontends for lex and yacc.  Change etc/mtools to use
	autodetection. Uudecode replaces mistaken link to uuencode.
	x7/zxfix.taz:Remove usr/bin/X11/xdvi, which is now in TeX series.
	c2/f2c.taz:New version of usr/bin/f2c that works :-).
	Perms.fix is gone, use the z?fix.taz files instead.
	b5/zbfix.taz: Moved the tcpip stuff from etc/ to etc/inet/.

921104: i1/*:  Contains Interviews, idraw and iclass images.

921105: a4/zafix.taz: Hopefully fixed the permission problems in root.
	b5/ghostscr.taz: Ghostscript compiled with most drivers.

921106: b5/zbfix.taz: fix "shell-init" problem with "chmod a+r /.".

921113: z?fix.taz: Get all the z?fix.taz files: fix more permissions,
	replace shutdown and put them all in /usr/bin, rm /usr/bin/lilo
	add real yacc, a man that uses the new fstat, a working xlock,
	fix the X11 fonts (speedo not compressed, misc and 75dpi are).
	b2/emacs.taz: New version of emacs for 98p4+ with NR_FILES=255.
	b3/lilo.taz: the real lilo, version 5.  Look in /usr/src/lilo.
	b5/man2.taz: section 2 manpages + a new whatis ~300 lines long.
	x8/*: New IV images idraw and doc. Works, but slow if no 387.
	a1: New boot disk for 98p5, new sysinstall lets mount /usr, etc.
	a2: New root disk for 98p5, new /Image with TCP/IP, ps/top/free.
	b4/lx98p5.taz: Source for kernel.

921118: zafix.taz: fixed /usr/bin/X11 softlink.
	b4/tcpip.taz: loopback now works.  Ethernet not tested though.
	b5/sc.taz: a fixed and better version of screen calc spreadsheet.

921122: b5/zbfix.taz: new mail binary, and fixed adduser command

921125: Upgraded SLS to mirror current Softlanding distribution.  No changes.

921126: a3/devs.taz:  I think I forgot the link of linux to usr/src/linux. 

921203: a2/image.taz: new boot /Image with nfs client/server.
	a2/shlibs.taz: just add a hard link to ~ftp for libc.so.4.
	a3/base.taz: new getty, fixed some perms/directory probs.
	a4/bin.taz: replaced login with shadow login.
	b1/tcpip.taz: Networking stuff at last.  Pretty complete too.
	b4/shadow.taz: shadow passwd stuff, network means vulnerability.
	b4/lxpatchs.taz: kernel patches for networking/nfs.

921204: a4/menus.taz: the newest sysinstall.
	b4/shadow.taz: now shadows groups, and handles multi concurrent groups.

921205: b4/syslogd.taz: the syslogd daemon and syslogk (for kernel messages).

921213: b1/syslogd.taz:  updated version
	b4/syslogd.taz:  [rm]
	b5/man.taz: [mv] to b6
	b5/man2.taz: [mv] to b6
	b5/*: GS, fixkbd, smail, uucp
	b6/elm2_3.taz: [rm]
	b6/uucp.taz: [rm]
	b6/install.end: [rm]
	b7/*: Ghostscript fonts
	b8/*: News and mail stuff (and new elm)
	x5/afm1.taz: Fonts for Doc/postscript
	x8/afm2.taz: Fonts for Doc/postscript

921214: a2: New kernel image and ps etc.
	b4/lx99.taz: source to new kernel.

921215: a2: New kernel image with unofficial 2 line patch
	b4/lxpatchs.taz: unofficial 2 line patch

930111: a?/*: whole series upgraded, libc  4.2.
	b?/*: same, screen, term, etc.
	c?/*: same, new compiler.

930114: a4/menus.taz: fixed problem with menu program.
	a4/syssetup.taz: add a link for /lib/cpp
	b9/shlib41.taz: add back 4.1 needed by idraw
	c1/libm.taz: add missing libhard.a etc

930116: */*: converted all to gzip compression

930117: b2/shadow.tpz: [mv] to a4
	a4/shadow.tpz: upgraded to include multiple groups
	a3/etc.tpz: removed passwd (now provided by shadow).

930127: a1: New kernel 99p4
	a2: New kernel 99p4
	a4/syssetup.tpz: modify etc perms, plus others
	c3/zcfix.tpz: f2c.h
	s1/*: new source distribution

930128: a4/ps.tpz: version .4 of proc ps
	a4/mt.tpz: Magnetic tape program mt

930131: a4/syssetup.tpz: fixed /lib/cpp link
	b7/zbfix.tpz: sethostname added
	a2:99p4 kernel.  May have been 99p2?

930203: c1/gxx233.tpz: new version of libg++.

930204:	a4/syssetup.taz: fix /proc mount bug.

