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Subject: New Yggdrasil LGX release: A Linux/GNU/X UNIX(R) clone for PC's
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Date: 8 Oct 1993 21:02:22 GMT
Organization: Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated
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Summary: A deluxe 0.99.13 Linux system for $49.95
Keywords: turnkey system, complete source, tcp/ip, tk/tcl, andrew, multimedia,
LGX CD-ROM dirstribution
Originator: mdw@sunSITE

			      FALL 1993

	Executive Summary
	What makes LGX easy to use?
	Feature chart
	Version Numbers
        How to get a free copy
        How to get a copy by tomorrow    <--------
	Upgrade Path from the Beta Release
	Technical Support
        Reseller list
        Direct sales order form

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                           7 October 1993

        SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA--Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated is now
shipping LGX, a multimedia PC UNIX(R) clone competitive with Solaris
and Windows NT.  The 680-megabyte system includes the Postgres
database, the "Andrew" multimedia document system, seventeen optional
software packages, complete source code, and most importantly,
numerous features designed to make LGX easier, and therefore cheaper,
to install and maintain than other operating systems.  These
ease-of-use features include a manual with illustrations of what the
screen should look like at each step of installation, plug-and-play
operation, an easy-to-use installation mechanism, graphical "fill in
the blanks" control panels for easy system configuration, and other

	LGX is named after three of its principal components: the
Linux kernel, the GNU software suite, and the X window system.  LGX is
free software, so no license fees are necessary for LGX development to
be done by in house programmers, consultants, or anybody.  The LGX
manual lists support vendors, and Yggdrasil also offers such services,
including a 900 number for instant help with Linux-related questions.

	Yggdrasil is greatly indebted to the many free software developers
whose efforts have made this release possible.  As a token of appreciation,
any author of anything in LGX can get a free copy.  Other major contributors
to the Linux community and Operators of free Linux BBS's or Linux FTP sites
can also get a free copy.  For everyone else, LGX costs $49.95.

	For more information or to order, call 24 hours a day toll
free (800) 261-6630 or (408) 261-6630, or fax (408) 261-6631, or send
email to  All individual direct sales orders received
before 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific are shipped by an overnight delivery
service.  Reseller inquiries welcome.

	UNIX is a registered trademark of Unix System Laboratories.
LGX contains no proprietary software licensed from Unix System

	LGX is the first operating system distribution to include
Carnegie-Mellon University's Andrew system for processing documents
with embedded images, hypertext links, spreadsheets and other media.
Other document preparation facilities include TeX, groff, and the
"GhostScript" PostScript clone, all with X windows previewers.  For
editting files, LGX includes vi and two multiwindowing version of the
emacs text editor: FSF Emacs 19.19 and Lucid GNU Emacs 19.8.

	LGX now includes the ImageMagic viewer for JPEG, GIF, and TIFF
images, in addition to the MPEG video player that was in the LGX beta
release.  The X windows configuration script now supports resolutions
up to 1152x900 non-interlaced for sufficiently fast video cards such as
the ATI Ultra Pro.  Sound support has been expanded with the adagio
program.  General multimedia support has been expanded not only with
the inclusion of the Andrew system, but also with the addition of the
metamail system for processing multimedia mail.  The news reader and
the mailer have been configured to automatically invoke metamail when
they display MIME-format messages.

	LGX is also the first operating system to include Postgres,
the new remote database system developed at the University of
California, Berkeley to succeed Ingres.  A programming interface
between Postgres and the popular Tk/Tcl X windows toolkit for rapid
graphical interface development is included.  Tk/Tcl is similar to
NeXTStep, but runs under the industry standard X Window System.  The
version of Tk/Tcl is new and corresponds to the langauge described the
forthcoming book by Tk/Tcl's author, John Ousterhout.  Other X windows
programming toolkits include Xview for making OpenLook(tm)
applications, the InterViews C++ X windows toolkit, and the standard
MIT X windows libraries, including Xlib and Xt.  A version of Motif
that can be installed from the LGX graphical control panels will be
available soon.

	LGX's software development environment now includes software
quality tools such as DejaGnu for automated testing, the GNU Coverage
Tool to verify test coverage, Gnats for bug tracking and its graphical
user interface, TkGnats, and the Revision Control System and the
Concurrent Version System for maintaining source trees.  Of course,
the development environment also includes the GNU ANSI C and C++
compilers, the GNU debugger, GNU make, byacc, flex, and the GNU binary

	Other features of LGX include "calc" mode for manipulating
mathematical equations in emacs, ethernet TCP/IP networking, UUCP,
the inn news transport system, and new additions to the games library,
including asteroids, battle zone, chess, mille bornes, othello, pool,
shogi, solitaire, tetris, and Connect Four.


