Helix Code Introduces First Complete Desktop Application Package For Linux

GNOME expected to set benchmark for desktop productivity software

Cambridge, MA -- March 6, 2000 -- Helix Code, Inc. today unveiled a preview version of its Helix GNOME desktop -- a collection of more than 80 industry-leading software applications designed to meet every need of the Linux user.

Helix GNOME, a compilation of the industry-standard GNOME desktop software, marks the first time a suite of Windows-alternative software applications has been offered in one package for Linux users.

In accomplishing this, Helix Code Inc., has quickly established itself as a leader in providing alternatives to the Windows-based suite of software.

"With Helix GNOME, we're seeing the most complete suite yet of open source applications that are ready to challenge closed-source, Windows(TM)-based application software," said Michael Tiemann, chief technology officer for Red Hat, a leading supplier of the Linux operating system. "This development is a tremendous example of their vision to create an open source application environment and assemble a best-of-breed collection of software applications that the industry needs, and users want."

"We see the Helix GNOME desktop as meeting the productivity needs of modern computer users. From word processing, to spreadsheets, to email, Helix Code is making sure that GNOME applications set a new standard for end-user software." said Nat Friedman, President of the Helix Code and leader of the Helix GNOME development team. "The Helix GNOME desktop means that GNU/Linux users will always have a polished, reliable, tested GNOME application suite available to them."

"As open source software, GNOME is a significant step forward technologically; we have effectively leap-frogged the legacy problems which are keeping software development in a state of little progress. Innovation will finally be brought back to software. And the Helix GNOME desktop means that all of this is available to end-users with very little effort," said Miguel de Icaza, co-founder of Helix Code, who recently was named as one of the "50 Leaders of the New Millennium" by Time Magazine and CNN.

Friedman added that regular updates to the package would be made available through the company's website.

He continued saying that, "Helix GNOME applications will support all the current Linux platforms including Red Hat Linux 6.x (the reference platform for development), Linux Mandrake 6.1/7.0, SuSE 6.3, Caldera OpenLinux 2.3, Linux PPC 2000. Five additional Unix-like platforms will be supported in the final version slated for release in April."

For more information about Helix GNOME, and to download the preview release version of the Helix GNOME desktop, visit the Helix Code, Inc. website at www.helixcode.com.

Helix Code Inc. is an open source software company that produces high-quality productivity applications under the terms of the GNU GPL. Helix Code, Inc., is devoted to improving GNOME, the leading desktop environment for Linux.