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From: Miguel de Icaza <>
Subject: GNOME/KDE interoperability lists
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Dear KDE developers:

In the interest of collaboration and interoperation between KDE and
Gnome, we've created a new mailing list,
(to subscribe send mail to 

We intend the new list to be for the discussion of how KDE and
Gnome could better work together.  In particular we are interested
in the areas of CORBA interfaces, session management, and window
manager protocols.  However, the discussion is by no means limited
to just those areas -- any sort of KDE/Gnome interoperation should
be open for discussion.

Random flamage about the relative merits of KDE, Gnome, free,
semi-free, and proprietary software will be explicitly discouraged.
There are already plenty of forums for this kind of discussion. 

We invite all KDE developers interested in discussion and
cross-fertilization to join the list (it would be a good idea to have
an alias at :-)

	the gnome developers.

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From: Tom Tromey <>
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Argh!  Why is the gnome list subscribed to the gnome-kde list?  This
seems like a bad idea.  If you want to read both lists, join them.  If
not, then don't.

Can whoever did the subscription please handle unsubscribing?


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