	LGX not only contains lots of software that no other
operating system distribution has, but also has numerous ease-of-use
features that have been engineered into LGX to make unix(r)-like
operating systems accessible to more people, and to reduce
installation and maintenance problems.

	LGX is distributed on a plug-and-play CDROM with a boot
floppy, so it can be started by just turning on a computer with the
CDROM and boot floppy inserted.  LGX will detect what kind of CDROM
you have and will automatically use it.  At each step of installation,
the system prompts the user with a paragraph or more of explanation
and provides sensible default responses when possible.  The LGX manual
provides supplemental information and screen snapshots of each step of
installation, including configuration of X windows.  After
installation, LGX's "fill in the blanks" graphical control panels make
it easy to configure the ethernet or the printer, make a boot floppy,
install optional software packages, or do a number of other system
configuration tasks.

	LGX's ease-of-use features extend beyond software configuration.
For example, if you do not have a sound card, LGX will automatically
use the built-in PC speaker to play sounds.  If you do not specify a
filesystem format when you mount a disk, LGX will automatically
determine and use the correct filesystem format.  If a non-postscript
printer has been configured with the graphical control panel, the
"lpr" command will automatically invoke GhostScript to process any
Postscript file sent to the printer, so the printer would as what
would happen if the printer had PostScript built in.  The default
window manager, fvwm, is configured to enable many of LGX's features
and online documentation facilities to be invoked from the root menu.
The twm window manager is also configured with the same menus, and
fvwm has menu entires to switch to other window managers.  All of
these facilities make the facilities of LGX more accessible to users.

	For more information or to order, call 24 hours a day toll
free (800) 261-6630 or (408) 261-6630, or fax to (408) 261-6631.


	o important version numbers: 0.99.13 kernel, Xfree86 1.3, GCC 2.4.5.

	o New Tk/Tcl supports all of the features described in Professor
	  John Ousterhout's upcoming book on Tk and Tcl.

	o More software than any competitor: 235MB binaries + 445MB
	  source code.

	o Linux 0.99.13 kernel supports most popular CDROM's

	o an easy-to-use installation script, plus a graphical user
	  interface for system configuration,

	o The X Window System: version 11 release 5, Xlib/Xt X windows
	  libraries, the Tcl/Tk scripting language, the Xview 3.0
	  OpenLook(tm) toolkit, InterViews C++ toolkit,

	o The Andrew System version 5.1, including the ez editor
	  for easy creation and reading of documents with embedded
	  images, equations, spreadsheets, hypertext links, and
	  other media types. 

	o Ethernet Networking with TCP/IP, NFS and other Internet protocols.

	o Games: asteroids, battle zone, chess, mille bornes, othello,
	  pool, shogi, solitaire, tetris, and connect four.

	o Multimedia: viewers for JPEG, GIF, TIFF and other image formats,
	  MPEG video, sound,

	o Text editors: the elvis vi clone, GNU Emacs with calc mode,
	  and Lucid GNU Emacs (better graphical user interface).

	o Desktop Publishing: TeX and groff typesetting packages with X
	  previewers, and ghostscript, a postscript interpreter for X
	  windows, faxes and a variety of printers,

	o Telecommunications: kermit, Z-modem, Taylor UUCP, mail reader,
	  threaded USENET News reader, with support for reading MIME
	  multimedia messages with embedded images, full motion video
	  and sound.

	o the Postgres 4.1 remote database system,

	o Programming Languages: GNU C++, GNU ANSI C, FORTRAN-to-C and
	  Pascal-to-C translators, and Prolog, 

	o Enhanced development environment: GNU debugger, bison, flex,
	  GNU make, the GNU Coverage Tool, Revision Controls System,
	  Concurrent Version System, and Gnats,

	o System V-style shared memory and interprocess communication,

	o File Systems: a filesystem with long file names, symbolic
	  links, and FIFO's, iso9660+rockridge CDROM filesystem, DOS

	o Emulators: a BIOS emulator that can run DOS, an experimental
	  ELF loader, and a snapshot of a WABI Windows emulator under


System		RAM: 4MB (8MB without swap partition), CPU: 386
		or above, Bus: ISA, EISA, or localbus.

