SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

Market-leading Usability

If your users can't find their way around the desktop their productivity plummets, and calls to your help-desk skyrocket. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop was designed with ease of use at the top of the requirements list. A new graphical interface and desktop effects ease your users' transition to Linux, and actually make it fun to use. And it includes the powerful desktop search engine Beagle that can find what you're looking for no matter where you left it.

For companies looking to move to Linux on the desktop, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop increases productivity and minimizes the learning curve with an intuitive easy-to-use and easy-to-learn environment. From Beagle Search to Compiz/XGL, with many stops in between, we've taken Linux desktop usability to a whole new level.

Intuitive User Interface

Favorite Applications in the Main Menu

Browsing for More Applications

How did we achieve this remarkable Linux desktop usability? SUSE Linux Enterprise desktop was carefully developed using a "Design First" methodology. Novell conducted hundreds of usability tests [ ] and shot almost 1500 hours of usability video during the design phase of the project then used those results to create the final desktop designs. The results are reflected in the final version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop; a new graphical user interface, integrated search capabilities and intuitive menu design.

Desktop Effects

Application Tiling

3-D Desktop

Novell put significant effort into adding graphics capabilities into the desktop to increase productivity and overall Linux desktop usability. Through Novell contributions to the open source graphics subsystem (Xgl [ ] and 'Compiz') a new user experience is available in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Features include:

Beagle Search

New integrated search capabilities powered by Beagle provide real-time indexing throughout the entire desktop, delivering fast, easy access to all content. With Beagle search, users no longer need to worry about where or when they stored their work. Simple keyword searches return all documents, applications, e-mail, instant messages and recent Web searches all in a single results window.

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