SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

Tech Specs

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop provides unparalleled levels of flexibility for desktop clients. It is deployable as a general-purpose desktop platform or can be tailored for use in thin- or thick-client configurations with fixed-function uses such as kiosks and cash registers or for high-end engineering workstations. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, businesses can dramatically reduce costs, improve end-user security and increase workforce productivity.

Intuitive User Interface

Favorite applications in the main menu

Browsing for more applications

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop was carefully developed using a "Design First" methodology. Novell conducted hundreds of usability tests and shot almost 1500 hours of usability video during the design phase of the project, and then used those results to create the final desktop designs. The results are reflected in the final version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop: a new graphical user interface, integrated search capabilities and intuitive menu design.

Desktop Effects

Application tiling

3-D desktop

Novell put significant effort into adding graphics capabilities to increase productivity. Through Novell contributions to the open source graphics subsystem (Xgl and 'Compiz'), a new user experience is available in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Features include:

Easy Setup and Configuration

Adding a printer

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is designed to be easy to deploy and configure. AutoYaST makes large-scale desktop rollouts easy, while YaST streamlines individual installations. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop also supports Novell ZENworks Linux Management, offers a robust software development kit and provides multilingual support. From network configuration to installing or adding printers, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop simplifies the process.

Compatibility with Your Existing Networks

Using NetworkManager

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop provides market-leading usability, seamless interoperability with existing enterprise computer systems, and dozens of essential office applications.

Powerful Applications

Word processing and Acrobat Reader

F-Spot in action

Unlike other desktops that require additional purchases and installations to build the application set your users need, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is an all-in-one solution. It includes a complete office suite, a Web browser, instant messaging, photo- and music-management software and dozens of powerful business tools.

Linux Support for VBA Spreadsheet Macros

Excel macro in 2 Novell Edition provides support for spreadsheets that include Visual Basic for Application (VBA) macros, removing one of the largest barriers to enterprise adoption.

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