Disk	        IDE, RLL, MFM, ESDI, SCSI with supported SCSI controller.
		Configurations range from 2 to 680 megabytes of disk.
		Configurations without non-kernel source tree that can
		run without the CDROM range from 27 to 235 megabytes.
		LGX can share a hard disk with other operating systems
		on separate partitions.

		Standard configurations 

		CD DEPENDENT (2 megabytes): Only the kernel, writable
		files, and a program to mount the CDROM are installed.
		Because CDROM drives are slow, the system is sluggish
		at startup, but becomes more responsive over the course
		of several minutes of use as commonly used files become
		cached in RAM. 

		RUNTIME: (27 megabytes): The kernel, configuration
		files, file utilities, and a tiny X window system are
		installed on the hard disk.  Other system programs can
		installed individually or run from the CDROM when it is

		COMPLETE: (235 megabytes):
		Everything except the non-kernel sources is installed on
		the hard disk.  Source code for the kernel is also
		installed on the hard disk.

		EVERYTHING (680 megabytes): Everything, including
		sources, is installed on the hard disk. 

Tape Drives	SCSI tape with supported SCSI controller.

CD-Rom		o Any SCSI CDROM drive with supported SCSI controller,
		o Sony 531 or 535,
		o Sony CDU-31A, alone or with MediaVision Fusion 16 kit,
		o SoundBlaster-compatible CDROM's: Kotobuki, LaserMate,
		  Matsushita, Panasonic, including the CR-562.
		o Mitsumi/Genstar, alone or with ATI Stereo FX.

SCSI		Adaptec 1540B, 1542B, 1540C, 1542C, and 1740 in enhanced
Controllers	mode; Always IN-2000, Bustek 542B, Future Domain 8xx, or
		16xx, Seagate ST-01/ST02, other controllers based on the
		TMC-950 chip, Ultrastor 14F, 24F and 34F, Western
		Digital 7000fasst.

Video Cards	640x480 monochrome for all VGA cards.  256 colors up to
(for X windows)	1152x900 for non-Diamond cards using the following
		chipsets: S3, 8514, Tseng Labs ET4000 or ET3000,
		Paradise, Western Digital 90c00, 90c10 or 90c30, Genoa,
		ATI VGA Wonder, ATI Mach (e.g., the ATI Ultra Pro), Trident
		8900b, 8900c, 8900cl, 8900cs, 9000, Cirrus Logic 5420,
		5422 or 5426, NCR 77c22 or 77c22e, or Compaq AVGA.

Sound Cards	Adlib, SoundBlaster (regular, Pro and 16 ASP), MediaVision
		(Fusion and ProAudioSpectrum 16), and ATI Stereo FX.
		Installable Gravis Ultrasound and MPU-401 drivers are
		also included.  If you do not have a sound card, LGX can
		play sounds through your PC's speaker. 

Ethernet	3Com 3503 and 3c503/16, Artisoft LANtastic AE-2, ATI
		1500, Alta Combo, Cabletron, D-Link DE600 pocket adaptor
		and ethernet II, Hewlett-Packard 27245, 27247, 27250 and
		PCLAN, Novell NE-1000, NE-2000, and NE-2100, Western
		Digital 8003 and 8013, other 8390-based ethernet cards.