930217: x*: replace entire X with XFree1.2
	b5/shlib43.tpz: New share libc 4.3
	c3/lib43.tpz: New libs for 4.3
	c3/inc43.tpz: New includes for 4.3

930302:	a1: new 99p6 boot image
	a2: new root image
	a3/efs2.tpz: progs and stuff for ext fs 2
	a3/fontpak.tpz: fontpak stuff
	a4/zoneinfo.tpz: was on a2
	b4/lx99p6.tpz: new kernel source, pre-patched
	c2/gdb.tpz: updated gdb.
	x6/xother.tpz: additions to X11 stuff

930304:	a1: new 99p6 boot image (fontpak non-vga fix)
	a2: new root image (fontpak non-vga fix)
	b4/lx99p6.tpz: new kernel source (fontpak non-vga fix/non corrupt)
	a4/menus.tpz: updated sysinstall
	a4/syssetup.tpz: updated syssetup/sysperms
	a4/sysmap.tpz: kernel system map

930307: a4/ps.tpz: new procps
	b3/smail.tpz: new
	b4/elm2421.tpz: [replace b4/elm2417.tpz]
	b5/trn25.tpz: [replace b4/trn22.tpz]
	b7/tin11p8.tpz: [replace b4/tin11p4.tpz]
	b4/diff20a.tpz: [mv] to b2

930324: t2/xtexcad.tz: new
        t2/dvi2tty.tz: new

930418: */*: total update 1.02, new libs, xview, all pkgs moved to .tgz

930427:	a2/image.tgz: new 99p9 image
	b4/lx99p9.tgz: new kernel source
	b4/lxpatch.tgz: revised patches to raw kernel sources

930428: x9/zxfix.tgz: minor config fixes for X11

930531: a3/etc.tgz: update sysvinit to 2.4 (and man), new profile
	a3/getty.tgz: update to gettyps 2.07b (with man page)
	a4/zafix.tgz: add news to passwd/group, remove root from most groups
	b2/emacsbin.tgz: update emacs to the x11 version
	s1/ssysvini.tgz: source to sysvinit
	s1/sgettyps.tgz: source to getty
	x9/zxfix.tgz: replaced Xconfig

930802: */*: total update 1.03

930811: a1.3: new bootdisk with nfs, lilo, swap fixes, etc
	a2/image.tgz: new 99p12 alpha kernel (Aug 7)
	a3/elfabi.tgz: updated elf emulator
	a4/sysadm.tgz: new admin scripts
	b4/lx99p12.tgz: kernel source
	b5/lxpatch.tgz: new kernel patches
	b7/zbfix.tgz: a new rc.net, for net-2

930814: a4/ipcdelta.tgz: moved from b7
	b7/ghostscr.tgz: gs 2.6.1, with Linux device

930817:	a2/shlibs.tgz: update to 4.4.2
	a2/image.tgz: 99p12 kernel
	a4/gzip123.tgz: replaces gzip107.tgz
	b4/lx99p12.tgz: the prepatched official release
	c1/lib442.tgz: replaces c1/lib441.tgz
	c1/gxx245.tgz: update g++
	c1/gxxinc24.tgz: update g++
	c2/modules.tgz: load modules into kernel
	c3/inc442.tgz: replaces inc441.tgz
	b4/fixkbd.tgz: rm
	b5/lxpatch.tgz: rm
	c2/sound.tgz: rm
	b2/ncurses.tgz: mv to b4/
	b2/tin11p8.tgz: mv to b3/
	b3/perl.tgz: mv to c3/
	b4/elm2421.tgz: mv to b2/
	b4/bc.tgz: mv to b5/
	b4/cpio22a.tgz: mv to b3/
	c3/smaltalk.tgz: mv to b3/

930818:	a2/image.tgz: p12 with patch
	b3/lxpatch.tgz: kernel patch
	a3/keytbls.tgz: key maps
930830: t1/texbin.tgz,texlib.tgz,textfm.tgz: undate tex,mf binaries¯os
        t2/texmisc.tgz: update binaries

930908: t1/texbin.tgz,texlib.tgz: update to tex 3.1415,tangle4.4&related
                                  files (tex.fmt, tex.pool)
        t3/latex.tgz: updated latex.tgz (ie the format file)

930908: a3/keytbls.tgz: updated
	a4/gzip101.tgz: removed

930910: t1/texbin.tgz: added /usr/TeX/lib/tex/macros// back into search
                       path (0908 ver relied on my symlink of macros to
        t3/latex.tgz:  updated latex.fmt for above

930918: t1/texbin.tgz: fixed dumb, careless error (inputs dir was
                       a misplaced plain.tex [that's in texlib.tgz])

940404: */*: SLS 1.05 modular released

940414: a1.*: New boot disks with module kernel patches
	b5/lxnet.tgz: updated source
	s1/lxsrc.tgz: updated source
	b7/modules.tgz: new kernel modules

940420: x8/tkman.tgz: was an empty file (ftp bug?)

940501: a1.3: 3 1/2 Boot disk using the standard 1.0 kernel.
	s1/lxsrc.tgz: Linux 1.0 source (minus net directory)
	b5/lxnet.tgz: Linux 1.0 source for net directory
	b7/lxdif.tgz: SLS source dif file for modules et al.