From: (Chuck Mead)
Subject: XFce 3.2.0 released !
Date: 1999/11/14
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In addition to the web site i386, i586, i686 and src rpm's are available via
anonymous ftp at in pub/xfce-latest!


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Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 23:42:30 +0000
From: Olivier Fourdan <>
To: "xfce-list, xfce-list" <>
Subject: XFce 3.2.0 released !

Hi all,

XFce 3.2.0 is now released, along with its brand new web site !

As usual, I shall make an ""official" annoucement next week. In the meantime,
you can download and play with this new version.

Changes :

- All
  * Graphic support managed by Imlib if available (most common types of image
    format can now be used in xfce/xfwm/xfbd thanks to Imlib)
  * New Finnish translation by Ismo Jokinen <>
  * new CDE configuration files from Albert Chin-A-Young 
  * Updated Russian translation by Andrew Lebedenko (<>)
  * New Galician translatio by Ramon Flores <>
    (Ramon has translated the help file too)
  * A new optional GNOME compliancy module based on Gnome module for AfterStep
    by Rafal Wierzbicki <>
- xfce
  * Added GNOME protocols. XFce panel now works with any GNOME compatible
    window manager (Icewm, Enlightenment, etc.)
  * Mail icons on the XFCE bar change to show if the user has any mail in 
    their mailbox (patch contributed by Adam Sampson <>)
  * XFce can now read XFCE_DIR/sample.xfce3rc.[current locale] on XFce startup
    to improve MBS languages support (Yamahata Kenichiro <>).
  * Change popup menu type from GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL to GTK_WINDOW_DIALOG
- xfwm
  * Fix potential bug (patch contributed by Beau Kuiper 
  * Fix window state update when window is de-iconified (for GNOME module 
- libs
  * Add my_gtk_clock_suspend() and my_gtk_clock_resume() functions to the clock 
- xfhelp
  * Add support for locale : Tries to load help.<$LANG>.html if available

Best regards,

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