	The following is a list of version numbers of selected LGX

	adagio-0.4o		gnugo-1.1		routed-5.23
	agrep-2.04		gnushogi-1.1		rpc-1.00
	at-1.1			grep-2.0		rsh-5.24
	autoconf-1.5		groff-1.08		rshd-5.38
	bash-1.12		gwm-1.7o-beta3		ruptime-5.70
	bc-1.02			gzip-1.2.4		rwho-5.50
	bind-4.83l		host-1.01		rwhod-5.19
	binutils-1.9l.1		ical-1.5.1		rxvt-1.3
	bms-0.06		ifs-5			sed-2.03
	bootlin-4		ImageMagic-2.3.2	shellutils-1.8
	bootpd-2.10a		inetd-5.30		slingshot-2.0
	bootutils-0.1		inn-1.4			smail-3.1.28
	byacc-1.9		InterViews-3.1		smalltalk-1.1.1
	capture-1.00		ispell-4.0		sound-1.99.7
	cbzone-1.00		IV-2_6			sox-7
	cpio-2.3		jpeg-4a			syslogd-5.27
	cron-2.0		kbd-0.81		system-0.98
	cvs-1.3			lemacs-19.8		talk-5.50a
	dc-0.2			less-177		talkd-5.80
	dejagnu-1.0.1		lha-1.00		tar-1.11.2
	devX100-12		libc-4.4.1		tcl-7.0b3
	devX75-12		libg++-2.4		tclX-7.0a-B4
	diffutils-2.4		lilo-11			tcpd-1.40
	dld-3.2.3		linux-0.99.13		tcsh-6.04
	dll-2.8			linuxelf-1.2		telnet-5.52
	dosemu-0.49		lpd-5.90		term-1.0.7
	dosfsck-1.0		m4-1.0.3		textutils-1.6
	dragdrop-1.1		mailx-5.3a		tftp-5.10
	dvips-5.518		make-3.68		tftpd-5.13
	e2fsprogs-0.3		malloc-930326		tiff-3.2beta
	elvis-1.7		man-1.1			time-1.5
	emacs-19.19		metamail-2.6		tk-3.3b3
	expect-0.4		mkdosfs-0.1		tkinfo-0.6
	f2c-1993.04.28		mkisofs-0.9		tput-1.0
	fdisk-1.4		mm-1.07			trn-3.2
	file-1.25		mpeg-1.2		UIT-2.0
	fileutils-3.6		mslaved-0.06		usermaint-1.0
	find-3.8		ncompress-4.2.4		utila-1.5
	finger-5.22		net-0.21		utilb-1.3
	fingerd-5.60		net-0.22		utile-1.4
	fips-0.8		net-0.24		uucp-1.04
	flex-2.3.8		netconf-0.3		uuencode-1.0
	flexfax-2.1.0		nfsd-1.50		wdiff-0.04
	fromto-1.01		nntpd-15.11a		Wine-0.4.1
	ftape-0.9.6		oleo-1.5		xaster-1.00
	ftp-5.38		p2c-1.20		xbmbrowser-2.0
	ftpd-5.60		patch-2.1		xboard-2.1.pl11
	fvwm-0.96		pbmplus-10dec91		xboard-3.0.pl8
	gas-1.38.1l		pcnfsd-1.40		xdos-0.3
	gawk-2.15.2		perl-4.036		xms-0.06
	gcc-2.3.3		ping-5.90		xpilot-3.0.0
	gcc-2.4.5		poeigl-1.11		xpipeman-1.01
	gct-1.4			popd-10.01		xpm-3.2f
	gdb-4.10		postbrowse-0.1		xpool-1.3
	gdbm-1.5		postgres-4.1		xrisk-2.14
	ghostscript-2.6.1pl4	procps-0.4		XSBprolog-1.2
	ghostview-1.5		quota-1.0		xshogi-1.1
	gic-1.1			rcp-5.32		xtank-1.3f
	glib-1.9e		rcs-		xtetris-2.5.2
	gmp-1.3.2		reve-1.4.0		xvier-1.0
	gnats-3.01		rlogin-5.33		xview-3.0
	gnuchess-4.0p62		rlogind-5.53


        The anonymous FTP area contains more
information, including an "ls -RC" listing of the CD's contents,
reseller information, and copies of the manual in texinfo, DVI and
postscript.  If you want to view the DVI version of the manual with
xdvi, you can go to the table of contents with the command "84g".

	You can also request information by phone by calling 24 hours
a day toll free (800) 261-6630 or (408) 261-6630.  You can also fax
to (408) 261-6631, or send email to  A fax server with
information on LGX will be available shortly from (408) 946-5080.
Request document 5491 ("LGX-1").


	Yggdrasil is greatly indebted to the many free software
developers whose efforts have made this release possible.  As a token
of our appreciation, any author of any software or documentation in
LGX can get a free copy, which includes the CD, manual, and boot
floppies.  Operators of free Linux BBS's or Linux FTP sites and other
major contributors to the Linux community can also get a free copy.
We request that Linux BBS operators and FTP sites carry the LGX
announcement in the appropriate forums, however this request is


	LGX costs $49.95.  If you live in the United States, the
shipping and handling charge is $5.  All individual direct sales orders
from within the United States received before 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific
are shipped by an overnight delivery service for delivery the next day.
To place an order, call (800) 261-6630.

	For international orders, next day service is not available
from Yggdrasil, although some resellers may offer it.  Shipping for
international orders is $10.  To place an international order, call
(408) 261-6630, or fax the order form to (408) 261-6631.


