From: Olivier Fourdan <106701.3...@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: May I create a toolbar like CDE ?
Date: 1997/02/18
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I've written a toolbar for X11 under Linux that looks like the CDE 
panel. The icons are not exactly the same (I've redrawn them) but 
they're designed to look like the originals. I do not mention the 
name of CDE, and I do not use any part of CDE nor Motif.
XFCE (that it's name) is not a clone of CDE, it doesn't have all 
the capabilities of CDE. It is just a toolbar with 3D widgets, 
pulldown (pullup ?) menus and color icons. 

Do I have the right to freely distribute my program ? Do I have to 
mention any special copyright notice ?

PS :
Could you please answer using my email ?

Thanks in advance, best regards

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