Ximian Announces New 1.4 Versions of Ximian Evolution and Connector for Microsoft Exchange to Enhance Productivity and Interoperability of Linux Systems

New Versions of Groupware Suite and Software Extension Simplify Linux, UNIX Desktop Integration in Multi-Platform Corporate Environments

BOSTON, MA -- June 2, 2003 -- Ximian, Inc., the leading provider of desktop and server solutions enabling enterprise Linux adoption, today announced new versions of both XimianŽ Evolution™ and Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange. Version 1.4 of Ximian Evolution, the award-winning email and information management solution for Linux and UNIX systems, is based on the GNOME 2 desktop platform and delivers enhanced performance and improved usability. Ximian Connector 1.4, a client software extension to Ximian Evolution, features improved collaboration and interoperability enabling Linux and UNIX users of Ximian Evolution to manage personal information and collaborate with Windows-based co-workers using Microsoft Exchange 2000. The new versions of Ximian Evolution and Ximian Connector will be demonstrated at the Jupiter Media Enterprise Linux Forum in Santa Clara, Calif., June 5 and 6, and will be available to customers the week of June 9.

Ximian Connector enables Ximian Evolution users to be supported as full Microsoft Exchange 2000 clients, allowing greater sharing of information, calendars, address books and folders across the enterprise. Ximian Evolution and Ximian Connector offer organizations a cost-effective way to provide interoperability in multi-platform environments, resulting in increased productivity for their users and IT personnel, as well as dramatically reduced costs of technology purchase, deployment and support.

"We are deploying 400 new Linux desktops in a multi-platform environment with 800 PCs we already had running Windows. For us to achieve our primary goal of cost-savings by selecting Linux, we had to find a solution that would enable the two user communities to easily share information and resources, with group calendaring a critical consideration," said Paul Rogers, project manager, Desktop Replacement Project at the Met Office, the world leader in short range weather forecasting. "We chose Ximian Evolution and Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange because they offer an unbeatable level of control and interoperability, and will make it possible for our Linux and Windows users to fully communicate and collaborate with each other."

Ximian Evolution integrates email, calendar, contact and task list management in one powerful, fast and easy-to-use application. Advanced email capabilities, such as threaded mail view, text and HTML mail, automatic message indexing and the unique vFolder™ contextual views provide the needed power and flexibility to manage large email boxes. Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange is a unique and easy-to-install software extension to Ximian Evolution. With Ximian Connector installed, Ximian Evolution functions as a Microsoft Exchange 2000 client, enabling users to manage their email, calendars, group schedules, global address lists, tasks lists and public folders using existing Exchange 2000 servers.

Ximian Evolution 1.4 is one of the cornerstone applications in Ximian Desktop 2, the new version of the Ximian enterprise Linux desktop announced today (see related release, "Ximian Announces Ximian Desktop 2..."). Ximian Desktop 2 incorporates a complete set of applications, breakthrough usability and Windows interoperability. Ximian Evolution 1.4 takes advantage of Ximian Desktop 2 support for the functionality and performance of the GNOME 2 platform, including enhanced font support and improved printing performance. The new Ximian Evolution 1.4 also delivers a better overall user experience, including desktop theme and font consistency. Additionally, Ximian Evolution 1.4 offers robust support for enterprise security with additional password authentication, including support for Kerberos5 and other GSSAPI implementations.

Ximian Connector 1.4 for Microsoft Exchange 2000 includes a host of new features for both corporate administrators and end users. Deployment and configuration of end-user systems across the organization is automated with a new three-step account wizard. Additionally, the new Ximian Connector includes methods for faster new account setup and more rapid deployment across an organization. Account information is automatically updated when an email account is moved from one Exchange 2000 server to another, reducing end-user downtime and confusion. Ximian Connector 1.4 also adds an out-of-office assistant to allow end users to set up email auto-replies during travel and vacations.

"The new versions of Ximian Evolution and Ximian Connector have again raised the benchmark for enabling desktop interoperability and collaboration across mixed computing settings," said Nat Friedman, vice president of product development and co-founder of Ximian. "The enhancements in version 1.4 of Ximian Evolution and Ximian Connector are a direct result of feedback from our customers and the open source user community. These new features will enable the quick, easy and affordable integration of Linux workgroups into existing Windows environments."

Pricing and Availability

Ximian Evolution 1.4 and Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange 1.4 will be available to customers beginning the week of June 9. Ximian Evolution 1.4 will be available for free download from the Ximian web site at www.ximian.com, and will support leading Linux and UNIX distributions including SuSE 8.2, Red Hat 7.3, 8.0 and 9, Mandrake 9.1 and Solaris 8. It can also be purchased on CD as part of Ximian Desktop Professional Edition for $99.

Ximian Connector 1.4 for Microsoft Exchange is priced at $69 ($599 for a 10 pack, $1,449 for a 25 pack) and comes with 30 days of web-based installation support. Volume corporate licensing and support programs are also available.

Users of Ximian Evolution 1.2 and Ximian Connector 1.2 may update to the latest 1.4 versions free of charge using the Ximian Red Carpet™ software updating application.

About Ximian, Inc.

Ximian is the leading provider of desktop and server solutions enabling enterprise Linux adoption. Ximian products, in use by over 1,000,000 people worldwide, provide the interoperability, management functionality and ease of use required to integrate Linux users and systems into mixed corporate computing environments. Ximian offers both a complete Linux desktop environment and productivity application suite and enterprise software management solutions to dramatically reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining Linux systems. Ximian founders are pioneers of the open source GNOME and Mono™ projects. The company has secured funding from leading venture firms Charles River Ventures and Battery Ventures. It can be reached at http://www.ximian.com/.