	LGX is released quarterly.  Update subscriptions are
available and start with the release following the release that is
current when your subscription order is received.  For example, an
update subscription ordered today would begin with the Winter 1994
release.  Prices for update subscriptions are as follows:

	1 year (4 releases)     	$ 99.95
	2 years (8 releases)     	$179.95
	3 years (12 releases)     	$249.95


	If you mail the LGX beta CDROM, the LGX beta manual, both LGX
beta boot floppies to Yggdrasil before November 1, 1993, you will
receive a $10 discount on your order of the LGX Fall 1993.  You must
include your order and a check in the same package with your LGX beta
release.  If you buy the Fall 1993 release from a reseller or if you
bought the beta + 1st production release subscription, you can place
an order for an update subscription in this way instead.  Again, this
offer expires on November 1st.


	You can report bugs for free and we will try to make updated
lists of bugs and fixes publicly available in a timely manner.	In
addition, LGX has a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee, so you
are never at risk of being stuck with a system that you cannot use.

	In the past, we have had a substantial amount of requests for
technical support of a tutorial nature.  For example, callers often
want somebody to talk them through the installation process or have a
question which they could find the answer to by reading through
online documentation, but for which they could find the answer faster
by calling technical support.  Clearly, if an operating system as
powerful as LGX is going to take over the world, such a service must
be available.  On the other hand, in order for this service to scale,
it has to pay for itself.

	Therefore, we have established a 900 number in the United
States for general Linux technical support.  You do not need to be
using LGX or to be an Yggdrasil customer to use this service.  You can
call us with your questions not only about LGX, but also about
anything else related to Linux.  We cannot guarantee to know the
answer to all questions, but if we cannot answer your question, we
will try to point you in the right direction.  We will try to keep
your call as short as possible, but please be realistic in your
expectations of how long it takes to look up anything or to find the
right person in the office to answer question.  It will probably cost
you about $20 for a typical straightforward question.

		1-900-446-6075 ext. 835 ("TEK")
		$2.95/minute, USA only
		10am-noon,1:45pm-5pm Pacific

        The LGX manual lists vendors offering support services related
to the Yggdrasil Linux/GNU/X distribution.  If you or your business
would like to offer a service related to LGX, send a description of
your business and contact information to  There
may also be an advertising section in the production release manuals
if there is interest.  It would be nice to have a longer list of
support vendors to disseminate in the publicity for the production
release.  If you have ideas for cooperation that you'd like explore,
please get in touch.




	Spartech Pty. Ltd.
	10th Floor, Standard Bank House
	20 Albert Street
	Marshalltown, Johannesburg
	South Africa
	+27 11 838 3831
	fax 27 11 833 1470


	Promox Systems			CD-ROM shop LASER5
	215-5 Ta-Chiao 3 Street		2-62-8-203 Higashi-Ikebukuro
	Yung-Kang City			Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170
	phone (06) 232-7729		phone +81 3-5952-7486
	fax (06) 231-2909		fax +81 45-721-1885

					Pacific HiTech
					1-18-16 Nomura Building, 10f
					Nishishingjuku, Shigjuku
					Tokyo 160
					phone +81 3 3345 9215
					fax +81 3 3345 9216

					Plat Home Co. Ltd.
					1-11-4 Soto-kanda, Chiyoda-ku
					Tokyo 101
					+81 3 3251 7611
					fax +81 3 3255 9506

					Village Center, Inc.		
					2-2-12 Fujimi-Cho
					Choufu City, Tokyo 182
					phone +81 424 88 8428
					fax +81 424 88 5471



	Systemania			Shareware Distribution NZ
	5 Tumut Place			Freepost 3637 (no stamp required)
	Sylvania Waters			PO Box 42-000
	NSW 224				Wainuiomata, Wellington
	Australia			New Zealand
	612 544-7491			toll free phone/fax 0508 55 66 55
	fax 612 544-7775		Wellington area: 04 564 5307



	Lasermoon Ltd.			Wasaware Oy
	2a Beaconsfield Road		Palosaarentie 31
	Fareham, Hampshire PO16 0QB	SF-65200 VAASA
	phone +44 329 826444		phone +358 61 173365       
	fax +44 329 825936 (human) (automaton)

	Novatec Systems			Kursun CDROM Versand
	53 Exiter Road, Selly Oak	Karl Marx Ring 148
	Birmingham, B29 6EX		81737 Munich
	phone +44 021 456 5759		phone +49 89 637 8421
	fax +44 021 455 7472		fax +49 89 637 8429
   	Takelap Systems Ltd.	     	Software News!
    	The Reddings		 	Sissacherstr. 57
	Court Robin Lane	     	4052 Basel
	Llangwm, USK, Gwent, NP5 1ET   	SWITZERLAND
	UNITED KINGDOM			+41 (61) 313 42 02
	phone +44 1 2915 357	     	fax +41 (61) 313 42 02

