From: Olivier Fourdan <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: XFCE 2.4.0 - Window/Backdrop Manager and Toolbar for X
Date: 1999/03/17
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== XFce 2.4.0, "the Cholesterol Free Desktop Environment" now available ==

A) What is XFce ?

XFce is now a set of applications including a powerful Window Manager
(xfwm) compatible with MWM(tm), OpenLook(tm), GNOME (partially) and KDE
hints, a toolbar/application launcher (xfce), a backdrop manager (xfbd),
a system sound manager for X11 (xfsound), a user friendly interface for
mouse configuration (xfmouse) and a pager (xfpager) providing a miniature
view of all XFce desktops.

Unlike so many other X applications, XFce is very easy to use and to
configure, thanks to menus, all mouse driven !
Features pull down menus with color icons, 3D widgets, etc.

Visit now :


Other mirror sites should be updated very soon :


XFce is available in source and binary format for Linux (libc5 and glibc rpms
and tarballs), FreeBSD and Solaris 2.6 Intel Edition !

B) What XFce looks like ?

Take a look at the snapshots at HTTP://

C) What's XFce for ?

XFce is a toolbar and a kind of desktop environment (XFce standing for XForms
Cool Environment)

With XFce, no need to learn any definition language, or type any configuration
file. XFce does it itself ! Just use the mouse to define your preferences.

XFce provides an elegant and easy way to start all your X-Window applications,
using nice color icons, popup menus, etc.

D) Why should I use XFce ?

If you're new to Linux and you don't want to learn about any complicated
interface, if you're looking for a real nice interface, or you want to have at
home an interface close to the commercial one you use at work on your expensive
UNIX server, then XFce is made for you.

Moreover, XFce is free and it's extremely stable (never gets "core dump" or
unexpected end)

XFce's help system is entirely in HTML format, including frames and screen

XFce is now available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian,
Portuguese and Slovak !

E) What's new in version 2.4.0 ?

Changelog :

version 2.4.0 :

* New XFPager module
* New XFMouse module
* Improved configurations and startup files
* New default backdrop
* "XFce won't die" bug fixed
* Improved support of KDE in XFwm

F) What archive format are currently available ?

XFce is shipped in source format and statically linked binary format.

XFce is available for any Linux system, FreeBSD and SUN Solaris 2.6/Intel
in tar.gz standard format, and RPM (Red Hat Package Management) format for
Red Hat 4.x and 5.x (libc6 compatible)

G) Where do I get this marvelous program ?

Please visit the official web site for XFce :


and other mirror sites around the world (may or may not feature the latest


Best regards,
Olivier Fourdan <>

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