1994-06-26   Red Hat Software Linux Beta Test
1994-11-03   Red Hat Software Linux

1995-06-19   Red Hat Commercial Linux
1995-09-20   Red Hat Linux 2.0
1995-11-16   Red Hat distribution
1995-11-30   Red Hat Motif now available

1996-03-23   Red Hat Linux 3.0.3
1996-10-03   Red Hat Linux 4.0  More
1996-10-04   SPARC/Linux Now Available

1997-05-22   Red Hat Linux 4.2 for Intel, Alpha, and SPARC  More  More  More
1997-06-10   Red Hat's TriTeal CDE, Full-Featured Unix Desktop for Linux
1997-06-10   Booting Red Hat Linux 4
1997-06-16   Red Hat Linux 4.1 - European Software Excellence Award Finalist
1997-12-01   Red Hat Linux 5.0  More  More

1998-01-05   Replacing Windows NT Server with Linux
1998-01-09   Red Hat Linux 5.0 now available in French
1998-05-17   StarOffice 4.0.3 on RedHat
1998-07-23   Top Vendors Throw Weight Behind Linux Operating System
1998-07-29   Installing StarOffice 4.0 on RedHat 5.1
1998-09-xx   Red Hat 5.1 Review
1998-09-28   For Sale: Free Operating System
1998-09-29   Intel, Netscape Take Equity Positions in Red Hat Software  More
1998-12-16   Red Hat's biggest problem

1999-03-09   Industry Leaders Invest in Red Hat to Accelerate Linux Success
1999-04-26   Red Hat Linux 6.0  More  More  More
1999-06-04   Red Hat Announces IPO
1999-07-27   Red Hat Unveils Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server
1999-08-11   Red Hat shares triple in IPO
1999-09-07   Burlington Coat Factory Chooses Red Hat to Support Linux-Based Solutions

2000-03-27   Red Hat Unveils Complete Open Source Operating System Family
2000-08-31   Red Hat holds huge Linux lead, rivals growing
2000-09-13   Red Hat Completes C2Net Acquisition for Approximately $42.7 Million
2000-09-25   Red Hat Linux 7  More  More  More
2000-12-19   Red Hat Releases Beta of Red Hat Linux for Itanium-Based Systems

2001-04-16   Red Hat Announces Red Hat Linux 7.1 with 2.4 Kernel
2001-05-29   Red Hat Announces Red Hat Linux 7.1 For Itanium Processor
2001-10-22   Red Hat Announces Immediate Availability of Red Hat Linux 7.2

2002-01-07   Red Hat Announces Red Hat Linux 7.2 for Intel Itanium Processor
2002-03-26   Red Hat Linux Advanced Server  More  More
2002-04-08   Red Hat Linux Powers Credit Suisse First Boston's Global Trading Architecture
2002-05-06   Red Hat Unveils Red Hat Linux 7.3
2002-09-30   Red Hat Linux 8.0  More  More  More  More  More  More
2002-10-08   Red Hat and SuSE Linux Achieve LSB Certification for Second Products
2002-12-01   Finally, Linux With a Lot Less Fuss

2003-02-11   Red Hat Achieves Defense Department COE Certification
2003-03-12   Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES and Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS
2003-03-31   Red Hat Linux 9  More  More  More  More  More  More  More
2003-09-09   Red Hat Providing VeriSign With Linux-Based Servers
2003-09-23   Red Hat Linux Merging with Fedora Linux
2003-10-22   Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
2003-11-06   Fedora Project and Red Hat Deliver New Linux Platform to Open Source Community

2004-01-20   Red Hat Announces Open Source Assurance to Safeguard Customer Investment
2004-09-30   Red Hat to Acquire Netscape Enterprise Solutions