	Frontier Technologies		Starcom CDROM Versand
	23B Poppleton Road		Limburggasse 45
	Leytonstone, London, E11 1LP	A-9073 Klagenfurt
	United Kingdom			AUSTRIA
	phone +44 81 989 2450 		phone +43 463 23 84 98
					fax   +43 463 29 67 24

	Ireland On-Line Ltd.		S.u.S.E.: Gesellschaft fur
	West Wing, 			Software und Systementwicklung mbH
	Udaras na Gaeltachta		Erlanger Str. 58
	Furbo, Co. Galway		90765 Furth
	phone +353 (0) 91 92727		phone +49 911 794 0118
	fax +353 (0) 91 92726		fax +49 911 790 6486
	bbs +353 (0) 91 92722
					Cistron Electronics
					Hoorn 186-190  2404 HK
					Postbus 297  2400 AG
					Alphyen aan den den Rijn
					phone 01720-40005
					fax 01720-30979
					K.v.K. Leiden nr. 48769
					postbank nr. 353965

					RMI Nachrichtentechnik GmbH
					Rosstrasse 38-40
					D-52064 Aachen
					phone 0241-47997-0
					fax 0241-47997-77


	Active Communication Ltd.
	14 Pinsker Street
	Haifa 32715
	phone: +972 4 326857
	fax: +972 4 231211



	University of Toronto Bookstore	Zeus Technologies
	214 College Street		17 Overlord Street
	Toronto, Ontario M5T 3A1	Whitby, Ontario L1N 8S4
					(416) 666-8309



	Bridgewell Associates		Austin Code Works
	5301 Bethoven Street		11100 Leafwood Lane
	Suite 134			Austin, Texas 78750-3587
	Los Angeles, CA 90066		(512) 258-0785
	(301) 577-6696			fax (512) 258-1342
	fax (310) 822-6149

	Forest Neocom Corporation	Mark Horton Associates
	10879 San Pablo Avenue        	PO Box 747
	El Cerrito, CA 94530          	Decatur, GA 30031-0747
	(510) 234-4362		      	(404) 371-0291
	fax (510) 234-4
	Just Computers		      	InfoMagic, Inc.
	PO Box 751414		      	Post Office Box 338
	Petaluma, CA 94975	      	Pennington NJ 08534
	(707) 769-1648		      	(609) 683-5501
	fax (707) 765-2447	      	fax (609) 683-1342
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From: (Linus Torvalds)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Subject: Linux 0.99.13 released
Keywords: kernel 0.99.13 release
Message-ID: <2825dc$>
Date: 25 Sep 93 19:15:56 GMT
Reply-To: (Linus Torvalds)
Followup-To: comp.os.linux.misc
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Approved: (Matt Welsh)
Originator: mdw@sunSITE

Linux 0.99pl13 has been released (for almost a week no, actually, sorry
for the delayed announcement), and can be found on in
pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus and mirror sites.

Rough changes since pl12 (most of which have been there in various ALPHA

 - the bad memory management one-liner bug is naturally fixed. 
 - compiled with plain C by default instead of C++
 - ELF binary support (Eric Youngdale)
 - Quickport mouse support (and some changes to the PS/2 mouse driver)
   by Johan Myreen and co)
 - core file name change ("core" -> "core.xxxx" where xxxx is the name
   of the program that dumped code).  Idea from ???.  Also, core-files
   now correctly truncate any existing core file before being written. 
 - some mmap() fixes: better error returns, and handling of non-fixed
   maps for /dev/mem etc. 
 - fixes for rename/unlink/rmdir at mount-points.
 - packet mode fixes by Charles Hedrick.  Sadly, these are likely to
   break old telnet/rlogin binaries, but it had to be done in order to
   communicate correctly with the rest of the world. 
 - FPU emulator patches from Bill Metzenthen.  The fprem1 insn should be
   correct now (not that anybody seems to have seen the incorrect
 - a few fixes for SCSI (Drew and Eric)
 - signal.c changes to handle multiple segments (for Wine) correctly.
 - updated drivers from Donald Becker: 3c509 and AT1500 drivers, but
   also some other drivers have been edited, and some networking fixes. 

Note that I have gotten a lot of patches that simply didn't make it: I
think I have 5-10 reasonable patches that I simply never got around to
check very carefully but that have their own reasons for existence,
ranging from sysv signal handling to quotas.  They'll probably get there
eventually, but didn't make it into pl13. 


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			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

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